Radha Mohan update Wednesday 2 August 2023

Radha Mohan 2 August 2023: Dadi explains neither Mohan was able to get Radha in the battle neither today, everyone is stunned as Dadi informs that Radha would never be able to get Mohan, Radha explains she does not want him as a life partner but needs him to be secure, Dadi mentions Mohan can take care of himself and Radha is going to go with her, she leaves to pack the bags of Radha. Rahul angrily questions why she would not leave because this is their house and even Mohan has asked her to leave, Rahul exclaims he will teach her manners in his own way, but Mohan stops Rahul, explaining then he would have to teach him in his way, he explains Radha is leaving with her father and Dadi so they should let her leave.

Damini whispers to Kaveri that Mohan is still worried for Radha, Kaveri exclaims she should be glad that he agreed to let her go. Radha informs Rahul this house can belong to him, but she is also a part o this family and she cannot let go these relations without any reason. Tulsi trapped in the room requests Mohan to not let Radha leave since she really loves him.

Radha going to Kadambari exclaims she understands that Kadambari is angry with her but she also knows that Radha has never thought wrong for this family so she should stop her from leaving. Kadambari however refuses to say anything, Radha then turns to Mr Trivedi explaining they both know this marriage is not suitable for Mohan jee so he should not let this happen, Radha even turns to Rahul accepting that he thinks she is the reason for the difference between his relationship with Mohan, she pleads with him to understand she has not done anything, he should not ask her to leave, Radha pleads with him. Radha goes to Ajeet, asking him to reveal if she has done anything wrong for this family, if Ketki and Gungun are standing by her side then they all should also believe her. Tulsi once again pleads explaining what will happen of Gungun if Radha leaves.

Radha goes to hug Gungun and they both start crying, Dadi comes asking Radha to come when Gungun requests Dadi to not take her away as she cannot live with Radha, Dadi however informs she must take Radha this time and there is nothing which they can do. Tulsi questions how many times they are going to snatch the mother of Gungun, Dadi tires to force Radha to come with her but Radha explains she cannot leave. Kaveri exclaims that the entire family is instructing her to leave but she is still adamant to stay here, they question if this is the teaching which they have taught her. Dadi asks Radha if she saw what they must bear because of her, she had already warned her that Mohan can never be a part of her life. Dadi asks if Radha realized how much humiliation they must face because of her, Dadi pleads with her to come, her father also requests her to come with them. Radha accepts that they both have suffered a lot because of her but the matter relates to the life of Mohan and Gungun, and she can even give her life for them both. Mohan is really tensed.

Radha explains Damini is not suitable for them both, her father explains it is their fate which cannot be changed and now they don’t have any relation with this house, he explains he has decided he would take her back without listening to anything. Radha explains they both have taught her that they should never break the trust of anyone, Gungun trusts her a lot so how can she go to Barsana with them, she reuses to go. Mohan asks why she is not understanding, mentioning everyone is saying the truth and he pleaded with Dadi to let her stay here but now he is going to request them to take her away. Tulsi is worried in the room.

Mohan request Radha to leave, she mentions even he wants her to go and is siding with them all. Mohan asks her to not make it more difficult than it already is and leave the house, Radha still refuses to go which shocks Damini and Kaveri. Radha explains she came here to return his happiness but when he got engaged, she noticed he was not happy and he saw it with her own eyes, everyone is shocked. Radha asks how he could had been happy because there were differences between his relation and Gungun, so now she is going to say that Gungun will never be happy after this marriage. Radha explains once she is sure that there is no problem in his life, she is going to leave by herself but will stay here until then and Mohan jee can do whatever he desires, Radha leaves after wiping off her tears, without listening to anyone. Rahul angrily follows her.

Radha locks the door, Mohan reaches with the entire family demanding that she open the door, but Radha refuses to either come out and leave the house. Damini asks if Mohan still believes that Radha is fine, Mohan angrily replies that nothing wrong has happened to her. Kaveri notices the protection around the room, so whispers to Damini what would happen if Tulsi managed to talk with Radha.

Kadambari is also worried thinking if Tulsi uses Radha to stop this marriage. Tulsi exclaims it is not a coincidence that Radha came into this room, so she feels that Bihari jee also wants that they both get to know each other. Tulsi tries to reveal her presence but Radha screams after being scared, Tulsi tries to assure that she is not here to harm her, Radha falls after screaming. Mohan and Gungun both are worried about her safety, Mohan asks why Radha is screaming.

Kadambari thinks that Tulsi is trying to talk with Radha, Kaveri and Damini are talking when Damini reveals that Tulsi can neither talk nor reveal herself but would just try to touch Radha, and if it happened then this would only prove that Radha is not mentally stable.Radha in the room explains she has not come here to harm her and is going to leave after some time, Tulsi once again tries to explain she has just come here to talk with her however Radha is screaming after feeling her presence, Mohan once again asks Radha why she is yelling. Damini replies that Radha has lost her mind, but Mohan asks her to stop as he is furious.

