Perfect husband update Tuesday 9 November 2021

Perfect husband 9 November 2021: Pushkar and Vidhi come to market. Bela gets happy to get Rangeela’s messages and gifts. She applies mehendi and writes Rangeela’s name. Vidhi is in parking lot.

Pushkar meets the bikers. The bikers scare Vidhi. She falls down ad gets hurt. Pushkar comes there and smiles seeing her. He shouts Vidhita and runs to help. He says you got hurt, we have to go to hospital. She says no, I m fine.

He lifts her in arms and takes her. They reach hospital. Pushkar sends her for the aid. The doctor says we will need time for tests. Pushkar says you can take as much time as wanted, I don’t care for time and money, I want a favor from you, I know none would have told this to you, Vidhi and I are just married, something is disturbing me a lot, I want to know if Vidhi had a physical relation with anyone. She asks what nonsense, its illegal. He says many things are illegal. She asks why did you marry her if you doubted on her purity. He says relax, I m ready to pay any amount. He gives her money and says a small rest, just tell me result sincerely, none will know about our deal, we will be strangers again. She refuses to do the test. He says please, doctor is Lord, else I have to make this Lord a devil. He shows her the recording of taking bribe. He says bribe blame can snatch job and respect, you know the power of internet, just few seconds are needed to ruin someone.

Doctor asks Vidhi to lie down. She checks Vidhi’s injuries. Vidhi says Pushkar would be worried for me. Doctor says this tests won’t take long. Vidhi says he worries for me a lot, he took me for shopping and I reached here by mistake, lucky people get such husband. Doctor recalls Pushkar’s words. Doctor asks Vidhi to wear hospital gown and come, there can be internal injury. Vidhi agrees. Pushkar waits outside. He thinks truth will be out in front of me soon.

Pushkar inform Rajshri about Vidhi’s accident. He says I got her to the doctor for complete body check up, I don’t want to take any risk. Rajshri asks him to look after Vidhi well. Doctor checks Vidhi. Pushkar waits outside. Doctor says don’t worry, your honeymoon won’t spoil, there is no internal wound, you can go and change. Doctor comes out. Pushkar asks what’s the report. Doctor says your wife… Vidhi comes and asks what happened. He says nothing, I was asking doctor about you. She says I m fine. He asks doctor about reporters.

Nurse calls Doctor. He asks doctor to send him reports on his number. He says your staff is cooperative like you, I will pay cash at counter. He takes Vidhi and goes. Doctor worries. Pushkar gets Vidhi home. Everyone worries for her. Vidhi gets mehendi applied. Pushkar takes her to room and asks her not to have mehendi applied, she is hurt. She says every suhaagan keeps fast for her husband, let me do my duty. He thinks the relation’s decision depends on the doctor’s reports. He checks his phone. She asks what happened, why do you look worried, we couldn’t go on shopping because of me. He says I m worried for you. He asks her to rest. She sleeps.

Pushkar waits for doctor’s message. He messages her to send reports. He calls doctor. She doesn’t answer. Ladies eat sargi. Pushkar joins them. Charu says sargi is not for men, Vidhi is keeping the fast. Pushkar acts good and says if Vidhi can keep fast for me, can I keep fast for her. Vidhi smiles. Rajshri says my son is perfect husband.Ashwin feeds Nivedita. Bela looks on. Rangeela gets sargi for Bela and feeds her. They romance. She gets happy.

He says we shouldn’t care for others, we have to pass this test. She agrees. Pushkar messages the doctor again to threaten her. Meera takes his phone to check. He worries.Pushkar shouting on Meera. She drops the phone. Rajshri asks what happened. Meera says I snatched his phone so that he can spend time with Vidhi. Pushkar says I was sending urgent email to client, she snatched my phone suddenly and I got angry. He apologizes to Meera. She goes. Pushkar messages the doctor. Vidhi and everyone hear the Katha. Pushkar waits for doctor’s reply. Vidhi takes everyone’s blessings. Rajshri looks on. Pushkar calls the doctor. Doctor thinks this man is really man, I can’t take risk.

Vidhi comes to see Pushkar. She hears his mobile beeping. She gets doctor’s reports and says maybe its my report, Pushkar has asked doctor to send it. Charu says moon has come out. Pushkar says I will go and call Vidhi.Vidhi reads the message. Doctor writes, sorry I can’t take this big risk, that’s why I m telling you, your wife is pure, she had no physical relationship with anyone. Vidhi gets shocked. She recalls Pushkar’s words. Pushkar comes to call her. She leaves from the house. She recalls her Grahpravesh. Pushkar looks for her. He sees his phone. He says I forgot my phone here. He reads doctor’s message.

He says Vidhi is pure, it means she didn’t cross her limits, she is just made for me, my life’s biggest problem got solved. He dances happily. He says how was this message open, who read, did Vidhi? No… how can I make such a big mistake. Vidhi walks on the road crying and thinking of Pushkar.Pushkar sees her. He comes to her. He asks are you fine. She says you didn’t trust me, you had doubt on my purity, I read the doctor’s message on your phone, you told me that wife and husband’s relation is based on trust, is this your trust and honesty, I always trusted you, I lied to Ashwin for saving your self-esteem, you should have not married me, I didn’t force you, did I ask you, if you are pure or not, who gave you right to test my purity, I m your wife, not property. He gets shocked.

She says you are very smart, you made me realize that you love me a lot, you care for me, and then you did this, you have two faces, whom shall I believe true and false, answer me, this is the reason that we don’t have husband and wife’s relation, you make excuses and leave me alone, you think I m not pure, now when you know I m pure, you will give me wife’s status, you will do a favor on me, why. He asks are you done, everyone is waiting for you at home, I came to call you for Karwachauth puja, I don’t know what you read and understood, come with me. She says enough, you broke my trust, you played with my emotions, I have no reason to forgive you and stay in that house. He worries. He says you can punish me, but we shall first do Karwachauth puja. She scolds him. She says I hate you.

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