Radha Mohan Zeeworld update Saturday 3 February 2024

Radha Mohan 3 February 2024: Damini sitting thinks she must end the care and love Mohan has in his heart for Radha, Tulsi wonders what she is planning to do this time.

The doctor is checking Radha, he explains the pulse is dropping so they must administer the shocks, the nurse takes out the equipment.

Mohan requests Gungun to listen to him, she replies he himself used to say that when he lost his mother then Dadi would sleep with him and care for him, she was really glad she got Radha who also cared for him just like her own mother even before she got married to him, Gungun explains that she haas to tell him what is the problem but Radha knows it before she can say anything to him, Mohan requests Gungun to listen to him but she replies she hates him and does not want to talk with him, Ajeet comes running requesting

him to come since Radha is not fine at al.
Ketki ending the call informs how Radha is still not well and Ajeet is saying it might be difficult for her to recover, Mr Trivedi exclaims they should inform Rameshwar and maa jee, Ketki requests him to stop otherwise this news will spread, Mr Trivedi replies they are her family, Rahul asks what sort of family are they when they publicly performed her Sharad and ended all of their relations with Radha, Rahul requests him to go to his room and rest, Ketki asks Rahul if he actually thinks Damini is behind all this, Rahul says he is sure she cannot harm anyone, Ketki warns that this situation is much bigger.

The doctor instructs the nurse to once again administer the shocks, Mohan and Gungun reach, she insists on seeing what is going on but Mohan explains she would not be able to bear it, Kadambari says he should let her watch just once, Mohan picks Gungun in his arms so she can also see Radha, Gungun starts crying seeing that Radha is still unconscious, the doctor is continuously giving Radha the shocks, Tulsi prays to Bihar jee for the better health of Radha, as the doctor is still trying his best to make sure Radha is stable, and she finally starts breathing, Tulsi also is relieved. Radha starts moving her fingers the doctor then signals Mohan that everything is fine so he is relieved.

The nurse coming out explains they have managed to save Radha after giving her the shocks, but the danger has not ended till now, she informs the poison has been penetrated through the entire body and because of which the next twenty four hours are really critical but if she does not wake up then it nothing would be certain, Gungun seeing the Mandir walks to it.

Gungun exclaims that Radha considers Bihari jee her life then he has to save her, Mohan also stands behind Gungun as she is praying for Radha, he is really emotional while staring at Gungun who is also angry with him, Gungun slowly opens the Bhagwat Geeta placed in the Mandir, she tries her best to read it but is not able to do it clearly, Mohan is noticing her from the back, Gungun then holds both of her hands together apologizing for not being able to read clearly, Gungun requests Bihari jee to make sure her Radha is healthy. Kadambari noticing Gungun in the mandir is also crying.

Damini slowly walks to hug Kadambari, Kaveri is shocked wondering what she is doing, Damini asks if Kadambari also think she has mixed poison in the Kheer, Kadambari replies after whatever has happened today than anyone would think the same, Damini asks why would she do it, Kadambari says because she loves Mohan and can do anything for him. Damini swears on the life of Mohan that she did not mix the poison, Tulsi says she is even wrongly swearing on his life.

Damini accepts she has done a lot in the past few days which are wrong, she is sure she cannot take the life of anyone. Kaveri asks if Kadambari is suspecting Damini when she is her niece. Kaveri asks what Radha said that she saw the cap of poison in the kitchen and them both outside the window of the kitchen, but it doesn’t prove anything and what if Mohan was standing outside the window then would she suspect him, Kadambari is forced to think about it while Damini smiles.

The police inspector comes calling Kadambari, Damini is shocked seeing her and is really tensed, Kadambari asks what is she doing here, the inspector asks if Radha Trivedi is here, Kadambari calls Mohan who asks what happened, the inspector says they were informed by the doctors that Radha has taken the poison so did she take the poison by herself or someone gave her the poison, Gungun explains Radha is her mother and so she would tell who gave her the poison, Radha blames Damini in front of the entire family, Mohan along with the rest of them are shocked, as Gungun blames that Damini wanted to kill her mother as she loves her father Mohan. Gungun requests the inspector to arrest them.

Kadambari stops the inspector explaining that Damini is not at fault and is innocent, she mentions it was just an accident, the inspector however says such incidents are on purpose, revealing she has herself seen their family drama and Damini mam had clear motive to kill Radha, she even knows that no one in their family loves Radha other then the little child. Kadambari explains there is nothing like that because she herself prepared the Kheer and brought it to the Mandir, but she is not sure how it all happened.

