Radha Mohan update Tuesday 8 August 2023

Radha Mohan 8 August 2023: Rada while crying mentions she is going to die and cannot understand the truth, the entire family is stunned, Gungun smiles appreciating Radha for the way she is acting, the lady from the NGO assure her of their support mentioning she is not alone, Tulsi mentions Radha is doing even better acting then Kaveri masi.

The representatives from NGO go to Damini asking about her identity, she instructs them to leave the house, they explain she is the one who has ruined the house of Radha so must be taught a lesson. Damini is shocked questioning what are they talking about when Radha stops her from saying anything, she plays the recording in which Damini instructed her to go and die if she desires but she would not be able to marry Mohan, Radha even plays the recording of Kadambari when she informs Mohan is about to get marred to Damini. Kadambari angrily asks if she made these recording to prove her point, Damini replies she even questioned them which would make her prove her point. Kadambari blames saying she never thought she would see this side of Radha so what has happened to her, Kaveri whispers to Damini that Radha has the support of Tulsi, which is why she is doing such things. Tulsi assures that she is going to stand beside Radha, because she will teach her to stand up to Kaveri and Damini, Tulsi accepts she lost everything to them but this time nothing of the sort would happen to Radha. Kadambari asks if she is going to say anything, Radha thinks Kadambari must not think wrong of her because she is doing all this for the betterment of this family, Radha going to Kadambari mentions it never happened over night, but she is just doing this all for her father, she has accepted this family whole heartedly, but they have made her see the truth by constantly giving her pain. Radha mentions her own well wishers threw her out of the house and that too because of Damini, she blames her for stealing her husband. The entire family is shocked. Mohan thinks he thought Radha was different, but the truth is far from different, Mohan is thinking of what Radha said about them.

The representatives from the NGO, mention that a woman is the enemy of the other women in the modern times and now they must blacken her face, they all start beating Damini and not even stop when the lady inspector requests them to not take the law in their own hands. Kaveri requests Mohan but he is stopped by the Lady inspector, who mentions it relates to women, he starts arguing with her. The ladies from the NGO, take out the black color which stuns Damini but she I not able to do anything and they cover her face with it, Damini screams so Mohan rushes to help her asking if they have lost their minds, he manages to bring Damini out but is shocked seeing that they have already blackened her face. Tulsi asks if Damini saw that those who are not pure at heart tend to suffer the fate in their lives. Kaveri is furious seeing Damini, she angrily turns to stare at the representatives of NGO. Mohan questions how do they dare do this in his house, they even want to cover his face in black but Radha interferes mentioning he is her husband so she cannot let anything wrong happen to him, they try to mention she is suffering because of him when Radha replies she knows that a wife can never allow her husband to be harmed, she blames Damini for ruining her married life and once she leaves the house then her family would be complete. Kaveri mentions they have given a very bad beating to her daughter, she even curses them as a widow. Mohan asks the inspector why is she not arresting them, the inspector replies she should arrest Mohan and Damini, rather the entire family for doing such wrong to Radha. Mohan inquires why do they think that his family has wronged Radha, the inspector mentions his family was on the news in the past couple of days, the first time when his daughter was trapped in the bore well and the second time during the school bus incident, so the whole world knows that she saved his daughter so how can a girl like her do anything wrong. Mohan explains so they all believed after witnessing the news, inspector replies they have been taught to believe the evidence, she knows how nice Radha is but after listening to their conversation, she feels his entire family is a fraud. Ajeet also mentions Mohan is innocent explaining he cannot understand why Radha is lying, Mr Trivedi also explains his son never misbehaves with women, Radha is just lying.

Kadambari accepts that they are being shown whatever happened to Radha was wrong but the truth that Radha loves her son so wants to stop this marriage, they all agree. Radha rushes to kneel in front of Kadambari, accepting that Damini is her niece, but this does not mean that she should ruin her life, Radha questions why she is dong this, requesting her to accept her. Radha promises to take care of her but Kadambari warns her to stop this drama, Radha hugs Kadambari apologizing for doing all this, she explains she would have to do this in order to protect Mohan.

The representatives of NGO, mention that the daughter in law tend to commit suicide because of such women, they plan to beat her, but Mohan warns them to never think of touching his mother. Radha also does not want anything wrong to happen to her, they all question why she is protecting this woman. Radha explains because she is her mother-in-law and has a very polite heart, but the real criminal is her elder sister who tends to fill her mind with bad thoughts, they plan to also beat her, Kaveri starts running around the house seeing which everyone is worried, they finally slap Kaveri seeing which everyone is shocked. Mohan yells at the Inspector, questioning what do they all desire. The representatives inform they do not want him to get married, Damini asks if they have lost their mind, she once again blames Radha for lying. Inspector replies she is the one who has lost her mind because she is marrying an already married person, she reveals Radha has proof against her. Tulsi is smiling.

