Razia Sultan March teasers 2023

Zee world Razia Sultan March teasers 2023.

Wednesday 1st March 2023
Mirza gauzes Razia’s feet. Meanwhile, Yasir starts feeling dizzy after touching a ball. The ball is poisoned by Rukn-ud-din. Mirza has a plan to uphold Sultan’s reputation. Razia comes across a creeper who engulfs humans at night.

Thursday 2nd March 2023
Shamshad Begum finds Razia’s clothes and deduces that Razia indeed is Sultan. Both Mirza and Razia fight to prove themselves as Sultan. Mirza sees Yasir recovered from the poison. Razia reveals her identity as the real Sultan. The audience falls silent on finding out that Sultan is a woman.

Friday 3rd March 2023
Shamed by the public and Shamshad Begum, Razia requests Yildiz to marry her as soon as possible and take her to Ghazni. Yildiz’s guards arrest Mirza and hang him above a container of acid. Razia shares her feelings for Mirza to Fatima. Fatima gets sentimental about Razia’s love. She allows Mirza to adorn Razia before her wedding.

Saturday 4th March 2023
Mirza burns his hand to apply ‘kajal’ in Razia’s eyes. Razia goes to meet Iltutmish. She kisses her father’s hand and requests him to get well soon. Iltutmish holds Razia back. Yildiz gifts Razia a precious ancestral necklace. Yildiz is shocked to meet a guy who knows about his secret involvement in the mass murder of the Qutub Shahi family.

Sunday 5th March 2023
Shazia and Yasir are sad about Razia leaving after her wedding. Mirza joins them. Mirza and Razia narrate their story to Yasir and Shazia. Mirza wants the story to have a happy ending. Mirza’s friend advises him to go to the dargah and seek blessings. There, he meets the suspicious guy in a beggar’s disguise. The guy knows Yildiz’s secret. He asks Mirza to smuggle him into the palace.

Monday 6th March 2023
Yildiz does not want to start the wedding without Mirza. He is ready to surrender his crown for Razia as a Mahr, a payment from the groom to the bride. Mirza interrupts the wedding with Khalil, who tells everyone of Yildiz’s roler in the mass murder of Qutub Shahi family. Yildiz kills Khalil.

Tuesday 7th March 2023
Razia requests Shamshad Begum to save Mirza from capital punishment. Yusuf demands the head of Yildiz’s killer. Mirza’s life is hanging in the balance. The people of Delhi are overjoyed with the Sultan’s recovery. The royal family shares the happenings of the Sultanate with Iltutmish.

Wednesday 8th March 2023
Mirza practices asking Razia’s hand in marriage from the Sultan. A nervous Mirza cannot bring himself to ask this. Iltutmish coughs blood. He instructs his doctor to keep his imminent death a secret until he selects a successor.

Thursday 9th March 2023
Iltutmish asks Razia if she can handle being a Sultan. Iltutmish declines Mirza’s wish of marrying Razia. Razia is under the false impression that her father has agreed to the marriage. Shamshad Begum confronts Sultan about his decision. Iltutmish declares his plans to make Razia the Sultan.

Friday 10th March 2023
Razia overhears Iltutmish and Mirza talk about her marriage. Mirza wins. Uzma Begum is pleased with Mirza. She learns that Mirza is Razia’s future husband. Turkan gets to know of Iltutmish’s impending death.

Saturday 11th March 2023
Mirza learns that Razia introduced him as her to-be-husband in spite of knowing of Sultan’s disapproval. He is amazed by Razia’s faith in their love. Iltutmish also agrees to Razia’s marriage with Mirza. Iltutmish reveals that he had had the sword stolen to test the potential successors to the throne.

Sunday 12th March 2023
On behalf of all the women, fathers, and the principle of change, Razia accepts her father’s proposal to be a Sultan. Mirza walks away from Razia.

Monday 13th March 2023
The trio of Rukn-ud-din, Iqbal, and Muiz unite against Razia. They confront Razia about the competition and scare her with the outcome. Begum asks Razia to promise to never have kids for the sake of Yasir. Razia cannot decide between Mirza and the throne.

Tuesday 14th March 2023
Fatima explains Mirza the real reason Razia lost. He takes Razia to Shamshad Begum and promises to adopt Yasir and not have kids of their own.

Wednesday 15th March 2023
Razia asks Mirza to find the reason behind his dreams. Mirza sketches the sword he sees in his dream. The sword belongs to Yaqut. Razia starts her journey along with Rukn-ud-din, Iqbal, and Muiz. They are scared when they come across skeletons and swords.

Thursday 16th March 2023
Meanwhile, the trio leaves Razia behind in the jungle and goes after Yaqut. They encounter a tribal boy who calls upon his tribal community. They besiege the trio. Yaqut takes unconscious Razia away.