The inspector says she is saying that no one touched the kheer other then her before Radha ate it, Mohan requests Kadambari to not say anything else. The inspector says then she has to arrest her, the entire Trivedi family is shocked hearing it. Mohan comes in between them asking what the inspector is saying, Tulsi also mentions they are wrong to blame Maa, Mohan tries to reason that anyone can mix the poison, but the inspector explains they can prove it in the court as she is arresting Kadambari based on suspicion. Mohan keeps on insisting when Kadambari stops him, the inspector says that this is not the first time it ahs happened with him because his first wife also died suddenly and till today it has not been proved how she died.

Mohan once again says that his mother has not done anything, he questions what proof they have that his mother has done anything of the sort, the Lady inspector explains all those sons say the same thing whose mother has done something wrong, they all are shocked when the lady constable places the handcuffs on Kadambari. Damini thinks now the drama would surely start, Mohan asks how can they suspect his mother, the inspector explains they got a unanimous call, Mohan is shocked when Damini recalls how she called the inspector asking her to come to the City hospital as Kadambari devi threatened to kill Radha just a few days ago, Mohan tries to explain that she just said it in frustration but never meant it, the inspector replies she knows they all never wanted Radha to stay in their house and this might be their plan to get rid of Radha. The entire Trivedi family tries to assure that Kadambari cannot even think of killing anyone, however the inspector instructs them to take her with them, Mohan along with the rest of the family try their best to stop the police.

Mohan is following the inspector and asks Ajeet to quickly call Shekar, he stops the police requesting them to not take his mother, Kadambari explains he should let them do their work since nothing is going to happen to her, Damini agrees with maa saying that both of them would surely get her free, Mohan asks if she has lost her mind as why would Maa go to jail when she is innocent, the inspector says she has already warned him to not interfere otherwise she would also have to arrest him, Kadambari asks him to stop, before sitting in the police van, Mohan assures that nothing is going to happen to her as he is always by her side, Mohan holds her hand as the police van drives off, Kadambari starts crying and Mohan falls while following the car as it gains little more speed, Kadambari yells Mohan and they all rush to help him, Mohan is just worried for his mother who is being taken away in the police van, he is heartbroken.

Mohan angrily asks Damini to let go of him, she is stunned, Mohan sees Gungun and he immediately hugs her assuring nothing wrong has happened and there is no need to cry, he assures he will bring Dadi back and is going after her, Mohan advises Gungun to do a very important task, he explains he knows she is really smart and responsible but she just has to prove it in front of everyone, Mohan explains Radha takes care of her when she falls ill, so Gungun also has to do the same today. Mohan says Gungun should not take her eyes of Radha for even a moment and she must call him if anything happens, he asks if there is battery in her phone. He says she should call him if there is anything wrong, he even advises to not let anyone go inside other then the doctor, Mohan makes Gungun promise, Ajeet assures there is nothing to be worried about as he considers Radha as his sister so would take care of her, Tulsi also assures she will not let anything happen to Radha.

Mohan leaves after advising them to take care, Damini is standing when Kaveri asks if she saw Mohan who is still worried for Radha even when his mother is in jail, she says that Mohan was always talking about his mother but is now just busy talking about Radha. Damini thinks they have to start the second part of their plan, she exclaims she is going to end all the love he has for Radha as he will only have hatred for Radha that even if she dies today, Mohan would neither burn her Chita or perform any other ritual.

Damini walks to the side and is about to call someone, Mohan however pulls her phone from the back, Damini is shocked and hesitantly asks if he is still here, Mohan replies it is possible she is the one behind after everything which is happening, so he cannot take any risk and she would not call or go anywhere without consulting him, Damini exclaims this is what was left to see, he also thinks she is behind it. Mohan pulls Damini towards the car, she thinks that the second part of her plan got flopped before even starting so how is she going to make the call. Kaveri studs in front of Mohan, he asks if he has to give her another invitation, Kaveri immediately goes to the other side, Mohan signals Damini to sit in the car and she is really furious.

Ketki calls Mohan informing that Ajeet called them, he informs he is going to the police station and Shekar is also going to come there, he assures he would have her released. Mohan notices Kaveri texting so snatches the phone from her, she asks what is he doing when Mohan says when she and her sister have not done anything wrong then there is nothing to be worried about, Damini mentions he should refer to her by her own name and if he really thinks she can do anything so wrong, she thinks he has turned back from all of his words so how is she going to complete the second part of her plan.

