Razia Sultan update Monday 27 March 2023

Razia Sultan 27 March 2023: Yakut and Shazia are in queue to enter inside Bhatinda. Tha guards at the gate are checking everyone’s ID cards. One lady’s ID is fake. They punish her. Shazia goes aside. Yakut follows her. Nothing will happen to us. Shazia says I cannot be as brave as Razia. I am scared. That woman just got punished. They hear the announcement of Razia and Mirza’s wedding. Every citizen is welcome in the palace tomorrow. Shazia is confused. How can this be possible? Yakut thinks that Mirza wants to teach a lesson to Sultana. This is why he is marrying Razia. Shazia agrees. The way she was brought here; the way her throne was challenged, it all proves enmity. Yakut requests her to control her fears.

We will have to get inside somehow. Shazia says I will do it but how will we enter inside the palace when there is so much security around. Yakut has a plan up his sleeve. Nothing will happen to you and Sultana till I am alive.Razia shouts after Mirza. I wont marry you. It will be better to die instead of marrying you! I hate you! The soldiers remark that one has to pay for their deeds. Sultan Iltutmish killed Sultan’s father. Razia is getting paid for the same. Razia speaks in favour of his father. He dint kill anyone. he was a very pure heated man. I too dint kill anyone. This isn’t justice. Shamshad Begum comes there. You have to face the reality. Listen to me. Marry Mirza.

This is the same man for whom you used to yearn and wanted to spend your life with. This same hatred can turn into love. Listen to me. Razia thinks of the past moments that she had spent with Mirza. She also thinks of his words just now. No Nani jaan, this is not the same Mirza. This is someone else. My Mirza is lost somewhere. This is not that Mirza.Yakut comes there dressed as Maulavi Jamalludin. Shazia and a few people accompany them. They are allowed to enter inside.Razia looks at the food kept in her cell. They remind her of Mirza. She keeps them aside. She rubs her hands clean with water as this is where Mirza had touched her. I will clear away all the memories associated with you. She pours water over her face too. Memories from the past keep flashing before her eyes. She pours all the water on herself. She cries.

Mirza looks at the room where he will be living in with Razia after their wedding. The lady, who has arranged every single thing in the room, explains about the things to Mirza. He thinks of Razia’s words about her love for Yakut. He sets the bed on fire. Everyone looks on in shock.Next morning, Razia wakes up in the cell. She cannot see any soldier standing guard outside. Get out of here at any cost. I cannot marry Mirza. She looks at the window in her room. She tears the cloth in that is there in the cell.Mirza orders the soldiers to increase the security in and around Razia’s cell. More soldiers should stand near the door and window. There should be no lax in security.

Razia ties the cloth pieces together and ties them on the window sill. Enough of your tortures, Mirza! I wont let you use me. You dream of keeping me as your captive will remain a dream only. You wont be able to catch me now. She gets out of the window and falls directly in Mirza’s arms. She tries to break free but he refuses to let her go. you will find me anywhere you go. It is impossible for you to get away from me. I will hate you as faithfully as have loved you. He orders the soldiers to take her away. Ger her ready for the wedding. We will marry right away. She tells him outright that she hates him. You can never get me! Forget the dream of making me your own. I hate every moment, every memory that I have spent with you. I hate you! Shazia watches the soldiers drag Razia away.

Shazia tells Yakut the same. There was so much hatred in both of them. It is clearly not the right thing for them to marry each other at the moment. We have to save Razia or she will be in a worst situation. How do we get her out? Yakut asks her to become one of the kaneez who are getting Razia ready for the wedding.Razia sits sadly in her cell. A lot many kaneez enter just then. She warns them to stay away from her. I don’t want to get married. Give me poison if you have it. Death will be better than this wedding. Shazia asks her not to be angry. Whatever happens happens for good. Razia tells her to leave but Shazia continues talking. I wont leave without doing what I have come for. Shazia picks up anklets to make her wear. Razia angrily pushes her but then kneels down to check on her. Are you ok? She is surprised to see that it is Shazia.

