Destined by fate starlife update 3 February 2024

Destined by fate 3 February 2024: Chaman Bahar takes over Chaudhry house. Tingu asks what will she do with Kanha. Chaman asks him to call Kanha as jijaji/BIL and says she will live happily with him in this haveli. Nakul fears that Chaman will play a pshyotic game again.

Kanha asks why was he doing business with Chaman even after knowing about it. Nakul says she used to deliver top quality products at reasonable price, so he didn’t bother about her behavior and Rashmi was dealing with Chaman. They all 3 rush towards home. A man comes to meet Rashmi in jail and introduces himself as her partner’s aide. He says boss asked her not to call him repeatedly as their partnership is over now. Rashmi warns that its not yet over and she will come out of jail soon.

Kanha and Sayuri reach home and are shocked to see Chaman dancing with Tingu. Chaman says now the house belongs to her. Kanha asks what nonsense she is talking. Chaman asks if they liked her acting, she fooled them with her acting and took over their house. Family walks in next. Chaman welcomes them to her house. Chaman continues her drama and dance. Sayuri and Kanha warn her to stop it now and get out of their house. Chaman pulls her pin and tries to stab Sayuri. Kanha warns her to leave Sayuri. She spares Sayuri and says she spared his wife for his sake.

Sayuri asks Nakul to call police and get Chaman out of the house. Chaman laughs and says police will kick them out instead. She shows power of attorney documents of house and business. Kanha says she is right. Dhanraj says he didn’t lease or sell his house to anyone and gave papers to Nakul. Nakul says he kept them in locker and don’t know how she got it. He tears papers and asks her to get out. Chaman continues her drama and says they can’t do anything to her and if they don’t leave, she will call her villagers and let her stay here. Tej gets an anxiety attack. Family rushes to his help. Sayuri gets angry on Chaman. Chaman pulls her hair pin again.

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