Gungun is standing looking inside the room, the doctor comes out when Ajeet asks if Radha is fine, the doctor informs they have taken the poison out of her body but nothing is certain, Gungun once again asks if she is fine, the doctor informs that it all depends on the immune system of the patient so Gungun explains that Radha is a really strong person so would surely fight.

Mohan entering the police station explains to Gungun that nothing wrong is going to happen to Radha. Kaveri whispers to Damini that Bhagwan is not on her side because after the quantity of poison she drank, Radha should have died twice. Mohan on the call explains that Radha herself says she should never lose hope so they have to be strong.

Mohan turning to Shekar asks if he was able to attain the bail, Shekar replies that it is already six thirty and the court would be closed for two more days, he informs he has been trying to contact the Magistrate, but he is out of the country on a holiday.

Mohan argues with the lady constable when she misbehaves with Kadambari, she says he should calm down as only then would he be able to free her from jail, Damini and Kaveri also rush to Mohan when she assures that everything would be fine since Shekar is doing his best, Mohan replies surely everything would be fine if Damini accepts she is behind everything, Damini tries to assure that she is innocent but Mohan leaves.

Damini then asks Kadambari to convince Mohan as she knows that Damini can never do anything of the sort, Kadambari replies she is innocent so would surely come out of the jail but Damini should wait for that moment when they find out that Damini is behind it, she says she does not know about Mohan but she herself is not going to let her go. Kadambari leaves after noticing that Kaveri is tensed.

Damini thinks there is no need to talk like this because neither is Kadambari going to come out of the jail nor is Radha going to remain alive, she thinks that she is just waiting for the second part of her plan to start.
Damini notices Mohan sitting on the bench, she sitting beside him acts as if she is crying asking why does everyone think she is wrong when she has given half of her life to this family, Kaveri assures that she must not be worried since if anyone does not understand her importance then what can they do, Kaveri signals Damini that Mohan is not falling for their trap, Damini starts Signaling Kaveri to hug her but she cannot understand it, Damini herself hugs Kaveri informing that she has to fulfill their plan and must go to start the second part of her plan, Kaveri is really tensed.

Gungun standing on the window of the hospital room requests Radha to wake up, she explains Radha should wake up as she is crying, Ajeet requests her to stop crying as Radha would surely be fine. Gungun standing on the window recalls how Radha would recite the Mantar, when she asked Radha why she always chant this Mantar, Radha replies because there is no problem which cannot be sorted because of this Mantar and she even advised Gungun to chant it whenever she is in any sort of problem, Gungun starts chanting the Mantar and even Ajeet does the same, Tulsi hearing Gungun also starts chanting the Mantar while sitting beside Radha on the bed, who is still unconscious but they all are still there when Radha suddenly wakes up taking the name of Mohan jee. Tulsi along with Gungun are delighted to see that Radha is awake.

Radha calls the name of Mohan before waking up, Gungun and Ajeet both start smiling seeing that Radha is awake and even Tulsi is glad, the doctor comes to immediately check on her and after a while even starts checking her vitals, Gungun thanks Bihari jee.

Mohan angrily stands up and Damini whispers that her mother has to go and complete the second part of her plan, Damini quickly stops the inspector explaining that Maa can never think wrong of anyone, kaveri seeing the opportunity slowly runs out of the police station however Mohan sees her leaving so wonders where is she going,

Mohan informs Shekar that Kaveri has gone out secretly so they have to keep an eye on her, Mohan explains they have to find out who is behind it if they have to saw Maa, he explains he will follow Kaveri while Shekar should keep an eye on Damini, Shekar asks if he really thinks Damini can do anything of the sort, Mohan says he just knows that his mother is innocent and would have to find out the truth, Damini tries to follow Mohan but Shekar stops her explaining that he has gone to talk with one of their friend whose father is the Minister. Damini gets furious thinking that this is all rubbish as Mohan suspects her mother is doing something wrong.

Kaveri smiles after seeing a phone but is stunned when she hers the mobile ringing, she quickly hides thinking Mohan even followed her here, Mohan wonders where did Kaveri go, she is hiding behind the pillar thinking if Mohan catches her then they would surely be thrown in jail, she thinks what would happen if they are beaten in the jail, Kaveri slowly tries to walk away however Mohan calls her from behind asking her to stop but she leaves, so Mohan keeps on following her.

