Radha Mohan update Wednesday 13 March 2024

Radha Mohan 13 March 2024: Kaveri comes to Gungun mentioning that this is not the time to cry, she explains Gungun is very young so she should not see this and they both must go outside, Gungun refuses to leave the cold storage explaining her Radha is trapped here so she is going to find her, Damini gets furious. Kaveri thinks Gungun is not agreeing so wonders how can she divert the attention of Tulsi Kaveri slowly takes the phone of Gungun, which she hides in her saree, Tulsi follows Kaveri when she hears her talking at the door, explaining she is going to talk with him after going outside the cold storage, Tulsi suspects there is something wrong because if everyone is here then what is she going to do outside.

Damini sees the arm of Radha wonders what can she do now, she slowly gets close to Radha an tries pushing her hand with the feet, however Radha sees Damini so tries her best to keep her hand visible, Damini gets frustrated with it. Mohan is sure that Radha is here in the cold storage, mentioning his heart is saying it. They all are feeling really cold. Mohan starts calling Radha, Damini thinks if Mohan sees Radha then her entire plan would fail, she gets scared and so acts as if she has gotten dizzy and falls down, Damini sees that Radha is awake. Damini tries to get back up however holds her arm due to which Damini falls down once again, she tries her best to get up but is not able to free her hand from the grip of Radha, meanwhile Mohan is constantly calling to Radha, she tries her best to reply but no longer has the strength to speak. Damini hits the hand of Radha with her phone, before finally standing up. Mohan comes to stand on her face questioning what is she doing, Damini replies she was searching for Radha.

Mohan replies that he knows she would not even tell him about the location of Radha because she hates her a lot, Damini says Mohan can think whatever he desires for her, as she put her own life at risk but he is still suspecting her. Kadambari stops Mohan explaining they do not have the time to argue, Radha is about to touch the feet of Mohan but he turns away from her, they all start calling her name however Radha is not able to reply, she tries to struggle a lot but it is all in vain.

Kaveri questions why has Radha not died till now, explaining they only have tonight and mentions that he must call her back after talking with his boss. Kaveri thinks they can make a fool of anyone, she thinks that Tulsi is keeping an eye on her while Radha is still trapped in the cold storage, Kaveri gets worried thinking what if Tulsi starts beating her.

Ketki informs Mohan that Radha is not here, Kadambari also explains Radha might not be in this cold storage, Mohan says that Radha could not have gone outside since the cold storage was locked. Ajeet explains how he feels they should search for Radha outside, as they have even taken the help from the police. Damini notices how Radha is trying to touch the feet of Mohan, the owner of the cold storage says he already told them that his wife was not here, kadambari angrily says they know what he meant. Kadambari asks Mohan to come as they will search for Radha somewhere else, Mohan turns to leave along with the entire Trivedi family, seeing which Radha starts weeping and is really tensed.

Kadambari asks Mohan to come suggesting they would go and search for her outside, Mohan along with the entire Trivedi family turns back to leave seeing which Radha gets tensed, Damini thinks they have to wait just a few more hours as after that Radha would be found but it will be her dead body, Radha calls Mohan and Gungun, pleading that he should turn back and see as she is in the cold storage, Mohan turns back to look but is not able to see Radha, he finally starts walking out of the cold storage while limping.

Damini turning back starts smiling looking at Radha, mentioning she felt really nice after meeting with her however she should not meet her ever again. Radha starts crying while hitting her hand against the floor, she praises Ba Kai Bihari jee for fulfilling her last wish as while dying she would be glad that she had seen her Mohan jee and Gungun along with her entire family. Radha mentions that Ba Kai Bihari jee must give Mohan jee, Gungun and her entire family the strength to pass this difficulty while protecting Mohan jee and Gungun from Damini, she says good bye to Mohan jee and Gungun before finally closing her eyes

Kaveri says on the phone that they would not get any money if she is not dead, Tulsi not being able to bear it slaps Kaveri who falls on the mud, Tulsi starts slapping Kaveri demanding where is Radha, she explains they both do not deserve to be called humans, Tulsi does not stop slapping her so she starts crying, Kaveri acts as if she has gotten unconscious seeing which Tulsi gets worried, thinking how will she find Radha, Tulsi notices that there is no one present so leaves, Kaveri slowly wakes up thinking that Tulsi has left however she thinks she has to act for a bit longer because if Tulsi finds out she has regained consciousness then would start beating her.

Mohan rushes to the car while everyone tries stopping him, Tulsi explains that Kaveri knows where is Radha so he should ask her, Mohan angrily hits his car exclaiming where is Radha and how would he reach to protect her, Gungun hugs Mohan while crying, she asks him to not cry explaining Ba Kai Bihari jee has helped them reach here because he also wants them to find Radha and now he must not lose hope, Mohan questions Ba Kai Bihari jee what has Radha done to wrong him because she has spent her entire life praying to him, but is he playing games with them because he first shows them a way to the end but then removes all of their hopes,he says that should be shown the right path once again.

