Rajjo starlife update Saturday 24 June 2023

Rajjo 24 June 2023: The Episode starts with Pushkar seeing the entire family. Madhu asks what’s this. Arjun asks what was this, why were you raising hand on her. Mannu cries. Pushkar asks was I raising hand, when I saw what was happening here, then you will be ashamed to ask this. Pratap asks him to say the matter. Pushkar says what shall I say now, Mannu has attacked me. They ask what. Mannu signs no. Pushkar says see this vase, she was going to break my head, I turned in time, else you would have got my broken head here. Mannu says he is lying. Jhilmil says Pushkar is a Devta, he can never raise hand on a woman. Arjun asks why did you come here in this room. Mannu thinks Rajjo is right, Arjun is good at heart.

Rajjo asks Chirag to be strong. She says I won’t lose my brother. He says Kalindi didn’t do right.He falls down and says I m fine. She says listen to me, I will take you home from the back door. He asks why, people have a habit to laugh on me. Pushkar says I made a mistake to come here, I asked the nurse to go and have food, nurse left, and Mannu attacked me. Jhilmil says she is so dangerous. He says I failed her, she was running to target Kalindi and Jhilmil, I was stopping her, she started fighting me. She says I m scared of her. Madhu says she can kill us, she is mad. Kartik says we all have a threat. Pratap says yes. Pushkar thinks Arjun is using his mind. Madhu says Arjun, enough, now Mannu won’t stay here, make her out.

Pushkar says yes Arjun, make her out, if she harms Chacha ji or Sia then… I won’t let this happen. Mannu says no, call Chirag. Madhu asks him to take Mannu with him. Mannu shouts to Chirag and Rajjo. Madhu asks Pushkar to take away Mannu, admit her in hospital. Mannu says I won’t go, call Chirag and Rajjo. Madhu and Jhilmil take Mannu. Arjun stops them.Chirag says you are my sister, I will listen to you, Arjun won’t listen, we will go from back door, if anyone sees me, then it will be a big thing, what we know, everyone will know, I don’t want this, Kalindi cheated me, she had an affair, she broke my heart, I m broken, but I don’t want her to break down, when a marriage breaks, its not one person’s mistake, its mistake of both of them, its mistake of both of us. Arjun says leave her, let her go, please, end this matter here.

Urvashi says you are thinking from heart. Everyone explains Arjun.Arjun says Mannu isn’t violent, she can’t attack anyone, it’s the effect of medicines. Madhu scolds him. He sends everyone. Nurse comes. Arjun asks Mannu to sit, don’t get scared, Pushkar won’t come here. He asks her to drink water. He asks nurse to take care of her. Mannu thinks now I understand why Rajjo likes Arjun so much. Arjun goes. Mannu thinks I won’t go until I end Rajjo and Arjun’s distance, then I will tell Rajjo about Pushkar’s truth, Arjun will stand by her to fight Pushkar. Arjun comes downstairs. Chirag says I never hurt Kalindi, I don’t want to hurt her, I will go by back door. Rajjo says calm down. She takes Chirag. He says you and I know the truth about Kalindi, we won’t tell anyone.

She says okay. He says promise me, you won’t tell Arjun. She nods. Arjun asks the family to stay alert. Madhu asks him to get his mind treated.Arjun explains them and asks them not to throw Mannu out, Chirag can get angry and start drinking again. He says I will ask them to leave by evening, tolerate them for Chirag’s sake. Rajjo brings Chirag to the room. Kalindi runs to him. Chirag says I m okay. Rajjo sees Sia there and goes to see. Sia asks about her dad. Rajjo says Chirag is feeling weak, he is fine. Sia says dad didn’t love me before, now he has become good dad. Rajjo says he is a good dad. Sia asks will anything happen to him, make him fine by magic, I want my dad, tell him that Sia is crying. Rajjo hugs her.

She says nothing will happen to Chirag. Sia makes her promise. Rajjo saks her to go and sleep. Sia kisses Chirag and goes. Kalindi cries and hugs Rajjo. She thanks Rajjo. Rajjo says think how to fix this relation, Chirag didn’t want the family to know your affair, just to save you from blames. Pushkar says we should keep Mannu away. Madhu says yes, keep her away. Arjun thinks Rajjo didn’t come to see her mum, where is she.

Kalindi asking Rajjo not to tell anyone about her affair. She says promise me as you promised Sia. Rajjo says just do what is right, now you know what is right. She asks Chirag to get up soon. She goes. She thinks mum would be alone. Arjun sees her and asks where were you. She says I was working. He says you know what happened to your mum. She asks what happened, is she okay. He says she attacked Pushkar. She asks what nonsense. He says I have seen it, where were you, you left your mum, did you get any rich man, Chirag got your mum here, be thankful to him, we are taking care of her, you are hunting for guys. Rajjo says don’t say this. He taunts her for being disloyal in every relation. He says you may lose your mum till you get to senses. He goes. She cries and says don’t see this, you don’t know where I was, what I was doing, I can’t tell you anything. She goes crying. Nurse stops her.

Rajjo says I have to see mum. Nurse says Mannu can attack anyone, she attacked Mannu. Rajjo asks why did you keep the room locked. Nurse says it won’t open. Rajjo knocks the door. Madhu scolds Rajjo. Mannu hears this and says no harm should come on Rajjo. She asks Rajjo to go, and not argue with anyone. Rajjo smiles. She says sorry and goes. Chirag asks why Kalindi. Kalindi calls Rocky. He doesn’t answer. Chirag says I will die without you, Kalindi. She cries.

Everyone pulls Arjun’s leg and asks them to give a surprise to Urvashi. Urvashi says I should plan my surprise myself. She does dance rehearsals. Pankhudi asks where is Chirag. Naman says even Rocky isn’t here, where is he. She says he is a trained dance, don’t worry about him. Arjun sees Rajjo. The guy says I didn’t get any dance partner, I m alone. Urvashi says no partner, no ball dance. Gautam greets Rajjo and introduces himself. Rajjo asks about his richness. Urvashi says she is finding a rich guy. Arjun recalls Rajjo. Gautam says we can talk while dancing, shall we. Arjun says no, Gautam, she has no time, she has much work, I will get a new dance partner for you. He asks Rajjo to go.

Rajjo calls out Arjun as Khaad babu. Gautam and Naman joke hearing Arjun’s nickname, Khaad babu. Rajjo says I don’t know reading English, read it for me. Arjun says I will come. Urvashi asks him to dance. He says I will just come. He goes and says I will tell you. Rajjo says I know everything. He says you are doing a lot of drama. She says you don’t let me talk to anyone. He says you were thinking of trapping Gautam. She asks why do you ask, you took my signatures on those divorce papers, you can’t deny, you have no right to interfere in my matter. They argue. She says just see what I do. Arjun holds her hand. Tut ke hum dono me…plays… She goes and cries. Chirag comes there drunk. She sees him and holds him.

She asks you here, you had to rest. He says I m perfect, I m fine, look at me. She asks where is Kalindi. He says she slept, she was crying, I had seen her dried tears even in this drunk state.

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