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If you were not there 8 July 2023: Niyati is looking for Abhimanyu in the hall, he walks away from her in pain, she manages to see him. Abhimanyu enters the other room with a severe back pain when Niyati follows him, Aanad doesnot like this and is really frustrated.Abhimanyu in the room drinks a bottle of water, he then dials the contact of his mother, she in anger exclaims why did he not come back home from the morning when Abhimanyu apologizes exclaiming, he was coming back but then went to watch a movie, he assures that he will come back home after the function ends. Manaroma ends the call after he assures that he is fine, Niyati walks to stands beside him. Abhimanyu gets tensed seeing her standing beside him, she questions where he went, he tries to explain he went to watch a movie.

Niyati however asks why is he making up stories to not answer her question, she requests him to not work so much as he needs to rest, however Abhimanyu mentions that he needs to enjoy her Sangeet, she must also not care for him otherwise she would not be able to live happily with Aanad, Niyati asks him to not turn the words but he leaves, when Niyati thinks she is sure he is hiding some big secret from her so she needs to find out.

Abhimanyu is enjoying in the function when two guests ask him to bring the gift boxes that were placed in the room, he leave, Niyati also asks Sulochana about Abhimanyu hearing which Lata Didi leaves, Niyati informs that Abhimanyu has not taken the medicine so she needs to give them to him however Sulochana exclaims it is not right that she leaves the function so she herself would go to find him.

Abhimanyu entering the room starts finding the gifts, he while searching opens the wardrobe where he finds the gifts, he accidentally drops the photos from Sulochana and Ram’s wedding, Abhimanyu starts going through them. Sulochana reaching the gate is shocked to see the wedding photo of Abhimanyu and Niyati, she snatches them from him, he insists on looking at them, however Sulochana exclaims they should first finish this wedding so asks if he doesnot want to go and give the gifts to the guest, Abhimanyu picks up the gifts, he turns to mention that she has done the right thing by hiding the truth from Niyati otherwise she would have gotten a complex because of how pretty Sulochana was looking on her wedding day.

Aanad pulls Niyati away asking her what is happening, Niyati asks what happened when Aanad replies ever since he came to the function, she has not properly talked with him, she apologizes mentioning she was about to come to him but talks about Abhimanyu, Aanad exclaims he should be her priority even when their relation happened because of him, she asks what he means. Aanad replies he is at the function because of Ram uncle but he is tolerating Abhimanyu at the function however cannot do the same of her thoughts, she must decide if she wants to start the life with him or Abhimanyu, the guests think what is going on between them both because Niyati is not interested in the function. Abhimanyu coming to them both exclaims it seems a nuclear deal is going on between them both, he asks them to first attend their Sangeet function so tries to leave holding the hand of Niyati however Aanad stops him, Abhimanyu asks what has happened when Aanad exclaims he should at least ask before holding the hand of his wife, Abhimanyu exclaims he never knew he would have to ask permission to hold the hand of his friend, but even then he apologizes, requesting them both to come at the stage however Aanad leaves in anger.

In the morning Sulochana is really tensed, Ram asks it is because of that their daughter is leaving, Sulochana thinks she is worried knowing Niyati is married with Abhimanyu, she cannot accept the fact what would have happened if Niyati saw the photos. Ram asks her to not repeat it as he would not change his decision which he has made for the better future of their daughter, Sulochana is really worried, Niyati coming from behind asks why are they worried, Ram replies her mother is worried because she is leaving the house, Niyati hugs Sulochana, Ram exclaims they should all get to work as a lot of them are still pending, Niyati agrees explaining she is going for the fitting of her dress with Saira while Ram exclaims he is also going to go at the caterers however Abhimanyu coming from behind mentions the decorators have already started their work while the cab is waiting which will take Ram and Sulochana aunti for their taste testing, he offers to go with Niyati for her fitting, Niyati however explains she will manage with Saira.

Abhimanyu thinks of their first meeting when she was not able to get her umbrella, he replies he and her umbrella both know how well she can handle it, he informs Saira told him to take her so asks her to come, they both leave when Ram tries to complain to Sulochana but she says he must let him do it as there is only one thing left for the wedding, he has right over Niyati.Ram and Sulochana both sitting in the car are discussing the work which has been finalized, he replies that the chain and ring which they have bought for Aanad is going to be completed by the end of the day, Ram sees his friend Kacho with Manaroma, so starts thinking of their old memories, he questions why did it take the driver so long so they should drive off, Ram tries to cover his face however his friend recognizes him, he tries calling Ram but he doesnot stop, Kacho tries to ask the driver to follow the car but Manaroma exclaims that he might be mistaken because they have followed a lot of cars while searching for Ram. Kacho however says that he felt sure that it was Ram.

Ram in the car mentions he for the past twenty years had been trying to find Kacho but now when he can meet him, he has to stay away for the sake of his daughter.Abhimanyu asks Niyati why is she so sad on her wedding, he even asks a stranger if she is married but Niyati wonders why did she come with this joker, he exclaims he is a joker but she should not be so sad and even points to Aanad who is with Saira, Niyati is shocked saying he said Saira went to the parlour but Abhimanyu exclaims they both got in the fight because of him so he should be the one to end it, he is about to hold her hand but then questions if he can, other Aanad would get mad, he is weeping while taking her towards Aanad.