Mohan pleads that all the recordings are a lie, Ketki also mentions she is lying and why are they not asking her father and Grandmother, Mohan also realizes, they all turn to Rameshwar and Dadi, Radha also looks at them, Tulsi is worried.Dadi informs the Inspector that her Granddaughter is lying, Radha is shocked as she did not inform her Grandmother. The inspector and representatives of NGO are socked while Dadi is furious. Radha is stunned.

Dadi informs the inspector that her Granddaughter is lying, hearing which everyone is shocked including the Trivedi family, the inspector asks Radha if what her grandmother is saying is actually the truth, Radha replies her Grandmother never lies, Damini is relieved asking if they all heard the truth, Radha replies but now even she is lying, everyone is shocked to hear this. Rameshwar is furious with Radha who blames them for even threatening her, and even to have her murdered, Radha mentions Damini also blamed her Dadi and father, saying her family desired money and they sent her here so she could trap Mohan jee, Radha asks Damini if this is what she said to her parents, explaining these are not lies. Mohan mentions he can never think she would be able to do something of the sort, he once again explains he will never marry Radha and it is all a lie. Tulsi mentions Radha they cannot step back so she has to do something.

Radha explains they will find out right now who is telling the truth, she goes to hug Gungun whispering for an apology and requesting for help, Gungun agrees mentioning he was thinking why she was not involved in this drama as it will not be a hit, Mohan threatens to not leave her if she involves Gungun, Radha replies tis is what she desires that he should never leave her. Radha explains Mohan jee should swear on the life of Gungun that their Varmala never happened, Mohan is shocked when the representatives of NGO ask him to do it, Kadambari tries to stop him, and even Damini is worried. Mohan slowly walks to Gungun, placing his hand over her head, seeing which they all are tensed. Mohan agrees the Varmala happened, Damini and Kaveri are tensed, but before he can say anything else Radha asks if their circles did not happen, Mohan is not able to say anything but accept the rituals happened, Radha mentions hence it has been proved their wedding has happened. The entire family is shocked seeing her, Gungun is also worried. Radha looks to Mohan who is shocked, she turning to them mentions now there is doubt regarding her marriage to Mohan jee, Kadambari is stunned wondering what she would do now, Radha reveals she is the wife of Mohan and they have been married, she holds her hand requesting the inspector to help her regain her position.

The inspector says to damini now it has been proven, Mohan asks for a moment mentioning he has sworn on the life of Gungun so now she should also ask Radha to come and place her hand over Gungun, he says Radha should swear, Damini also demands Radha should put her hand but Radha is really tensed, she hesitantly raises her hand placing it over the head of Gungun, Mohan explains they had performed the circles but did he make her wear the Mangal Sutur, Kaveri is glad he asked this question. Tulsi mentions she knows Radha would never take a false vow of Gungun life, Gungun also mentions she can take the false vow since Bihari jee says it is okay if the lie is for a good cause, Radha replies it did not occur, hearing which they are shocked. Mohan asks if he filled her Mang with Sindoor, Radha refuses that he did anything of the sort, Mohan questions if here is anything else to prove, Damini says that her plan failed because if her Mang was not filled then what sort of marriage is this, Radha asks if the wedding is not complete without the Mangal Sutur, since the wedding is for seven life times and their marriage has already happened, Mohan questions what sort of wedding is complete without Sindoor and Mangal Sutur, they asks then why did he not performed the rituals.

Mohan mentions because he was not aware she is behind the veil, Mohan explains he will say what she wants to hear that he did not want to marry Radha after completing half of the rituals, he explains he has the right over his decisions, Radha replies he doesnot have the right to break his promise, Mohan asks what promise did he make, she says he promised to marry her but then refused, he questions what is she talking about, Radha replies she has the proof so shows him the photos of when they were together during their class, and how he came to feed her when she kept the fast, she even shows him the photo when they both helped Gungun. Radha even shows them to the Inspector mentioning they should say he s not looking romantically towards her, she even shows the other photo mentioning in this they are standing on the path of their life, Radha exclaims if there was not love between them then why would they risk their lives for each other, Radha thinks she knows she is doing wrong wit him so he must forgive her, Tulsi explains there is not any time to be emotional, Rada asks what do they think after seeing these photos, the representatives say he either loves or has trapped her, Radha mentions this is exactly what happened because he first pretended to love her but then left her, she starts crying while Mohan is furious, he cannot believe what Radha is saying about him, Radha is really emotional.


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