Mohan hears the sound of bells ringing, so starts following it and sees a Pandit jee entering the mandir, Kadambari asks where is he going asking him to be careful, Mohan quickly takes off his shoes.he standing in front of the Mandir mentions he will not lose his will until he finds Radha, mentioning Radha once before stood on one feet for Gungun, so now he will do the same for her. Kadmabari and Damini are shocked, while Mohan vows to stand on one feet until he finds Radha. Kadambari explains he is injured but Mohan lifts his left feet placing ti against his right feet however he is not able to balance it due to the injury on his knee, Pandit jee seeing the condition of Mohan once again turns to pray, Mohan informs that this is his will and Ba kai Bihari jee would have to accept it, Gungun also mentions that Ba Kai Bihari jee would have to listen to them, she also stands on one feet followed by Ajeet and Ketki and even Rahul who is forced to act, Damini questions him. Kadambari seeing everyone also tries to stand on one feet however is not able to balance it, Ajeet helps her stand up.

Pandit jee turning mentions that no one has left empty handed from Ba Kai Bihari jee, they just need to ask with their heart as then Ba Kai Bihari jee would grant whatever they desire. Mohan starts reciting the Mantar followed by the entire family, Kaveri also comes covered in mud, Rahul asks what has happened to her, she replies she fell in mud.

Tulsi exclaims Ba kai Bihari jee should at least listen to the prayers of a child and make sure that her mother is returned to her, Mohan requests Ba Kai Bihari jee for some help, the Mala falls on the Murti of Ganesh jee, behind of which a mouse crawls from their side towards the cold storage while the entire Trivedi family is praying, the mouse walks into the cold storage and reaches to Radha after walking through the boxes placed there. The mouse climbs onto Radha and slowly starts sniffing, after a while Radha wakes up and looking at the mouse starts smiling. Radha calls him Murshad jee, mentioning everyone left her but he is the only one present beside her, she exclaims she felt really good seeing that someone is there beside her during the last time on this earth. Radha praises him for supporting her but asks him to leave otherwise he would get in the same condition like she is in, Radha requests that he should leave.

Damini after a while puts down her feet when Kaveri asks how long would they have to keep standing like this as her feet are hurting, Damini whispers they would have to do it for a little while as after that everyone would lose the strength and even Radha will die due to the cold, so their problem will end.

Radha exclaims she is holding both her hands saying that he must leave, Radha starts crying and the tears start flowing through her eyes. The Trivedi family is still reciting the Mantar, Mohan and Gungun are not able to stand properly so start to stumble, Kadambari however supports Mohan but he is about to fall, Mohan keeps praying without listening to anyone, Damini explains his knee could get permanently damaged and after that he might not be able to walk the rest of his life, she requests him to sit down. Mohan replies if he is praying then he would be the one to perform the punishment, Mohan mentions it will not end until they are able to find Radha, Kaveri and Damini get frustrated. Mohan is still praying while Radha is still locked in the cold storage.

Mohan standing in front of the Mandir exclaims that until Radha is found this punishment of Mohan will not end, he starts chanting the Mantar along with the entire Trivedi family.

Radha is crying when she turns to pick the mouse in her hand,Radha holds it in her hand mentioning how she was asking him to leave from this cold storage, as it is really cold and he would be affected by it, Radha tries blowing some air from her mouth at it, before tearing some part of her saree with which she covers the mouse. Radha once again mentions she cannot get out from this place but there is no reason for him to remain here as he can get away, so she asks the mouse to get away as today only she will die and not him, Radha slowly places the mouse on the floor which starts walking away.

Mohan tells Ba Kai Bihari jee that Radha needs his help so he must help him get to her, assuring he would do whatever Ba kai Bihari jee desires including chanting the Bhajan and even doing good deeds, he assures he will never argue with Radha and even go to the office but he should just meet Radha. Kadambari asks Ba Kai Bihari jee to see the condition of her son so this is why she is requesting him to listen to his prayers. Gungun also mentions that Mohan is even praying while being in so much pain so he should listen to the prayers of Mohan. Gungun expalins even he was in love with Radha rani but then she left so he got sad, she mentions Mohan is just a human being so Ba Kai Bihari jee should not snatch his Radha from him. Ketki explains Mohan did not have the strength to love anyone but now she feels her brother has once again fallen in love, she prays that his love should not be taken away from him. Damini mentions she is feeling suffocated seeing so much love for Radha, and it would have been better if she had killed Radha with her own eyes, Kadmabari once again starts chanting the Mantar.

Radha apologizes to Gungun as she promised to never leave her side however now she feels she would not be able to fulfill it, Radha remembers the day when she promised to never leave Gungun. Radha thinks she is going to die today but will pray to Ba Kai Bihari jee that she once again becomes her mother in the next life and the love which is incomplete in her life, she can shower it on Gungun in the next life. Radha sees the button of Mohan’s shirt so picking it up remembers when Mohan started quarreling with the owner of the cold storage.