Aanad gets really angry seeing Abhimanyu walking while holding the hand of Niyati, he coming close exclaims that he had taken her permission before holding her hand, Niyati asks Saira why did she stand with Abhimanyu in his venture, Saira replies she is always ready to lend her support for a good cause, Abhimanyu says to Dr Aanad how he would always feel that Dr Aanad was the one who came in between their happiness but in reality the person who came in between them was him but they are now going to throw away that point in their life, Niyati is constantly looking at Abhimanyu when he asks Saira if they should leave for their shopping, she doesnot move when he is signals her and they leave.

Aanad says to Niyati how Abhimanyu does not seem like he is a patient and seems like a normal person but Niyati requests Aanad to trust her because she feels that he is hiding something as he has not have any attack for the past two days, it is because she feels there is something wrong, Aanad gets mad but then asks Niyati to promise that she is going to end it all if they do not find anything, she agrees so they follow Abhimanyu and Saira, Niyati sees them arguing from a distance, she even asks Aanad to come with her, they however lose them both at which Niyati is not able to remain calm then Aanad asks her to see how they both are fine as even Saira is a trained nurse so she would have known if he was experience an attack, this proves their treatment is working otherwise if anything was wrong then she would have known, Niyati tries to explain she thought when he proves that she is just thinking, he says she is worrying too much but should now come with him, they both leave when Abhimanyu turns, Saira exclaims it has gone way too far, she asks him to think about it once again when he replies that he has to do it for the sake of love, he asks her to come as they also need to go back to Niyati’s house.

Aanad exclaims he feels Niyati doesnot want to remove Abhimanyu from their life because she is constantly talking about him, Aanad asks her to let it be because he doesnot want Abhimanyu between them , Aanad accidently hits a person causing his vase to fall, the person starts to misbehave with Aanad threatening him, Aanad offers to pay him the full amount but the person replies he wants to tease Niyati, he calls his accomplice to come and hold Aanad while he removes the dupatta of Niyati, Aanad is not able to see it so tries to protect Niyati but is caught, he asks her to run, she bumps into Abhimanyu who sees the tears in her eyes, she immediately hugs him and even starts weeping, he tries to walk past the goon who even asks Abhimanyu if he has come to get beaten like Aanad, Abhimanyu exclaims that he is in a really good mood but doesnot want to ruin it since tomorrow is the wedding of his friend, he doesnot want to get angry.

The goon exclaims he will even beat Abhimanyu and touch Niyati, he starts walking towards her when Abhimanyu asks her to not worry since he is here to protect her, Abhimanyu stops the person before he can touch Niyati, Abhimanyu slaps the person so hard that he falls on the ground.Niyati is shocked when Aanad immediately brings the dupatta, Abhimanyu calls Manaroma to ask Papa and send an ambulance with some money so that his treatment can start he leaves with Saira exclaiming he needs to bring some things for the Pandit jee, Niyati is restless, she tries to explain to Aanad that Abhimanyu did not even had a sign of anger on his face, he seemed perfectly fine when this is not possible, Aanad leaves in anger exclaiming he doesnot want to hear the name of Abhimanyu ever again.

Mr Panday is with Manaroma jee who exclaims that he is really angry with Abhimanyu because he has now started fighting with the local goons and all for that nurse, he doesnot know when it will end, he rushes hearing the voice from the room of Kinkar, Manaroma gets worried thinking if Kinkar is conscious then he will reveal the truth.Manaroma rushes to the room, she sees Mr Panday asking Kinkar about his health, Kinkar exclaims he wants to reveal something to him and explains that Niyati is the daughter of Ram and Sulochana, she is the wife of Abhimanyu and Manaroma was aware of this truth but hid it all from them. Mr Panday asks Manaroma why she hid such a big secret from him, he demands a question, but she is not able to answer and just weeps, she regains conscious to realize that Kinkar is not awake, Mr Panday exclaims she must call the doctor as Kinkar regained consciousness for a few moments.

Abhimanyu is instructing the workers to finalize the decoration when a delivery boy comes informing this is the wedding dress of Niyati, he asks if Abhimanyu can give her, he agrees and taking it in his hands he starts recalling their first meeting, he is walking past with it, Sulochana and Ram both see how depressed he seems, Niyati is walking with the flowers when she bumps into Abhimanyu, who catches her, she is looking into his eyes when he also cannot move but they both step away, he corrects himself. She apologizes to him when he hands her the wedding dress, she takes it from his hand, he turns to shield his tears, so asks how all the decoration is looking informing that he has told them to finalize it, Abhimanyu receives a call so answering it informs he has to leave for some urgent work but she must not be worried, as all the work is completed and e has given the instructions for the rest of the work, so he would not be able to go after the function starts, Niyati thinks how he leaves every day, she thinks she is noticing each and everything and knows that it is not as normal as he is trying to show.

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