Radha sits down beside the bed explaining if she is the same power whom she felt the presence off, Dadi asks who Radha is talking with in the room, Kaveri replies they all are standing outside the room and Radha has lost her mind.Tulsi explains that she just wants to talk with her and would never harm her, Kaveri whispers to Damini that if Mohan finds out that there is the ghost of Tulsi in the room along with Radha then Mohan is not going to marry her, Damini angrily asks her to stop talking. Radha is really scared so calls Mohan for help, he not being able to bear the thought starts hitting the door to open it, Tulsi gets worried when Mohan finally breaks the door, he is shocked to see Radha sitting on the floor. Mohan runs to her side asking if she is fine, Radha while crying explains that there is someone in the room. Mohan is tensed.

Mohan enters the room and is shocked seeing Radha on the floor, he rushes to her asking if she is fine when Radha reveals there is someone here beside her, she informs she I really scared about what is going on, Mohan tries to assure that there is no one here but Radha is still crying and refuses to believe it, she is really scared and hugs Mohan while crying. The entire family is shocked seeing her condition. Mohan assures there is no one here.

Damini angrily pushes Radha away from Mohan, revealing Radha has really lost her mind and just needs an excuse to be close to him. Mohan asks if Damini lost her mind so she should at least see her condition, Damini replies she can see that Mohan is still worried about Radha so he should decide who does he want in her life, she threatens to leave the house. Kadambari advises Mohan to think before taking any decision as it relates to the life of Gungun, Gungun herself requests papa to let Radha stay here advising that he should at least look at her since she is not well.

Mohan requests Dadi to take Radha with her, he explains the more she stays here she will get ill. Radha refuses to go anywhere while Dadi is trying her best to take her, but Radha sits on the floor pleading with them to not take her away. Mohan gets really disturbed seeing the situation, he not being able to control his emotions stops Dadi and himself holds the hand of Radha, Mohan asks her to come, she requests him to not do this but he pleads with her to come, Radha notices that the string was around the door of the house and then even in the Mandap, she wonders if the power which is in the room is bound by the rope but they do not want to harm anyone. Radha requests Mohan to not take her but he is pulling her, Mohan once again stops at the door where Radha requests him to not do this, she purposefully strangles her feet around the rope and when Mohan pulls her by force it causes the protection to break. Tulsi is delighted to see it, she thanks Radha for breaking the protection shield as now she is fine.

Mohan is pulling Radha while she keeps trying her best to stop him, however Mohan does not even look at her and is just pulling her in the hall, she causes a lot o the decorations to fall but Mohan does not give any attention, he keeps on taking her towards the main door but she manages to finally come Infront of him pleading he should not do this, Mohan explains ti is already very difficult so she should not make it even more problematic. Radha requests him to trust her when Mohan replies that he believed her due to which he even suspected Damini, but she was proven innocent so now he has to fulfill the promise made to Damini, he exclaims he has to marry her.

Mohan apologizes if he broke her heart, explaining it is his mistake that she loves him, he is responsible for the condition she is in because Radha filled his life with happiness but he in return caused pain to her, it is enough now. Mohan pleads with Radha to go from here, Dadi still requests Radha, but she refuses. Mohan requests Dadi to take care of Radha and not scold her, because she cannot even think of what Radha has done for this family, she has protected his family, including Gungun a lot of times, he can not fulfill them under any circumstance. He reveals he did not think he would ask Radha to leave like this, but he is without any hope. Mohan explains Radha will always stay in his life and heart, Kaveri and Damini both are furious.

Mohan accepts that he took her responsibility, she will always have a special place in his heart, he is neither backing out from his responsibility, Radha is just leaving this house but is always going to stay in his heart. Radha once again requests Mohan to not do this, Mohan mentions if they need anything he is going to stand by their side, he will always fulfill his duty. Mohan mentions she must leave but Radha still refuses to leave. Radha even pushes Dadi away.

Mohan goes to bring Bihari jee, he hands them back to Radha mentioning she does not go anywhere with her Bihari jee. Mohan asks her to take the Bihari jee. Radha while crying slowly takes the Bihari jee from his hands. Mohan recalls how Radha was always there to care for him in each problem, he expressed he wants to live his life with her, he mentioned she is his Bhagwan after what she has done for him. Radha also staring him thinks of the moments they spent together, Kaveri signals Damini who informs the time of the wedding is upon them, Mohan takes his hands back, wiping off the tears from his face, he takes Radha out of the house. Gungun calls her but Mohan closes the door after pushing Radha out of the house.

Gungun tries to go after Radha however Kadambari stops her, she is looking at the door apologizes to Radha for whatever happened explaining she is also responsible for it. Radha touches the door, while Mohan is still standing on the other side, he also touches it.Radha and Mohan both think of the day they for the first time shook the hands, Mohan takes his hand off the door, he is however emotionally broken but is constantly thinking of the beautiful moments spent with Radha.

Mohan finally turns back from the door, he is constantly wiping off his tears. Rameshwar informs Dadi he is going to bring the rickshaw. Dadi angrily stares at Radha who slowly turns from the door, Radha notices the protection shield so recalls how she managed to break it, Radha thinks she is going away but just as she helped her, Radha also needs her help and whoever the person is she should stop this marriage. Tulsi coming explains this is exactly what they have to do, Damini thinks that she hs separated them both from Mohan, but Damini does not know that they both have met each other, she explains they have to work together and top this marriage.


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