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Radha Mohan 5 February 2024: Mohan demands that Radha should come with him to the police station and take back her complaint, Radha refuses to take back the complaint explaining that Damini is in the jail because she has committed a crime and wants to once again trap her after showing this video, Radha goes to Kadambari asking if she thinks that she can do anything of the sort, and get her arrested but Kadambari turns away.

Rahul exclaims Radha can send the entire family to jail if she has her way and then live alone in this house, Ketki explains she always tries to trust Radha however she keeps on reminding her of the true face. Mohan asks what the cap was doing in her hand if Damini is lying and why was she hiding in the kitchen, Gungun asks why they all are talking to Radha like this since she is not lying but Damini is the liar.

Radha runs to Gungun explaining even this child can see the entire truth but why are they not able to see it. Mohan replies because she does not know the difference between what is right and wrong and she loves Radha but he hates her, Radha says this is why he does not see anything good in her, Radha explains he can hate her but even then she is not going to take back the complaint, Mohan explains she has to take back it, he demands she should come with her but Radha is just standing there,

Mohan is shocked but Radha explains that No means No, Damini is bearing the price of her sins and she is not going to protect her, Mohan claims to stand by what is right then she is just going to defend herself today because she is right, no matter if anyone stands by her side. Tulsi explains she and Gungun are always standing by Radha but there is no need to take back the complaint against Damini. Mohan says she must take back the complaint otherwise, Radha replies he can do whatever he desires but even then, her decision will not change.

Kadambari angrily orders that Radha has to take back the complaint, Radha going to her asks why she should take back the complaint when Damini tried to take her life, and even sent Kadambari to jail while causing immense problem to the family, so Damini should stay in the jail. Kadambari exclaims if Damini should stay in the jail then it is wrong for Radha to stay in this house, Tulsi questions what is she saying because Damini is wrong and should remain locked up in jail,

Radha agrees to Kadambari, holding her hands explains she is like her mother and if this is what she desires than Radha says she would leave this house, she would be relieved that the biggest enemy of Gungun, Mohan jee and this family is locked up in jail so she would accept that her work in this house has been completed and she managed to protect her family. Radha explains she can leave the house but cannot take back the complaint. Kadambari is shocked along with the entire family, Radha explains she must not think wrong because she is just doing it for Mohan jee and the entire family.

Radha turns back when Mohan stops her asking what did she say that she is doing this all for him, she accepts when Mohan once again angrily asks what did she say that she has done it all for him, Radha gets scared saying she is doing this all for him and this family, Mohan is furious while the rest of the family is not able to understand anything, Mohan takes off the blet from Rahul’s waist, they all are shocked wondering what is he going to do as he pulls it off, Mohan twists it around his wrist, Radha is shocked as Mohan walks in front of her, Radha is shocked, Kadambari questions what is he doing. Tulsi also warns him to not touch Radha, Gungun also starts crying requesting him to not touch Radha, she stands in front of Gungun, explaining she has a lot of respect for him so he should not even do anything due to which he has to let go of this while she stops respecting him because if he does not anything of the sort then she would be forced to reply. Mohan says that the guilty should be punished, Kadambari once again calls Mohan.

He explains everything is happening because of him so he should be punished, he starts hitting himself with the belt when Kadambari along with everyone request him to stop but he doesn’t listen, Tulsi also questions if he has lost his mind however Mohan does not stop at all. Kadambari noticing Gungun once again requests him to stop, she hugs Gungun but Mohan does not stop, he explains Radha came into this house because of him, she remembers the day when she entered the house. Mohan says Maa wanted to oust her but he brought her back into this house, Mohan keeps hitting himself explaining that when she was blamed for being a thief he stood by her side, and he trusted when everyone kept warning him.

Radha questions why he is hurting himself but he does not listen to anyone. Explaining he allowed her to be a part of his life and that of Gungun and even vowed to take responsibility of her life while even thought of her as his Bhagwan. Mohan is still beating himself when Radha requests him to stop but he makes everyone swear to not interfere, Radha takes the belt questioning why is he hurting himself, he demands she should let go of the belt but he angrily pulls the belt while he keeps hitting himself, Ajeet explains it is wrong when Mohan explains he should stand by the truth and the liar should be punished because he is the one who is wrong.

Mohan explains he brought her into this house and allowed this marriage, because of which his mother went to jail while Damini is still locked up in the cell, so he should die. Radha runs to hug Mohan; he finally stops beating himself. Radha agrees they both should die together if this is what he desires, they all are shocked.

Radha asks him to keep beating, Kadambari is also crying when Radha demands that he should start beating but Mohan pushes her away, she sits in front of him agreeing to do what he asks her to do but he should stop, she explains there is no need to hurt himself and she makes him swear on Bihari jee. Radha agrees to take back the complaint. Gungun says to Radha that Damini is wrong and she should be punished, Radha after wiping her tears goes to Gungun explaining that sometimes they have to take certain steps for their loved ones which is not good, how can they case pain to those whom they hold dear just to punish those who are wrong.

