Rajjo starlife update Thursday 22 June 2023

Rajjo 22 June 2023: The Episode starts with the man saying I got this fake pigeon feather, people keep this for luck. He hugs Urvashi’s dad and taunts him. Rajjo says reveal her truth. Arjun sees Rajjo standing near the candle. Arjun signs her to get away. She gets angry and acts of burning her dupatta. Arjun worries and goes to her. He says you are playing with fire. She says yes. They argue. He taunts her about Vicky. Mannu walks in the corridor. The man says I got the money, so I m silent. Urvashi asks what, who gave it. He says your lover. She asks Arjun? He says I didn’t say groom, I said your lover. He shows the guy coming. Urvashi says Naman… and smiles seeing him. Rajjo collides with Naman. Arjun gets jealous. He hugs Naman. Naman asks how are you Arjun. Everyone smiles seeing him. Arjun asks how was your US trip.

Naman says you were in hurry to marry Urvashi, so I have come. He hugs Chirag and others.He hugs Dadu and says you are my real Dadu. Kartik and Pratap say Chacha ji is just like our dad. Naman sees Urvashi. Madhu says I knew Naman is coming. Dadi says Arjun, like Pratap is scared of Madhu, I m also scared of my bahurani, I informed her about Naman’s coming. Madhu asks Rajjo to get the stuff. Pratap asks is everything fine between Anil and Shobha. Naman says no, I don’t think anything will get fine. Pratap asks him to enjoy. Jhilmil says Naman came alone, it means Anil and Shobha’s fight didn’t end. Madhu says he has seen a lot since childhood, so we kept him here in childhood, he went to parents when he grew up.

Rajjo asks why didn’t the moneylender say anything. Arjun says I m glad to see you here, you finished college with Urvashi and me, and went to US. Naman congratulates Urvashi. She thanks him. Rajjo says Arjun’s family is so big, I just have Mannu. Madhu asks Arjun to have all the sweets. Naman says don’t take stress, I have done your work. Urvashi asks did you pay the moneylender. He smiles. Rajjo looks on.

Madhu does the rituals. Urvashi’s dad does his tilak and gives gifts. Kalindi asks what happened to Sia. Chirag says she doesn’t want Urvashi chachi. Sia says I have prayed, I just want Rajjo. Pushkar comes and looks for Mannu. Nurse says I didn’t find her. He asks where did she go. Pratap and Kartik joke. Rajjo sees Urvashi and Naman going aside. Mannu is outside the house. Naman says I will meet you everyday in my thoughts. Urvashi says don’t say nonsense, I m marrying Arjun. He says it didn’t happen yet, come to the point, I got to know about this problem and saved you, you didn’t lose the habit to spending cash, your parents are an expert in this. She says you can be after me as a puppy, I m just of my Arjun. He says I know, you saw his bank statement, how can I forget that day, you chose his money instead my love. She says I love Arjun.

He says ouch, I got much hurt. Naman says I also got rich now, you can ask me anything, you have no reason to reject me, leave Arjun and choose me. Urvashi asks him to stop it. Rajjo sees them. Urvashi says thanks for helping me, but I will just marry Arjun. Mannu goes inside the house. She shouts. Rajjo hears her and runs to see. Mannu says everyone will listen to me now. She falls. Chirag and Rajjo hold her. Madhu stops Arjun. Urvashi and Naman come back. Rajjo asks are you fine. Mannu says listen to me, I have to tell them a big truth. Pushkar worries.

Mannu saying I have to tell you something. Arjun asks what happened to her. Madhu says it’s a drama. She scolds Mannu for getting drunk. Mannu asks her to shut up. She says I have to make a big revelation, I m not sorry for spoiling your celebrations, its not my mistake, but its Arjun’s mistake, Rajjo worries for you so much, Arjun is marrying Urvashi by leaving Rajjo. She asks them to see Rajjo, she is wearing mangalsutra and applies sindoor, she is Arjun’s wife. Naman looks on.

Madhu asks everyone to stop Mannu. She gets angry. Arjun holds Madhu. Mannu says Arjun and Rajjo are made for each other, no one can separate them, try it and see, I have seen this, how Arjun eyes Rajjo. Madhu gets angry. Mannu says he can’t live without Rajjo. Naman smiles. Pushkar says she didn’t tell Rajjo her daughter, it means her memory is really gone, why am I scared. Rajjo asks Mannu to stop it. Mayank asks were you saying about his revelation. Pushkar says she is doing a drama, take her inside. Urvashi says yes, take her inside. Mannu says not yet, revelation is left, a big truth, a big secret. She sees Pushkar. He asks Chirag to take Mannu inside. Mannu says don’t come close to me, Pushkar.

Rajjo asks what are you saying. Mannu says it’s a big secret, you rich people are getting fooled, you think this man… Sia asks what did Nanu do. Mannu says you are a lovely kid, your Nana is very disgusting. Kalindi says Rajjo…. Madhu says he is my Samdhi ji, how dare you talk to him like that. Mannu says you don’t know anything. Urvashi thinks she knows Pushkar’s big secret. Mannu insults Pushkar. He asks nurse to give her medicines. Chirag asks her not to say this. Mannu says he isn’t like you think, I know his real truth. Pushkar thinks to make her quiet. He signs the nurse. He asks her to say what does she knows about him. He scolds her. He asks her to get away from Sia. He says he has done something. She asks him to show his hands. He says there is something, I m just saving my grandchild from you, you are mad, you can do anything. He thinks it was a strong injection. Rajjo asks Mannu to come.

Pushkar says now she will tell me about my truth. Mannu gets dizzy. Rajjo and Chirag hold her. Madhu stops Arjun. Arjun says mum, please. Arjun asks nurse to see Mannu. Nurse says she is fine, nothing to worry, maybe she fainted because of shouting. Pushkar gets angry.Arjun asks is there anything to worry. Madhu takes him away. Chirag takes Mannu to the room. Madhu apologizes to Pushkar. He says that woman is mentally sick, I know, I didn’t feel sad. Pratap apologizes to the guests. Kartik asks them to have food. Urvashi says thank God, the drama ended. Naman asks are you sure. Rajjo asks what happened to Mannu, why was she saying that to Pushkar. Chirag says don’t know, maybe she thought him as someone else, is it any medicine’s side effect. He asks nurse to give prescription, he will talk to doctor. Nurse says I will do her checkup first and then give it to you.

He asks Rajjo not to worry. Rajjo says Mannu will get scolded when she gets to senses. Chirag asks her not to care for people. He says Mannu has told right for you and Arjun, I also thinks she will team up with me, don’t worry, she will get fine. Rajjo checks Mannu. Chirag says wait Rajjo. She says I should have stayed with Maai. She sits crying. He says you are brave, don’t worry, you don’t cry now if you want to make her fine. Rajjo cries a lot. He consoles her. Jhilmil calls out Rajjo. He asks Rajjo to go. Madhu scolds Arjun. She says Mannu has said nonsense to Pushkar, then she acted faint, she was making Rajjo and your pairing, I don’t know what you want, but I won’t tolerate my insult, control them if you want to keep them here, I will not leave them. She goes. Arjun worries.

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