Friday 17th March 2023
Meanwhile, the three fight with Yaqut, but are defeated. They surrender and beg for freedom. Razia comes to their help. She challenges Yaqut to a fight. A concerned Mirza travels against the orders of Iltutmish to help Razia when he doesn’t receive a message from her.

Saturday 18th March 2023
Yaqut explains Razia his reasons for the rebellion. Razia frees him and requests him to come to Delhi if he wishes. Yaqut is impressed with her love for her people and agrees to go to Delhi. Razia asks for her brothers’ freedom.

Sunday 19th March 2023
Shah Turkan, disguised as a prisoner, learns about the secret of the old woman. Razia defends Yaqut. Iltutmish forgives Yaqut. Yaqut requests to be appointed as Razia’s bodyguard. Mirza objects to Yaqut’s appointment as Razia’s bodyguard. Since Yaqut’s father was Sultan’s friend, Iltutmish accepts Yaqut’s proposal.

Monday 20th March 2023
Yaqut meets Shah Turkan and Rukn-ud-din. Shah Turkan had saved Yaqut when he was six. She wants Yaqut to separate Razia and Mirza. Razia walks in on Mirza when he is confronting Yaqut. Iltutmish wants to send the woman away from Delhi. Razia makes a sketch of the old woman. She sees a snake again, but Mirza does not believe her.

Tuesday 21st March 2023
The old woman learns that Mirza is her son. Mirza goes to See Razia. Scared of the snakes, Razia runs from her bath into the arms of Yaqut. Mirza is shocked to see Razia in Yaqut’s arms. When the palace doctor dies, Yaqut presents a dagger as evidence. Iltutmish and Mirza realise that the dagger belonged to the old woman.

Wednesday 22nd March 2023
Razia plans to use Pasha to find the old woman. Mirza is suspicious of Yaqut. Razia finds the old woman in a secret chamber. Iltutmish has the woman captured before Razia can get answers.

Thursday 23rd March 2023
Before Mirza can ask her any questions, he is injured by Yaqut, who is disguised as a soldier. Mirza falls unconscious and Yaqut kidnaps his mother. Razia escapes and saves Iltutmish from Mirza. Mirza denies listening to Iltutmish’s version of the events. Razia pleads him to do so. Meanwhile, Yaqut frees the old woman.

Friday 24th March 2023
Mirza’s mother is sure that her son will avenge her husband’s death by killing Iltutmish, but Yaqut plants doubts in her mind. After learning the truth, Mirza walks away into the forest. Razia assures Mirza that she will convince his mother. Yaqut takes Razia to Mirza’s mother. Mirza’s mother asks Razia to leave Mirza for the sake of their love.

Saturday 25th March 2023
Razia asks Mirza’s mother to kill her instead of asking her to leave him. Mirza’s mother is about to kill Razia when Mirza stops her. Razia and Shazia dance in the ceremony. Mirza attends the ceremony wearing a veil. Razia witnesses a snake following her mother-in-law.

Sunday 26th March 2023
To save her mother-in-law from the snake, Razia pushes her. She falls. When there is no snake to be seen, she thinks Razia pushed her intentionally. Razia seeks blessings from her father. Her pre-wedding ceremony clashes with the last round of the competition. Razia’s mother-in-law invites her relatives to the wedding.

Monday 27th March 2023
Razia’s mother-in-law is unhappy with her absence. Yaqut insults Mirza’s mother. Shah Turkan sabotages the turmeric for the ceremony. Razia has a reaction to the turmeric. Mirza’s mother cooks sweets for him. She asks Mirza if he will be happy with Razia. Shazia, Yasir, and Fatima prank Razia. Mirza watches Razia spend time with Yaqut.

Tuesday 28th March 2023
Mirza and Razia decide to meet in a room away from the celebrations. Yaqut plans to separate them. Yaqut starts a fire in the room where Mirza’s mother is asleep. Razia and Mirza run to help. Mirza’s mother finds Razia’s lost ring in the room and thinks that Razia started the fire.

Wednesday 29th March 2023
Razia follows her mother-in-law. She is attacked in the dark. On hearing his mother’s cry, Mirza arrives to find Razia holding a sword over his dead mother’s body. Mirza wants to bury his mother at Bhatinda. Razia hallucinates about blood on her hands. Razia wants to accompany Mirza, but cannot due to her coronation.

Thursday 30th March 2023
Razia asks her people to decorate Delhi for her wedding. Mirza decides to send his mother’s sweets to Delhi. Razia tries on her crown. Razia dresses up as the Sultan. Iltutmish is proud of Razia becoming the Sultan. She is eagerly waiting for Mirza. Yaqut inflicts self-wounds.

Friday 31st March 2023
The news of Iltutmish’s death is announced to the people. Razia pays her last respects to her father. She is locked in a room and not allowed to attend her father’s funeral. A changed Yaqut misleads Shah Turkan and Rukn-ud-din by reporting that Razia has been killed.


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