Radha Mohan Zee world Tuesday 30 January 2024

Radha Mohan 30 January 2024: Radha is still searching for the person in the black dress but she is not able to find him, he accidentally while trying to hide causes a metal container to fall due to which Radha is alert.

Damini and Kaveri both are searching for Radha thinking she might cause a lot of problems for them, Tulsi is also wondering where is Radha because after what happened yesterday night she might be in a problem, Tulsi vows to not let Damini go if she is behind it. Radha with immense force tries to hit the person but he stops it.

Kaveri and Damini both wonder where is Radha, Tulsi also think that she ahs to find her, and wonders what are they both doing here, Mohan stands up requesting Radha to not hit him when he accepts that anyone like him can be taken advantage off but since they both know each other then can talk it out, Mohan says this si why she locked the door because she wants to take advantage of him, Radha feels awed and so throws the rod questioning what is he thinking, Radha asks what is he doing here, Mohan replies that he came here to get the wood sticks for the Hawan but he saw her following him, Radha replies she is trying to find the truth about someone because the person in the black dress came here, so she followed him. Mohan asks if girls like her have a habit of lying but Radha is sure that she is telling the truth, Mohan angrily asks Radha to get out from his way as he needs to leave, Radha notices the patten on the floor and is a bit worried.

Kaveri and Damini both are shocked to Mohan and Radha coming out of he store together, Radha is noticing his shoes while Kaveri exclaims that all the plans of Damini have been ruined, since both Radha and Mohan are together, Damini cannot understand anything when Kaveri questions when are a boy and girl together, Kaveri exclaims even she used to go with her father to such places, mentioning if Damini had gotten married at the right time then she would have thought such things, kaveri blames they both act in front of them but are so calm with each other, Tulsi asks if Damini is jealous saying that she feels relieved at seeing the condition of Damini and is even glad that Radha is fine.

Damini asks Mohan what was he doing with Radha in the store, he replies she was taking advantage of him, Damini angrily asks how can she behave like this, Radha stops Mohan questioning what problem does she have with her, and whatever she does with Mohan since he is her husband and even if she was taking advantage of him it is their private matter. Damini asks if Mohan can see how rudely she is talking, Radha angrily replies that what Damini does in the room is unethical, Damini asks how Radha knows about it and questions if Radha peeks into the room, Radha replies because the room does not belong to him and she asks why his shoes are so dirty, Mohan asks if he should put the shoes on his head.

Radha tries to pull Mohan mentioning she wants to talk with him, Damini angrily says that Radha should talk in front of her, they both are pulling Mohan when Radha says that he is her husband but Damini exclaims that Mohan does not consider the wedding to be true and so would not go anywhere, they both are constantly pulling Mohan who does not know what to do, he angry pushes them both away causing them to fall. Mohan angrily says they can both hit each other and sort out this situation, he leaves mentioning they should bring the wood sticks as Maa needs it.

Damini tries to stop radha, but she angrily enters the house mentioning she wants to talk about something important with Mohan, Damini thinks Radha was first alone with Mohan in the store and now even wants to talk with him, they both run inside to find out the truth.

Radha entering the room asks Mohan to come out as she has something important which she wants to talk with him about however he refuses to listen, Dulari comes explaining that Kadambari is calling her, Radha says that she is going to leave but would first take out a new dress for him, she is shocked to see the black dress in the wardrobe of Mohan, Radha wonders what is it doing here, she realizes that she found Mohan in the store while following the person in the black dress and Mohan also refused to accept it, she even did not see Mohan anywhere when she saw the person in the black dress and even today when she was about to catch him she only saw Mohan, Radha suspects if the person in the black dress is Mohan.

Damini and Kaveri both are shocked hearing it and she explains that Radha might be right in her suspicion, Kaveri thinks that if Mohan knows the truth about their secret, Damini asks then why is he trying to kill Radha or is that only a trick to divert their attention, she vows to find out the entire truth.

Mohan comes out of the bathroom asking if he cannot even stay alone in the bathroom, Radha questions what was he doing in the Godown and was he really trying to find out the truth, Radha takes out the black dress saying she has found out the truth, Mohan accepts he has been caught so says he is the same person, he asks she should tell him the real reason why he would do it, he angrily leave asking if she has had something to drink.

Mohan is shocked to see Kaveri and Damini standing outside the room, Radha also stops after seeing them both and Kaveri tries to leave but is stunned seeing the person in the black dress, they all are relieved that he is not Mohan, Damini exclaims that now they are safe, Radha is suspicious of her.

Radha immediately calls Tulsi hearing which both Kaveri and Damini are shocked, Radha mentions the person in the black dress went on that side and so they all must catch him, Damini also follows Radha, Kaveri is not able to run fast and exclaims she is not that young anymore.

The person in the black dress is running towards the main door, Tulsi stands in front of him thinking now she would see how he runs away this time.

