Rajjo starlife update Friday 23 June 2023

Rajjo 23 June 2023: The Episode starts with Rajjo and Arjun arguing about Mannu. He asks her not to embarrass her mum. She says I will expose Urvashi’s truth. Chirag scolds the nurse. He says you aren’t nurse, you are fake, show me your ID card. Mannu coughs. Chirag sees her. Pushkar looks on and thinks to talk to the nurse. Rajjo sees Urvashi and Naman and hides. Chirag stops Rajjo. He says Swara is with Mannu, she is also in your team, she will stay with her, don’t worry. Rajjo says I feel Urvashi has done this, I just saw her going out, come with me. Urvashi asks why did you call me. Naman says I m giving you a chance to choose me and my love. She says I like Arjun. He says of course, everyone likes him, don’t love him, you are my type, I know everything about you.

Chirag says there is no one here. Rajjo says I saw them going out. Naman asks Urvashi to give a chance to him, he will give her everything. They hear Kalindi’s voice. They see Kalindi with Rocky. Chirag gets shocked. Rajjo is also shocked.Naman says please say yes to me, I will keep you happy in every way, with love and money also. Chirag recalls Kalindi’s words. Rajjo holds Chirag. Urvashi and Naman look on. They see Kalindi with Rocky.

Chirag says how dare he touch my wife. He runs inside the house. Naman says I thought just I m the only one. Urvashi says shut up, I m worried that my marriage will stop. He say it will be great. Chirag runs upstairs. Rocky says no one will know anything.Chirag shouts Rocky, how dare you touch my wife. Kalindi and Rocky get shocked. Chirag asks Kalindi how did you permit him. Rocky says forgive me, Kalindi trapped me. Chirag slaps him. Kalindi cries. Rajjo asks Chirag to stop. She comes in front and calms down Chirag. Rocky goes away. Pushkar asks Swara to go, Jhilmil is calling her. She says but Chirag… He says its okay, I m here, you can go. Swara goes. Mannu gets up and sees Pushkar. He says you got your memory back, I have done an amazing thing, you were acting of memory loss since many days.

Mannu thinks to handle the matter. He says you have unveiled the drama, I m happy. Mannu asks nurse to call Rajjo. He says stop it, your plan got ruined, you ruined the function, everyone hates you and loves me. Chirag asks why Kalindi, how, such a big cheat, you had hatred for me, you could have told me, you didn’t understand me and my love, I lost my senses and didn’t do wrong, you stayed in senses and cheated me, how. Kalindi cries. Chirag says Rocky is a part of our family, you did this with him, you killed our love, everything is over, I will go and get flowers to bury my love. He goes. Rajjo asks why did you do this, why did you cheat your husband, I heard men have a nature to cheat, how did you do this being a woman, you killed Chirag, why. Kalindi says you listen to me as a woman, not as Chirag’s sister.

Kalindi saying Chirag and I loved each other, and got married, I didn’t think of this, I still don’t wish bad for him. Rajjo asks why did you cheat him. Kalindi says love and marriage aren’t simple things, I m sharing what I felt, after Chirag’s accident, he got distant from me, he used to stay silent, I was pregnant that time, I was much sad during that phase, Chirag made my value fall down, he used to stay drunk all the time, that feeling is really bad when your value ends, I fell alone here, I didn’t know who should I share my sorrow with, that time wasn’t easy, I used to stay alone and cry, I broke down, you would feel what’s the big deal, I should have stayed happy with Sia, I had Sia, but my mind wasn’t working. Arjun thinks of Mannu’s words.

He sees Urvashi coming and asks from where are you coming at this time. Urvashi says I just went for a walk. He asks this way. Naman says I told the same to her, its not safe for her to go out with jewellery, she went out, so I stayed there. Arjun says sorry for everything. Urvashi says let it be, Rajjo and her mum won’t change, I feel you also want to say that I have to tolerate this, Rajjo won’t leave from here. Naman says go upstairs and take rest, you are upset. He sees Urvashi and Arjun, and gets jealous.

Arjun explains her. She says just you matter to me, I don’t care for anyone else, I will deal with Rajjo and Mannu, I won’t let anything wrong happen with you, you never do wrong. He asks her to go and sleep. She asks him to come along. They leave. Chirag gets drunk. Kalindi says I went into postpartum depression, it’s a rule that a mum’s childhood ends after a child is born, her own wishes end, it wasn’t easy for me to do this, I have a habit to get stubborn and make my wishes come true, its my mistake, I couldn’t adjust, I was expecting the same attention from Chirag, it was all lost, Chirag stopped seeing me, then after six years, Rocky came in my life, he was giving me attention and seeing me with love, I fell for it, its my mistake, I m sorry, but I won’t apologize for anything else, Chirag is responsible for this, I was alone when he was there, this is the reason for my cheat, my loneliness, a man can give 100 reasons for his cheat, but women don’t do that, we lose the path when the partner leaves us and goes, Chirag did that with me, he left me, if I m disloyal, then even he isn’t loyal. She cries.

Rajjo hugs her. Kalindi says he is also responsible. Rajjo sees Arjun and Urvashi coming. She asks Kalindi to get up fast. They hide. She says I don’t want Arjun and Urvashi to see you in this condition. Arjun drops Urvashi to her room. He goes. Chirag walks on the road. Rajjo says I don’t want Urvashi to know this matter. Kalindi says she knows it. Rajjo says so you supported her that day. Kalindi says yes, sorry, I know I have no right to ask for help, I m asking help for Chirag, he is upset, he won’t like to see my face, when his alcohol ends, he will go out to buy more alcohol, please take care of him, don’t leave him alone, I don’t hate Chirag. Rajjo nods and goes.

Kalindi sits crying in her room and says I have done wrong with you, Chirag. Pushkar asks how much will you act more. He scares her. She takes a flower vase to hit him. He turns and sees her. He catches her and asks how dare you, you will hit me.Rajjo looks for Chirag and asks someone. Kalindi says you might have not told anyone at home, even Rajjo won’t tell anyone, but if she tells someone then… Chirag comes in front of a speeding truck. The driver presses horn. Rajjo sees Chirag and shouts. She runs to save him.

Pushkar scolds Mannu. She shouts for help. He says everyone is sleeping, no one will hear your scream. Rajjo jumps and saves Chirag. Pushkar threatens Mannu. Rajjo asks Chirag did he go mad. She scolds him. Chirag asks why Kalindi…. Mannu thinks how shall I get saved from this devil. She says I will shout and someone would come. Pushkar catches her hair. Arjun and everyone come. They get shocked seeing Pushkar shouting Mannu’s hair.

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