Prisoners of love season 2 (Telemundo series): Episode 1 recap

Prisoners of love season two premiered yesterday August 6th and as expected, the action has taken off in full force. Here’s a recap of what went down in episode one.

The episode started with a flashback to the last scene of season one. When Centauro had Vicenta, Gerrado, Yolanda and  Tania tied up. He was later distracted by his son Caleb and that gave his captive the chance to escape. Sometime later he was shot by Gerrado and captured by the police unknown to them that his illegitimate son Emilio, had his escape plan all sorted.

Flash forward: Two years later

The scene opens up with Centauro, Emilio, His men and the police in a pretty intense fight on an expansive land in the middle of nowhere. The shots keep raining with each side trying to fight off attacks, you know like your classic action scene.

Subsequently, the Police Attack Force led by Bianchini were finally to put him in a defenseless position inside a cabin. When it seems he has been cornered inside the cabin, even Emilio surrendering his weapon, Centauro appears wearing a bomb, he tells them that he cannot be captured and blows up himself with everyone inside. (There’s a smirk however on Emilio’s face as he presses the button)

The next scene is also a flash back to season one when Centauro is trying to almost rape Yolanda in the back seat of a car. It turns out it was Yolanda having nightmares again. Gerrado who is now her husband wakes up to her screams and tries to soothe her back to bed.

But then his phone rings. It is Bianchini calling to inform them that Centauro is dead.

The next morning at the family breakfast table, Gerrado informs everyone Gato and Christina inclusive) that due to Centauro capture, the witness protection program was cancelled and they have to return to Mexico. He was also called back to resume his duty as a police officer. Christina and Gato are excited about the news except Yolanda, but the decision is pretty out of her power.

Down at the airport, Vicente, Bianchini and Lucho arrive to welcome them back to the country. Turns out Lucho is now a police officer. But unknown to all of them, Centauro is also at the airport disguised as an old man. He employs the services of an Artisan to spy for him. After getting the information he needs, he leaves satisfied that his fake death had flushed out his enemies.

When they arrive at their new home payed for by the Witness Protection Program, Yolanda receives a flower supposedly from Bianchini fiancee and as she waits behind to sign for it, the rest go on up.

Back at El Centauro’s hideout, he meets Emilio, and they watch her from a hidden camera installed in the building. He traps her in the elevator and speaks to her. Yolanda is scared and scurries like a trapped rat inside the elevator as Centauro torments her with his voice.

Later, Yolanda badges into the room in hysteria screaming why she was left alone? They give her pillsto calm down her PSD and Gerrado and Bianchini go check the elevator. Later they return and confirm to her that no out was on sight there and that Centauro is dead.They blame it on the fact that she just returned into the country and hopefully her pills will calm her down.

Bianchini is getting married and the story shifts to his wedding ceremony. Somehow, Centauro is aware and has his goons positioned to prank and abduct Yolanda. She hears the conversation between two waiters concerning her return to the country and the threat to abduct Christina.

But before then Christina had left the party to go stroll around. So when Yolanda notices her absence, her panic streak begins. El Gato tells her Christina nigh have gone to the ladies and so she rushes down only to fall into Centauro’s traps. He locks her in once again, watches her through a camera and speaks to her.

Emilio watches his father as he feeds his obsession with Yolanda. Earlier they had had a discussion concerning Centauro leaving their business to seek revenge on her. Putting them in jeopardy and wasting their efforts on finally evading the police. Now that they could do their business in peace without fear of the police, he (Centauro) is busy chasing Yolanda and risking getting exposed. Emilio tells him he would not be happy if all their efforts go to waste. Centauro denies his obsession with Yolanda.

Back to Yolanda in the closed toilet, Centauro releases her and she runs out acting crazy shouting for Christina. She destroys the wedding cake and runs out of the venue, just in time to see a black SUV zoom off and she enters a parked taxi in pursuit of the SUV. She thinks Christina has been abducted not knowing it is a set up. Later while she was in the taxi, Gerrado calls and informs her that Christina is fine.

Gerrado apologizes on behalf of Yolanda and they all leave the party.

Back in the taxi, Yolanda notices something amiss as the taxi driver keeps driving fast and has taken a new route different from the one that led to her home. Fearfully, She asks him to stop and he does so but after flipping the switch if a bomb already wires in the taxi.

He goes out and locks her in, filming as she grapples to come out, screaming for help…

Episode one ends.


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