Rajjo starlife update Tuesday 6 June 2023

Rajjo 6 June 2023: In today’s episode of Rajjo, we saw Urvashi telling Madhu that Rajjo is trying to snatch Arjun from her and that she should help her by stopping Rajjo to get any closer to Arjun. She adds that she saw Arjun going outside with Arjun and she is trying again to win Arjun.Madhu calls Rajjo immediately and commands her to come home immediately. Rajjo sends a voice note to Kaka and tells him that she will arrange for the money by evening. Meanwhile, Arjun is following her and is shocked to see Rajjo running back into the house.

Madhu tells Rajjo to clean the floor as there was powder spilled on the floor. While Madhu was rejoicing in her brilliant plan Arjun enters the room and slip because of the powder. He ends up hugging Rajjo while Tujhse Juda plays in the background. He sneezes because of the powder. Rajjo holds his nose to make him stop.Arjun confronts Rajjo and asks why he was asking for money from a stranger. He demands she reveal herself. He says that after she rescued him from the fire, he thought that she is different but now he is confused.  He adds that sometimes he feels that he understands her but sometimes she comes across as a complete stranger.

Rajjo finally gives up and tells him that she is saving money for her mother’s treatment who is in the hospital. She adds that she is in a coma after she had an accident. Rajjo says that she was about to tell him but he didn’t give her any chance. She recalls the incident about the cheque and tells him that she used the money for her mother’s treatment.Rajjo says that he can go to the hospital and see for himself. She never meant to hide anything from him but sometimes it was him and sometimes it was the circumstance that stopped her from sharing. Ishq Di Baajian plays in the background while Arjun recalls all that Rajjo did for him.

Meanwhile, the money lender threatens Urvashi for the money. She gives them the bag of golden Kalash and asks them to leave.Arjun on the other hand is guilty of not listening to Rajjo. He realizes his mistake and tells her that he will help her now and she needs not to do what she is doing for the money. Rajjo on the other hand says that she enjoys the work she does and she is addicted to it now. She says that people love her for what she does and are talking about it.Arjun stands in discomfort as thinks that Rajjo is a pr*stitute and asks her to stop doing what she is doing for money. He says that she is ruining her life. But Rajjo says that she does not plan to do it for life and will only do it till she is young.

She finally reveals that she sells newspapers, milk, and flowers in the morning. Arjun realizes his mistake and feels sorry for misunderstanding Rajjo and her intentions.Rocky gives his clothes to Rajjo and tells her to wash them. Rajjo finds a mark of lipstick on his clothes. Rocky sees the mark and gets nervous as he sees the family members walking toward Rajjo. Rocky and Kalindi decide to keep Rajjo busy so that she never knows about their affair.

Sia comes to Rajjo and says that Sheru had scared the guests (the money lender). Rajjo says that Sheru is a prankster. Sia says all that he needs is a ball and then he does not scare anyone. Swara also comes into the kitchen and packs a tiffin box for Rajjo’s Kaka. She tells her that Arjun has told her everything. She asks Rajjo to keep faith in faith, her mother will recover soon. She also gives a Tulsi mala to Rajjo and asks her to keep it beside her mother. Rajjo hugs her and thanks God for such a good day.

Arjun bids farewell to Urvashi’s uncles aka the money lenders. He tries to take the bag but they resist and says that the bag has valuables. They later correct the statement and say that the bag has sweets in it. Kalindi calls Rajjo inside and says that she saw Urvashi taking the Kalash but now she cannot find it anywhere. Rajjo and Kalindi realize that there is kalash inside the bag.
Rajjo comes up with a plan and asks Sheru to scare them. The money lender gets scared and throws the bag in order to save themselves. When Arjun tries to pick up the bag, Kalash falls from inside along with some clothes. Everyone is shocked to see the kalash in the bag.

Arjun asks Urvashi about the Kalash and says that she was the last one to use it on Karvachauth. Everyone demands an explanation from Urvashi. Urvashi says that she has no idea, although they are her uncles she is as shocked as they are. She blames her uncles for ruining her image in front of the family. She puts all the blame on her uncles and asks them to leave.

She asks Arjun and his mother for forgiveness. Rajjo is shocked to see the table turn. Kalindi says that it was you who said that your uncles have gold mines in Dubai, then why would they do something so cheap? Urvashi maintains her stand and puts the blame on her uncle.Rajjo finally intervenes and tells everyone that she saw Urvashi bringing the kalash from the terrace. She calls Urvashi a liar.
When asked about it, Urvashi confesses but says that a lizard fall on her and she got scared. She left the kalash in the hall and went for a bath. When she came back it was not there and she thought that someone from the family must have kept it safely. Urvashi now puts the blame on Rajjo and says that she must have put the kalash in her uncles’s bag.

Arjun says that it is an expensive kalash, if Rajjo would have stolen the kalash she would have kept it for herself. Urvashi again takes a u-turn and asks them to call the police and hand over her uncles but not to blame her.She plays the victim card and says that Rajjo appeared in the marriage and already ruined her life now they are blaming her. She pleads with everyone to trust her and starts crying. Madhu falls in her trap and forgives her. She asks Arjun not to blame Urvashi.

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