Rajjo starlife update Wednesday 21 June 2023

Rajjo 21 June 2023: The Episode starts with Pushkar seeing Mannu getting affected by the medicine. He says bhaang has started to show effect, I have to taker her to the room and know the truth. Urvashi says my dad has embarrassed me many times, but I will not forgive him this time. Arjun asks what did he do. She says he has entered wrong pin and got his ATM card stuck in the machine. He says it’s a small thing. She says I don’t have the card to buy anything for you, I couldn’t apply for another card because of Rajjo’s drama, I have to make payments today, I wanted to donate 11 lakhs to the NGO kids, its so embarrassing. Arjun says I will give you money, you scared me, really. She thanks him.

He gets a call. He asks her to get the card from his wallet. Urvashi says I will get 30 lakhs and pay the moneylenders.She asks for the PIN. Arjun tells the PIN. She says I will go and get the money, you become more handsome till then. She hugs him. Rajjo looks on. She says Arjun will stop you now. Chirag helps Mannu in work. Pushkar gets angry.Chirag asks the nurse to give medicines to Mannu. Arjun says I will get ready and come. Urvashi says now no one will trouble me. Rajjo screams. Urvashi loses the card. Arjun asks what happened. She says Rajjo has stolen the card. Rajjo asks what got stuck to my hand. Rajjo ruins the card. Urvashi gets angry. Arjun says it won’t work now. Urvashi asks why, its your card. Rajjo jokes. Arjun says don’t worry. Urvashi says I need the card to make payments.

He says I will make the cash payments, don’t worry. He asks her not to go out. Urvashi goes. Rajjo dances. Arjun asks her to dance in tilak. He says go to Urvashi quickly. He goes dancing. Mannu goes to her room and falls. Pushkar says I will take her with me to know the truth, keep an eye on her. He goes. Mannu goes out of the room. Nurse gets busy on some call. Urvashi makes Rajjo capture a reel. She gets a call. She asks Rajjo to go out. Rajjo thinks about the call. Urvashi takes the call. Mannu sees Pushkar on call. She gets angry and throws her slipper at him. He gets angry and turns. She faints down. He asks who did this, come in front. Pratap asks what happened. Pushkar says someone has thrown a slipper at me.

Pratap asks who can do this. Chirag asks the staff to say who did this. Mannu says I have done this. She laughs. She says I will tell everything to Rajjo. Rajjo says I will go and see Maai, will she stay fine. She turns and sees Arjun coming. She smiles. Pal pal…plays… Rajjo clicks his pics. She asks him to pose please. He poses. She clicks more pics. He walks to her. He takes a selfie with her. She says you look like a hero see. Her dream ends. He asks what were you doing. She says I was clicking pics, Urvashi told me. He says the phone isn’t good, pic won’t come good. She says you are handsome, pic will come good, Urvashi told this. He asks why are you staring at cast bad sight on me. She says I was seeing your clothes, I heard clothes show richness of a person, I have to learn this to trap someone. She goes. He says seriously… She says Arjun will become of Urvashi. She recalls his words. The tilak function started. Rocky comes to Kalindi.

She goes. Madhu says Urvashi would be coming, you all enjoy. Urvashi gets the moneylender’s voice note. She says this happened because of Rajjo. The man comes home with a bouquet. Chirag asks Sia why is she upset. Sia says I want Rajjo, not Urvashi, ask Arjun to not marry Urvashi. Chirag says you can pray to Ram ji, he listens to children. Rajjo sees the nurse. Nurse says Mannu isn’t here, I will go and check. Rajjo says maybe she went out, they give much work to her. Mannu gets dizzy.Chirag making Sia smile. Kalindi says I felt glad seeing this. He says I m trying, husband and wife have differences, but they forget everything for the sake of children and do their duty, I m doing that, it will be good and she will feel nice if we both do our duty.

He goes. Kalindi sees Rocky. Madhu says last time, a big hurdle came in Arjun and Urvashi’s marriage, this time it will be good. Jhilmil says it will be rocking this time. Everyone claps. Madhu says what’s in his fate is happening. Sia prays that Arjun gets Rajjo. Maina tera Naam dil rakhdiya…. Plays.. Rajjo and Arjun see each other.Rajjo prays for Arjun and cries. Mannu is intoxicated. She goes. Rajjo sees the moneylender and thinks that’s why Urvashi isn’t coming downstairs. Nurse says Manorama has run somewhere, she is nowhere. Pushkar says find her, else your family won’t be able to find you. He says she can bring my secret out, I fed her the bhaang pills to end her memory loss drama, my plan went wrong.

Pratap asks Pushkar to enjoy the function. Mannu goes somewhere. Rajjo says Urvashi has to come downstairs. Urvashi asks how do I get saved from this problem. Madhu asks Pankhudi to go and call Urvashi. Pankhudi says she is saying she will come in 5mins. Rajjo says she can say no to everyone except one. She signs Arjun. Pushkar sees Mannu. Rajjo puts light on Arjun. She asks him to come and call Urvashi. Arjun goes to her. Pushkar asks where did Mannu go.

Rajjo says Urvashi isn’t coming down, she doesn’t want to marry you. Arjun says nonsense, don’t provoke Urvashi against me. She says she doubts you that you won’t be a good husband, she doesn’t want to marry you, go and see if she has run away. He says enough of this nonsense, I will go and see her. She says yes, go and get her. She says Urvashi’s truth will come out. Pushkar says how did Mannu become a threat to me. Rajjo thinks where did the goon go. Urvashi gets the moneylender’s message. Arjun holds her. She says please, give me some time. He asks what. She says I m feeling nervous. He says I know, this time I will be yours. She says you will melt heart if Rajjo cries in front of you, so I was thinking… Arjun says no, I will prove it to you. Rajjo waits for Arjun.

Everyone talks about Arjun and Urvashi. Arjun lifts Urvashi and gets her. Rajjo looks on. Everyone smiles and claps for them. Arjun sees Rajjo. Madhu and Kalindi see Mannu drunk. Mannu says its because of your dad, don’t call my daughter Ghanti, you know who is her dad, Pushkar. Kalindi asks what nonsense. Mannu says go and ask him, he didn’t marry me, but Rajjo is his daughter, he didn’t give his name to me, he wants to kill Rajjo and me to hide this secret. Pushkar gets shocked. Mannu shows him to them. Kalindi cries and says daddy. Nurse comes to him. His imagination ends. Pushkar asks her to find Mannu. Rajjo and Urvashi see the moneylender. Urvashi and her parents worry. Kartik asks are you from Urvashi’s side, we didn’t see you before. The man says yes, I m her fav teacher, she never forgets the lessons I taught.

Urvashi says yes, he was my science professor. Kartik says oh okay. The man asks Urvashi to take her gift. Pratap says accept the gift, he is your teacher. Madhu asks him to bless Urvashi. Urvashi says thanks. Jhilmil says just check if he has gifted you a pen or rocket. The man says yes, show them what I got. Rajjo looks on.

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