Rajjo starlife update Monday 5 June 2023

Rajjo 5 June 2023: The Episode starts with Arjun taking Rajjo to the storeroom. Urvashi asks Madhu and Pratap to stop Arjun. She acts. Chirag says it wasn’t a small thing, the fire was dense, Rajjo dared to go to him, she should get the credit. Madhu stops Chirag and gets angry. Kalindi says Urvashi’s fast didn’t complete. Madhu says Arjun got saved because of Urvashi’s fast. Pratap says yes, its good that Arjun got saved. Kartik says its good that Rajjo is also safe. Mukund says yes, finish the puja soon then we will go downstairs. Pushkar gets angry. Madhu asks Urvashi not to get disheartened. She says Rajjo won today, but we will win this battle, Arjun is on our side. Arjun cares for Rajjo. Rozana…plays… Rajjo looks at him.

He asks why did you jump in fire to save me. She asks why did you come here, I have protected you as I told you, I m not like you think of me. He coughs. She feeds him the water. He says you have food and sleep now, okay. She thanks him. He asks her to take rest now, no need to lie outside his room. He says I sleep with safety, don’t worry. He goes.Urvashi comes and asks are you fine. He says yes. She says I was going to jump in the fire but… Chirag says but your uncles stopped you, but nobody could stop Rajjo, I salute her courage. Arjun says don’t confuse me, she is greedy, she has a motive behind coming here, what she did today, a selfish person can’t do this, I m confused. Chirag says you know everyone loves you, we all tried to save you, but didn’t dare to jump in fire, I was also scared but Rajjo didn’t get scared, without thinking anything, she kept the relation which we think its one sided, I can see everything clearly, Rajjo will stand by you always. Urvashi says I m that person in his life, I m his fiancée.

Arjun says don’t misunderstand Chirag. She says you didn’t know her real intentions. She argues. She says I have seen her going out around 4am and then coming home with money, don’t know if she is stealing the money, follow her and then clear your doubt, your heart won’t believe her. Rajjo sits to eat food. She stops eating and says no… Arjun thinks of Rajjo’s words. Rajjo sees the fruits and vegs in the fridge. She takes the cupcakes. Urvashi and Pushkar argue. She says you failed in your plan.

He says I have to think of something new. She says I will also plan something tomorrow, I guarantee I won’t fail like you. She taunts him. They argue. She says I know you have an old score to settle with Rajjo, I need money to pay my dad’s debts, I love Arjun a lot. He jokes on her. She says you can’t see Kalindi and Rajjo equal, dare to tell this to Thakur family, everyone is selfish here, me too, I want to stay with love and luxury, what’s wrong. He says you do something your way and then I will give the report card, we will know who passes and who fails. He goes. She says I will make Rajjo fall in Arjun’s sight. Arjun goes to the door and sees Rajjo. He asks what are you doing here. Rajjo says you really locked the door, and held bat in hand. He says yes, I asked you to go and sleep, you are hurt. She smiles and says your scolding reminded me the old days, you used to scold me with love before.

Rajjo asking Arjun to have the cake and then the medicines. He asks how do you know. She says I stayed in this room before, and saw you taking medicines, sorry, I crossed the line and entered the room, I will keep the cake here, eat it, I won’t get sleep if you sleep hungry. Kalindi sees Chirag sleeping and gets up. He asks where are you going. She says I m going to take medicine for migraine, I thought you got sleep by difficulty, so I was going quietly. He says wait, take rest, I will get the medicine. She says no, I have warm the milk and drink, I will have some food, sleep, I will go. She goes out.

Rajjo says I won’t sleep at the door, I was taking this mat to sleep, old mat got torn, I feel cold. He asks do you want to say something. She asks like what. He recalls Urvashi’s words. He says like anything, where do you go early morning, tell me. She asks him to have the cake. Ye aayina hai ya tu hai… plays.. They see each other. She goes out. He asks her to go and sleep. She says yes, I m going. Madhu recalls Arjun and Rajjo. Pratap asks why are you worrying, Arjun is fine, don’t curse Rajjo, she saved Arjun’s life today. Madhu says I know, so I m not cursing her, but I m scared, Arjun may reach the same place again from where we saved her, he may get trapped by her, I want Rajjo to leave, I want to make Urvashi to become my bahu, Arjun and Urvashi’s bond should become an example for Chirag and Kalindi also, once I get rid of my duties, I will watch movies with you. He says yes. She says I m worried for the family. He says don’t worry, we won’t go anywhere, you just kept Karwachauth fast for me.

She says don’t say that. He says sleep now, shall I massage your legs. She says no, I will get sin. He says its okay. She says no, don’t do this, sleep.Rajjo says I m feeling hurt, but can’t take a leave. She sees Kalindi. Kalindi says you woke up soon. Rajjo says I wake up everyday at this time, what are you doing here, did you have a fight with Chirag. Kalindi says yes. Rajjo says its Rocky’s room, right. Kalindi says yes, he slept in Sagar’s room today, else why would I sleep here. Rajjo asks her to take rest. Rocky says we got saved today. Kalindi says we have to stay alert, Rajjo will tell everything to Chirag, she regards him her brother. She goes.

Rajjo leaves from the house. Arjun sees her and follows. She runs on the road. Arjun runs after her. He says you have become a big puzzle for me, I will find out what you are doing. He sees Rajjo taking money from someone. Urvashi comes in the car and smiles. She thinks I knew Arjun won’t believe me and can come here, so you have come, see my planning. She records them. Rajjo says what’s this, its much money. The man says Sir has given this for your good work, its festival bonus, why would we give the money to you. She asks really. She takes the money and smiles. She says I m getting the money, I got much money. She runs. Arjun follows. Urvashi says now Arjun won’t run after her, he will be with me now, I will send this video to someone. She calls Pushkar.

He says don’t ruin my time. She asks him to see the video. He gets the video. She asks did you see, what will you say now. He says you are useless. She says Rajjo is taking the money from goons, I have sent them, Arjun will misunderstand Rajjo, he was getting angry, he will believe that Rajjo is greedy and can fall to any extent for money. He scolds her. She says you can’t insult me, what wrong did I do. He says you know why she is arranging money, her mum is at the hospital, she is in coma, Arjun didn’t know about Manorama, he will know it now, he can get angry on Rajjo, but not doubt on her character, he will ask her and she will cry about her mum, he will bring her ill mother home. Urvashi gets shocked. Arjun asks why is she running than hiring any auto, something is wrong.

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