The person in the black dress is running, Radha and Damini both are following him, Kaveri exclaims she never ran so much in her entire lifetime, Tulsi comes in front of the person in the back dress saying now she would see how he manages to get away, she tries to catch him however gets electrocuted and falls on the ground, Radha comes running and noticing the pots on the floor, she stops which even worries Damini, Radha asks Tulsi if she is fine, hearing which both Kaveri and Damini are stunned, to realize that Radha knows the truth about Tulsi, who replies she is fine but the question is why was she not able to touch the person in the black dress, Kaveri gets scared thinking that both Tulsi and Radha have become such good friends that she is always ready to help her, Dulari comes explaining that

Kadambari is getting furious since all the gests are waiting for her, Radha replies that she would come within in a moment, Tulsi asks Radha to go, but she requests Tulsi to give her a sign., Tulsi causes the pot to stand once again, so Radha realizes that she is fine and mentions she has to leave otherwise Kadambari would get really furious. Kaveri getting scared mentions both Radha and Tulsi have started talking in sign language and she is worried if they throw her out of the house, Damini asks if Tulsi does not feel any shame as she is still coming between her and Mohan, Kaveri requests Damini to stop because she would surely start beating them, Tulsi says it is the habit of Damini to always interfere between other people. Damini vows that neither Tulsi was able to keep her away from Mohan neither Radha, Tulsi getting furious starts strangling Damini exclaiming she must stop talking, Kaveri apologizes on behalf of Damini when Tulsi threatens, she would give her such extreme beating that even her own mother would not be able to recognize her if she tries to misbehave with Radha. Tulsi lets go of Damini, Kaveri exclaims that Tulsi would have been born after one hundred ghosts died, Kaveri requests Damini to stay away from her, she replies that their fight has been for a long time, but they should wonder why Tulsi was not able to touch the person in the black dress, she feels there is surely something hearing which even Tulsi gets worried.

Gungun is running away from Mohan, he asks her to stand still and does not even know he would ask her this question, he asks if she is friends with any boy but Gungun replies that she only fights with them, Mohan coming beside her explains she should wear this dress, Gungun replies she cannot wear it but Mohan says that Ajeet brought it with immense love, Gungun insist that there are certain things which only a boy can do but a girl cannot, Mohan replies there is nothing which a girl cannot do, she asks if this means she can do anything, Mohan mentions that they just need determination to do something, he explains what if Indra Gandhi jee said she is a girl so cannot enter politics, ten how would have they gotten the first female prime minister of this country and what if the Rani of Jhansi did not participate in the war, then who would have she protected her own kingdom.

Radha is in the room opening the gift, Damini quickly walking towards the room thinks she has to find out who has sent her this gift, Radha is shocked to see there is another box in the present, Radha is also shocked and even Damini is not able to understand anything, she is just peeking though the window. Radha keeps taking out the boxes, she is very confused about what is happening, she keeps taking them iut and finally sees that the last box is empty, Radha cannot understand anything, she starts to think what sort of a gift this is, she realizes that her father and Grandmother did not send this gift then who else has sent it to her. Damini realizes something and informs her mother it is not a gift, but a way to tell their secret to Radha, as someone is trying to tell her where the secret is in the safe. Kaveri is also stunned. Damini wonders who is alive and wants to tell their secret to Radha.

Damini gets shocked seeing that the person in the black dress is standing at the window, she signals to her mother who asks if she saw a ghost, Kaveri is also shocked at seeing the person in the black dress who signals he knows they both are standing there. Radha realizes that someone is surely trying to give her a clue, she keeps on thinking what can it be, so decides to once again check them. Radha starts moving the boxes as the person is still staring at her, Radha notices there is something written in the box, Damini gets worried as Radha starts reading it, however she is not able to see it properly.

Radha then turns the box, she finally starts removing it from the corner so she can read the message. Radha finally reads the message which turns out to be a riddle saying, “ she would be able to find the proof if she gives a bit more attention and she would surely be able to find the truth, Radha after thinking tears out the corners to complete the entire message, which explains that there is a secret in the box and I she keeps looking then would be able to reveal the truth. Damini and Kaveri both are really worried seeing Radha joining the corners to complete the message, Radha thinks she is certainly being told about a secret, she is asked to once again ask the wealth box, Radha realizes it means the safe, she keeps reading as the message asks her to look carefully.

Radha realizes there is another hidden safe in that main safe, which she was not able to see carefully, so she concludes the proof is still in the safe which is why she was not able to find it the first time, Radha thinks she has to take out the proof before Damini can get her hands on it. Radha is shocked to see the person standing behind her, she asks who is there, but the person manages to run away.

Radha running out requests him to stop as she has seen him, she asks what does he want to say to her and why is he helping her when he first tried to take her life, Radha requests him to stop but is not able to find him, Radha thinks he went in the same direction but where did he go, she hears the sound of someone running so tries to check it but she is not able to find him. Radha is sure he sent her the gift and wants her to find out the truth about that safe, she cannot understand if he is her friend or enemy, she cannot tell anyone as they would not believe her without any proof.

Radha does not know what she can do now, she thinks she just has to wonder how she would open the safe as she will get all her answers there. The person in the black dress exclaims this is what he expected of her.

Damini is really scared, Kaveri exclaims she does not know why the person in the black dress is planning against them, Damini replies that she felt he was against Radha but he knows the entire truth about them and is helping Radha reveal the secret which was hidden for so many years, Kaveri asks what would happen if the truth comes out.

Kadambari angrily says that either Radha is a fool or she is trying to make her a fool and wants her to accept all her suggestions even after she has been proven wrong, Radha replies she is not mistaken as there is certainly another safe hidden which contains the truth about the death of Tulsi je, Kadambari is shocked.

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