Radha explains that they do not want Mohan jee to hurt himself because neither can she see him nor Gungun, when Gungun says that Damini will once again cause problems if she comes back to this house so Radha should not let it happen. Radha asks if they are scared of anyone and did she forget what Bihari jee says that the truth always wins no matter the situation. Mohan is quietly listening to Radha.

Radha says to Gungun that they will handle Damini. Mohan tells Shekhar to take Radha to police station. Tulsi tells Mohan that he is doing wrong. Shekhar and Radha leaves the house. Gungun hugs Mohan and tells him that he must be in pain and cries. Mohan asks her to not cry.

In the police station, Kaveri asks Damini that how the latter got Ketki’s video. Damini tells her that she saw the video when they were in the hospital. Kaveri asks her that what if Radha don’t come to withdraw the complaint. She says that they lost this time.

Damini tells her that she did not learn to lose. She shows Radha to Kaveri. Shekhar tells police inspector that they came to withdraw the complaint. Radha withdraws the complaint. She tells police inspector that no one forced her to do this. Police releases Damini.

Damini and Kaveri taunts Radha. Damini tells Radha that the latter failed to win Mohan’s trust. Radha tells her that she is Mohan’s wife. Damini says that Mohan did not accept Radha as his wife.

Radha tells her that her nupital chain and her vermilion proves everything. She says that she know Mohan don’t even touch Damini. Damini tells her that her relationship with Mohan will get a name. She says that she won’t spare Radha.

On the other hand, Mohan screams in pain. Gungun scolds him for beating himself with belt. Mohan tells her that he did it in anger and he know he did wrong. He promises to not ever do that again. She tells him that Radha is not wrong.

He tells her that he don’t want to talk about that. He asks her to sleep. She falls on the bed. He plays Tulsi’s lullaby song. She falls asleep. He recalls the moments he shared with Gungun and he places a kiss on her face.

Kadambari comes there and scolds Mohan for beating himself and cries. She says that she felt his pain even though she is not his biological mother. She asks him that who gave him rights to hurt himself.

Mohan apologizes to her. And he promises to not repeat the mistake. She hugs him. She tells him that she is not understanding what’s happening in their family. He tells her that they have a way to do something for their family’s peace.

Later, Damini, Kaveri and Radha enters the house. Kadambari hugs Damini and tells her that she is glad the latter returned. Damini reminds her that what all the latter said in the police station.

Kadambari apologizes to her. She says that she failed to understand Damini got arrested for her. Damini tells her that she don’t want to stay in that house. Radha tells Damini that it’s good decision.

Kadambari asks Radha to stop it. She tells Damini to not leave the house. Radha asks her to not stop Damini. She says that she will pack Damini’s luggage. Mohan comes there with Radha’s things. He tells Radha that she has to leave the house.

Mohan says that he packed Radha’s things and Radha has to leave the house. He tells her that she caused problems always so she should leave. Radha tells him that she won’t go anywhere. He reminds her that she only said that she is ready to leave the house.

She tells him that, that time Damini was not in the house. He tells her that she never had the intention of leaving the house. She tells him that she can’t let Damini ruin their life. She says that Mohan will lose Gungun permanently. She reminds him about court order.

He tells her that he can see her blackmailing him using Gungun but that won’t work. He says that he will appeal in the court and fight for Gungun’s custody. She tells him that Gungun won’t let her leave the house. She calls Gungun. He tells her that he won’t let her use Gungun.

He says that Radha’s game is over and today is her last day in the house. He gives her things to her. She asks him to not do that. He drags her from there. Tulsi tells Mohan that he is doing wrong. Damini tells Kaveri that Mohan is really throwing Radha out of the house.

Mohan throws Radha out of the house. Radha is about to fall but someone saves Radha. Trivedis gets shocked seeing Bhusan there. Bhusan asks Radha that if she is fine. Radha nods at him. He takes her inside the house. He takes Kaveri’s blessings. Kadambari takes his blessings.

Mohan calls Bhusan as uncle and tries to take his blessings. But Bhusan back off and taunts Mohan for disrespecting his wife. Mohan tells him that Radha don’t deserve respect and the latter don’t know about Radha’s actions. He tells him everything.

Damini tells Bhusan that he don’t know about Radha. Bhusan tells her that he is running women welfare organization and he can read people’s face. He says that Radha looks innocent. He asks Mohan that how can he behave like this with Radha. Mohan tells him that Radha is not innocent. He says that Radha is liar.

Bhusan asks him to stop it. Damini tells him that he don’t know Radha’s real face and Radha should leave the house for their well-being. He asks her that what happened to her. Kaveri tells Bhusan that Radha forced Mohan to marry her. Rahul tells Bhusan that Radha is staying in their house for money. Mohan tells Bhusan that Radha creates drama everyday.

Bhusan says that he trust Radha and he know everything already. And he know how Radha saved Mohan and Gungun’s life many times. He reveals that Vishwanath called him to inform about Kadambari’s arrest.

Mohan tells him that Radha has to leave the house for their family’s peace. Bhusan threatens to leave the house. Kadambari tells him that Radha won’t go anywhere. Mohan tells Bhusan that the latter and Radha need not to leave the house.

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