Mirza gets ready for the wedding. A soldier comes to inform him that Maulavi ji has come. Mirza says he was here already. Soldier corrects him. The real Maulavi has come. Mirza meets the real Maulavi. He was attacked on his way. They took all my stuff with them. Mirza understands that Razia’s loyal people have come to free her. We will take very good care of them. They have come but they wont go back from here.Shazia tells Razia that she has come here along with Yakut. Get out of the palace somehow. There is a broken road that will take you towards a pond. Shazia pretends to walk out of the cell. I cannot tolerate her tantrums anymore. Razia wants to freshen up before getting ready. Take some soldiers with you if you want.

Mirza waits outside Razia’s cell. Mirza and Razia stand face to face. He notice that she hasn’t changed yet. I have changed my mind. My bride does not have to get ready. She looks more real this way. Now I have fallen in love with this ugliness of yours. These chains are your ornaments now. I will marry you this way only. It is important to keep the convicts in their limits. She expresses a desire to get ready as a bride. He declines. You have lost this right. You did not want to marry me till yesterday. How come you want to look beautiful today? It is good if your real face stays in front of me.

Shamshad Begum asks Mirza to re-think his decision. He stays put. I will see what I have lost and gained now that I am not thinking of anything. He sits down on one side while Razia sits on the other side. Maulavi asks Razia if she accepts this NIkah. Shamshad Begum prays that Razia says yes. Mirza is well aware of Razia’s stubbornness. You are forgetting it that I am equally stubborn. He claps when a few soldiers bring Shazia inside. Mirza asks Razia to agree for this wedding if she loves her sister. Shazia asks RAzia not to say yes. He would have killed me long ago if that was what he wanted. He dint even harm Nani jaan. Mirza points out that maybe your sister knows me better than you. Can I kill someone? Am I that stone hearted? He shoots a dagger near Shazia’s shoulder. She screams in fear. Razia agrees for the wedding.

You will have to send Nani jaan and my sister back to Delhi safely. Mirza accepts her condition. He orders his soldiers to make preps for the same. Shazia and Shamshad Begum leave from there sadly while Mirza and Razia take their seats once again. This time, Razia says yes for the nikah. Mirza too gives his confirmation.Outside, Shazia does not want to leave Razia here. We should try one more time to take her out. Yakut is also here. He must be waiting for us. Nani jaan wants to leave things on fate now. MIrza would have married Razia by the time we get out of Bhatinda. Shazia reasons that they both will destroy each other. This wedding is not right. Nani jaan has left her decision on fate. I pray that God gives her strength to live and fight.

Yakut waits at the said location for Shazia and Razia. I will set the world on fire if anything happens to Sultana. You may not love me but I love you dearly. My ever breath is indebted to you. I am yearning to see you once. Please come so I feel at peace.Mirza wants Razia to be free from the chains. She has been imprisoned for life now. Get her ready like a bride. Razia gets up to go. Mirza advises her not to even think of committing suicide. I have no God as I am Kafir but you have one. I have heard that we don’t have a right to end our life. Such people are called cowards and even God gets upset with such people. I had stopped praying as people had become my God. Razia walks away.

Razia stares blankly in the mirror as she gets ready. She looks at her hands. She thinks of the time when Mirza had applied henna in her hands. There was a time when I was hoping to get your name in my hands. Now I only see hatred in your name. The kaneez leave as Sultan must be on his way to meet her. Razia wipes her tears. She wants her to be strong. Not everything is over yet. Shazia appi told me that Yakut is also here. I have to reach him somehow. This is the only way to get away from Mirza.

Razia is heading outside when she collides with a pot. She notices a hidden passage and goes down. Her dupatta gets stuck at the entrance.Mirza looks up towards the sky. I have taken revenge for your death today. It has been given justice today in the real terms. Death would have been easy for her. I don’t know if I did the right thing but I know that the one, whom I trusted the most, snatched my Ammi from me. I wish I had listened to you and not trusted my love blindly. I will always miss you. I will never forgive myself for this crime ever. She will have to die in this hatred daily. This is her destiny.

Mirza gets a letter from Nasir. He reads it. You are misunderstanding things. Yakut had killed your Ammi Huzur upon Shah Turkan’s askance. I have heard them talking about it. Razia Aapi is innocent. She did not kill anyone. She loves you a lot. Do something before everything is finished. I know my Mirza. He will not let anything wrong happen to Aapi and our state. Save us. Mirza realises his folly.

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