Radha in the bed thinks that no one came see her, neither Mohan jee nor Maa jee, Gungun replies they both were really worried for her and even came to the hospital but, Radha asks what happened so Gungun hesitantly explains that police arrested Dadi, Radha is shocked hearing that Kadambari got arrested so se exclaims it cannot happen, Gungun mentions the inspector blamed Maa jee tried to kill Radha and she is the one who mixed the poison in the Kheer, Radha exclaims Maa je is innocent and she cannot let her stay in jail due to the crimes which Damini has committed, Radha takes off the syringe and walks out of the room without even listening to the doctor.

Kaveri finally stop to catch her breath, she is shocked to see Mohan standing who asks if she ahs to go anywhere, Kaveri looking at the ladies toilet says that she has to go somewhere where she can go alone, mohan does not understand so she points to the ladies toilet.

Kaveri in the toilet requests the people for a phone as she ahs to make a call but they all refuse her, she then enters the bathroom thinking she has to make a call otherwise her daughter is not going to let her live, she sees the widnow so thinks shee has found a way to get ut, kaveri slowly climbs in te window but then gets stuck in it, she tries a lot to get free but is not successful. Mohan is waiting otusde thinking she said she would surely coeem back but is not coming out, kaveri meanwhile prays that she should not get hurt however she falls from the window, Mohan hears the scream. Kaveri exclaims that her back has broken, and she slowly stands up when Mohan immediately runs to the back side. Kaveri thinks she would have to surely pay the prive because of the plans of Damini, Mohan comes to the back side but he is not able to spot Kaveri, he thinks there is surely something wrong, Mohan after covering his face enters the bathroom but they all force him to leave.

Kaveri finally reaches the telephone and thinks she has to still put the coin, she prays the person should answer the call and is stunned to see Mohan coming her way, she finally calls Rahul asking him to carefully listen to her, she explains the entire situation after which Rahul exclaims this means that Damini mixed the poison when Kaveri replies he should only think this is the only way to save Kadambari.

Damini while standing with Shekar prays that Maa should have made the call otherwise the second part of her plan would not start.

Shekar gets a call from Ketki who asks if Maa got the bail as she is not able to reach Mohan, Shekar explains they are trying to attain the bail, but it is difficult to get it before Monday. Ketki explains Shekar is saying they cannot get it until Monday. Mr Trivedi explains he feels that only the person can save them now, he starts dialing the contact while Ketki is really scared.

Mohan after entering the toilet asks Kaveri to open the bathroom but Kaveri does not respond, the ladies once again enter blaming him for being a shameless person, Mohan keeps on requesting Kaveri to open the door threatening to break it, they also call the police so Mohan explains her aunt is here, she asks what is happening here when Mohan explains he came here on foot and so the Ladies inspector threatens to arrest him, Kaveri however coming out explains he is her son and came here because she was not feeling well and even falls unconscious but he is really worried for her so came here, the inspector warns them to get out of the bathroom. Mohan while walking with kaveri wonders if Maa would really have to spend two nights in jail.

Mohan is shocked to see Kadambari standing outside the jail, he is not able to control his emotions and so rushes to hug her asking if she is fine, Radha calls Maa jee from behind and she is shocked to see her, Mohan is also not able to control his emotions and he hugs Radha in front of everyone, he asks if she is fine when Radha replies she is fine, he says she caused a lot of problems and what was the need to drink the Kheer, he says what would have happened of him if something bad happened with her.

Kadambari calls Radha, who goes to hug her, Kadambari says she is glad Radha is fine, Radha replies she got scared when she found out that they brought Maa here, mohan thanks Radha saying that Maa came out of the jail because of her, he says only she can do something of the sort but Radha replies she just came here and Maa je is innocent but Damini is the one who mixed poison in the Kheer, Radha exclaims Damini is really clever and would not accept her sins so easily so they have to arrest her, Shekar says that Damini has accepted it, Kaveri is shocked asking how did it happen when her daughter is innocent and she can not even kill an insect. Shekar informs that Maa jee was released because of Damini because she accepted that she mixed poison in the Kheer, Mohan is not able to understand when Shekar points to the jail cell where Damini is standing.

Kaveri rushes to Damini asking why she took the wrong blame on herself because she has not done anything wrong, Kaveri asks the inspector to let her daughter go since she has not done anything wrong

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