She thinks when sh was stitching the button of his shirt and questioned how does it break so often, Mohan replied he is so handsome that it breaks whenever he goes out, Mohan once again took the name of Miss Rozy which angered Radha that she hit him with the needle, and exclaimed that this is what he deserves, he kept irritating her mentioning if she is not able to do it properly then he will ask Damini, so then Radha threatened to hit him with the Trishole, Radha calls Mohan for help. Mohan standing in the Mandir mentions that Radha called him and she needs his help, kadambari does not know what he is saying when they once again started chanting the Mantar, Tulsi prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee that he should return their Radha and not cause Mohan to be alone while snatching the mother of Gungun.

Damini angrily mentions she cannot bear it any longer, Kaveri suggests they should wait for some time as then everyone would understand that Radha has died, Damini explains that she is going to do the same to Radha what she did to Tulsi, she asks Kaveri to divert the attention of everyone while she comes back, Kaveri asks what about Tulsi, Damini replies she will also be praying for the better health of Radha. Damini slowly walks away.

Radha thinks she never thought that the respect which she had in her heart for him would turn into love, Radha mentions she thought she would spend her entire life with him but what can she do as she has immense feeling of love but not that life, Radha mentions she is going to die but prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee that he must protect Mohan jee and Gungun from Damini, she was not able to reveal her true face however Ba Kai Bihari jee must give her the punishment she deserves.

Damini is walking towards the cold storage when she stops seeing the vow standing in front of her, Damini tries t walk away however the cow gets irritated so Damini feels scared, meanwhile Mohan along with the entire family is still praying, the vow sarts following Damini who tries to out run the cow and hides in a school van, the vow walks in front of the school van, it then walks away seeing which Damini is relieved. Mohan is still praying with the entire family. Damini thinks of getting out but is shocked to see the cow standing at the door, she mentions she thought the bulls get angry seeing the red clothes but how is a cow so furious seeing her red clothes.

Mohan explains after the death of Tulsi he had lost all hope in Bhagwan but it was Radha who once again forced him to believe in Bhagwan so he must not cause his feeling to end once again, Mohan prays that he should once again meet Radha. Gungun says that Bhagwan had taken away her mother at a very young age but she never complained, however she prays that Radha should come back to them, they all plead to Ba Kai Bihari jee to listen to their prayers. Tulsi also wonders how can he be so stubborn. Gungun is not able to stand on one feet so falls, she is shocked seeing they all put down their feet so now they would never be able to find Radha. Kaveri starts smiling while kadambari assures nothing of the sort is going to happen.

Radha asks Ba Kai Bihari jee to take care of her family before closing her eyes, the Diya in the Mandir also starts blinking and even Mohan is not able to balance himself, kadambari once again starts praying, Kaveri is frustrated seeing them all praying. Gungun sees the mouse with the saree of Radha so informs Mohan, they all are shocked including Kaveri.

Mohan is not able to believe what he is seeing and so puts down his feet before slowly walking towards the Mandir. Mohan picks up the mouse, he realizes it is indeed the saree of Radha, Kaveri exclaims now even Ganpati is helping Radha, she is not able to understand from where did the mouse come to help them, she prays that Damini should complete her task otherwise it will cause a lot of problem.

Damini slowly tries to open the door and tries to scare the cow which walks away, Damini seeing the opportunity hides behind the pillar, the vow tries searching for her but is not able to find Damini

Mohan removes the piece of cloth from the mouse, he is sure it is the piece of Radha’s saree, Tulsi mentions this is the sign from Ba Kai Bihari jee to lead them to Radha. Mohan feels that Radha is near them, Kaveri explains they are standing near the market so a large number of mouse would be roaming around with the piece of cloth, she questions how does he know this is the saree of Radha. Mohan replies because he gave this saree to Radha, hearing this Kaveri is shocked.

Mohan remembers when Radha said she just has these saree, and he tried to make fun of her when she mentioned she is worried because no one cares for her while her husband does not do anything for her however she can live with these four saree, Mohan then brought new saree for her, she mentioned that a husband only brings saree for his wife when he starts falling in love with her, Gungun coming questions then why is his cheeks red, she kisses him on the cheeks before running away. The mouse jumps onto the hands of Gungun, who explains he has the piece of Radha’s saree so this means he knows her location so she requests him to take them to Radha. Kaveri once again questions why are they behaving like this because it is just a mouse, Kadambari angrily says Gungun is talking to Ganpati jee, so can she remain quiet. Tulsi also pleads with Murshad jee to take them to their Radha, Gungun once again pleads, Mohan is really worried.

Gungun requests the Murshad to tell her where is Radha, hearing this the Murshad jumps from the hands of Gungun and starts running away from them, seeing which they all get shocked so start seeing where is he going, Mohan starts following him. Kaveri calls Damini, who is stuck, Kaveri asks if she has been able to end the game of Radha when Damini replies she is hiding because of a cow, Kaveri exclaims that she feels today Mohan would be able to find Radha but Damini replies today no one will be able to sve Radha today, Damini seeing the opportunity runs away after pushing a cart in front of the cow.

Mohan is following Murshad along with the entire family when they are shocked to see that it has gone into the cold storage, Mohan explains the door is locked so asks where is the owner, Ajeet says that he has left, Damini says that Bhagwan listened to their prayers, as till the time the cold storage is opened then Radha would have died

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