Destined by fate update Sunday 4 June 2023

Destined by fate 4 June 2023: Sayuri tells Kanha that Anjali may want to speak to him alone, so she will go. Kanha says he doesn’t want to speak to Anjali. Anjali says Sayuri can stay back, apologizes Kanha for yesterday’s event, and tells Sayuri that she and Kanha were together after long time and she felt emotionally weak and tried to get closer to him.

Destined by fate 3 June 2023

She says she shouldn’t have as Kanha is right now married to Sayuri, says she immensely loves Kanha and knows that even he marries someone else, he will be hers forever. Kanha asks her to leave. She walks closer to h im, picks a flower boquet, throws it away, and walks away saying she had brought it for him with love.

Sayuri tries to stop Anjali, but Kanha asks her to let it go and asks how is she feeling though.Saroj noties Anjali getting down angrily and asks what happened. Anjali says that Kanha was, is, and will always be Anjali’s and walks away angrily. Kanha smiles at Sayuri. Saroj picks Chiru’s kundali from the cupboard and gets emotional recalling Panditji telling Sayuri and Chiru’s kundalis match.

She thinks when the kundalis’s m atched, then how can such a big disaster happen. She gets worried for Kanha and thinks until Anjali gets into this house and Sayuri leaves, the problem will hover over her house. She decides to show Chiru and Sayuri’s kundali to panditji once again.

Sayuri finds Kanha falling asleep on her bed and breathes a sigh. She says that Kanha fell fast asleep in his room while Nakul was sleeping sound in his room. She laughs at his sleeping form and says that he’s a complete defective piece. Saroj finds Nakul sleeping alone and thinks that Kanha is sleeping in Sayuri’s room and decides to act fast before things reach out of hand.

Next morning, Kanha watches Sayuri while she gets ready in front of the dressing table. He admires her and helps her with her look and goes out. Tujhme Khoya Rahoon Main.. song plays in the background. Sayuri feels shy. On the other side, Anjali selects a dress to impress Kanha recalling his comments when she wore different dresses, but feels irritated recalling Sayuri and Kanha’s growing proximity.

She orders for hot chiffon saree from her designer.Kanha and Nakul pull Sayuri’s legs when she is busy at work. She acts as an angry teachr and punishes them. Saroj comes there and scolds her for trying to hit her son and warns to dare not repeat it. Nakul taunts Sayuri that she cannot punish them in front of the principal. Sayuri says she doesn’t mind principal’s words and will punish them with bamboo sticks next time.

Saroj heads to meet Panditji and show him Kundalis Bhanu prepares halwa for Kanha and others. Indu praises its taste and how everyone like it. Bhanu says they should visit Sayuri before Saroj returns. Saroj gives Chiru and Sayuri’s kundali to panditji and asks him to check it again as she wants to know how can such a big disaster happen when kundalis match. Panditji checks kundalis and look shocked.

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