Rajjo starlife update Sunday 25 June 2023

Rajjo 25 June 2023: The Episode starts with Rajjo asking Chirag to drink the lemonade. Chirag gets sad. He says I can feel your pain also, we both have lost to lose. He shares the lemonade with her. He asks why did this happen with me. Rajjo cries and says yes, why me, Arjun is doing wrong, he is marrying Urvashi but keeps staring at me. He laughs and says Arjun loves you a lot. She says you talk about your life. He says its ruined. She asks him to leave the alcohol, everything got ruined because of it. He says yes, Kalindi says the same, but she doesn’t stop me from drinking, because she would have got caught. She says no, everything isn’t over, try and see, Kalindi started trying, I didn’t see Rocky anywhere, you try to make things fine. She makes him have sugar. She asks him to have a new start. He also feeds her the sugar and says think of your life, you were lecturing me on trying, one who has passion succeed, its not you, its you, I m fine now.

He makes a foil crown and makes her wear it. He says you are a princess, you can save your prince and also yourself. She says I m not any princess. He says you both are stubborn, try and you can change fate, you are a princess, don’t lose without fighting, promise me, you will keep respect of this crown, I m fine, I will go to my room. He leaves.Its morning, Urvashi gets a threatening call from the moneylender. He says I want some place to hide the drugs, you stay in Thakur Nivas, their image is clean, I want to hide the drugs there. She asks what, no, don’t do this. He says I m not asking you. She says you can’t make me do illegal work, its my marriage, think about it. He says I want my work to get done, else your marriage won’t happen. Naman comes and holds her. He asks are you having any affair. She thinks thank God, he didn’t hear anything.

Rajjo smiles thinking of Arjun. Urvashi says stay away, I m marrying Arjun. Naman asks him to value his love and money, marry him. She argues.Rajjo hears Urvashi and goes to hear. Naman says you know I love you since the college’s first day. Urvashi says Arjun is my first choice, I will get Arjun at any cost. Rajjo sees them. Naman says you can never stay happy with Arjun. Rajjo thinks why is he saying so. Naman says you and Arjun won’t get compatible. Urvashi says you don’t need to worry for me. Naman says you think so, I don’t. He goes. Rajjo asks how can a brother do this with another, I have to find a proof against Urvashi, she can’t cheat Arjun, I just have two days to bring her truth out, Naman…. He can help me. Rajjo joins the dance practice. Urvashi says I don’t want to see your face.

Rajjo says explain this to Arjun, he wants to see me doing Naagin dance in his baraat, ask him to remove me from the house, he won’t do this, I will stay here and dance.Gautam says great, I got a dance partner. Rajjo says sorry, I want to become Naman’s partner. Arjun gets angry. Naman asks what. Rajjo says you are Arjun’s brother, he will feel bad if you don’t dance in his marriage, I dance really well, we will beat them, I don’t know this dance, but you teach me. Naman looks at Urvashi. He smiles and says okay fine, lets dance my partner. Rajjo holds Naman’s hand. Arjun gets jealous. Naman teaches dance to Rajjo. Arjun thinks I understand, I didn’t know you will fall so low to trap my brother. Rajjo thinks I m doing this for you. Naman says you learnt so soon. Rajjo says you are a good tutor, why are you sad, you weren’t like this when you came, you look worried.

He says no, I m happy for my brother’s happy. She says face doesn’t lie. He says you are seeing my face a lot. She says yes, I have to take care of guests and relatives, if they are happy or not, you aren’t happy, is your heart hurt by something. Naman hides the alcohol bottle. She asks did you agree to dance with me, because you had to make Urvashi jealous. Naman says you are dancing with me to make Arjun jealous.Naman says if you want to know something, then you have to come with me, are you coming or not. She nods. He goes. Rajjo thinks don’t get scared, I have to go to find out. Arjun thinks where is she going. He says I will go to washroom and come.

Urvashi says its side girl. He goes. Chirag looks for the alcohol bottle and shouts. He throws the bottle in anger. Arjun turns and sees Chirag. He runs to Chirag and asks what happened. Chirag says I want alcohol. Arjun asks what happened. Chirag asks why shall I tell you, you have no time for me, my sister Rajjo is with me to take care of me, she took care of me, else I would have died. Arjun asks what happened, why did you start drinking again, tell me. Chirag says I will drink wine until I want, you go now, you are going wrong by leaving

Rajjo, you are ruining your life, go. Arjun says I won’t go. Chirag pushes him and goes. Arjun cries.Naman gets drunk. Rajjo says you started drinking in daytime. Naman says I got the alcohol from the airport, thanks to Chirag, we don’t get wine at home. Rajjo asks what was were you going to tell me. Naman says you were right about Urvashi, she can’t be trusted, she doesn’t care for Arjun. She says I know this. He says she is getting stuck in her own trap, she is going to do wrong. She asks what, I know you care for her, you always help her, its good, you are her friend, but when she is going to do something wrong, then you would be worried for her, she can also get harmed, what is she going to do.

Naman pulls her close and says you are spying on us. Arjun looks for Rajjo. Madhu asks Arjun to get ready. Arjun says coming. Naman says you are keeping an eye on us, why are you asking me. Rajjo says you were also asking me, let me go, I will go. She moves back. The door gets shut. Arjun comes there and stops Naman. Rajjo thinks thanks, you saved me like always. Naman says I would have got hurt. Arjun asks what’s going on. Naman says nothing. Arjun asks Rajjo what are you doing here. She says I came to talk about dance. Arjun says you can’t see, he is drunk, go and make Urvashi ready. Rajjo goes. He asks Naman to stay away from Rajjo. He says its my marriage tonight, then she will go from here forever. Arjun gets sad.

Mannu thinks what to do, I have to stop Arjun from marrying Urvashi. She sees the men outside and thinks who are they. Rajjo sees Urvashi getting a call. The man says Urvashi isn’t answering. Urvashi asks Rajjo to go and get some food. Rajjo says I told the servant to get it. Urvashi worries. She asks Rajjo to just go. Rajjo goes. Urvashi takes the call. Rajjo thinks what to do. Mannu thinks Pushkar is keeping an eye on me. She sees the camera. Pushkar sees her on the camera feed and laughs on her helplessness. Arjun and Rajjo collide and fall down. Banke titli….plays… They have an eyelock. He thinks why am I feeling sad that you are going away. He thinks this had to happen, why am I not able to go away.

Pushkar goes to get ready. Mannu does the puja. She lights the incense sticks. She goes out. Pushkar checks the camera feed. He gets angry seeing her gone. Madhu calls out Rajjo. Arjun and Rajjo get up. He asks can’t you see and walk. They argue. Her bracelet gets stuck in his watch.

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