Perfect husband update Sunday 14 november 2021

Perfect husband 14 November 2021: Pushkar getts angry on Vidhi. He says you are sleeping in peace here, this isn’t fair. He takes a pillow and keeps it under her head. He goes to some secret chamber. He gets some box and checks inside. He gets something. He drops the bugs on Vidhi.

Please note that some episodes are unavoidably missing…

She wakes up and gets scared. She rushes to washroom and washes her hands. She says there are ants everywhere in room. She sleeps in washroom. Its morning, Pushkar comes to Vidhi and wakes her up. He asks why did you sleep in bathroom, what happened. She says some ants came inside the room at night. He says you didn’t tell me anything, get fresh, I will get medicine. He goes smiling. She sees Badri going. She goes to see. Pushkar acts sweet.

Vidhi recalls whatever happened after her return. He asks what happened. She says nothing. You go and get ready, everyone is waiting. She goes to Badri. She says I regard you like an elder brother, I know you know a lot about Pushkar, tell me the truth, I don’t know if this is true, I feel Pushkar has given you this wound, tell me if Pushkar has another face, before things get worse, I will understand, just say yes or no. Badri recalls Pushkar putting hot coal in his mouth and making him mute in childhood. Vidhi asks Badri to please tell her, is this silence loyalty or fear, he has to break this silence for the sake of everyone, I can just change this into good. He goes.

She sees Pushkar’s slippers. Vidhi hears some servants talking. She follows the foot steps. She says I have to find out. She goes to secret chamber. She gets inside the room. She thinks this dilemma has to get cleared. Pushkar gets hot coal. Badri gets shocked. Pushkar scolds Badri. He says Vidhi is asking strange questions these days. He scares Badri. Badri cries. Vidhi checks the room well. Pushkar says you know me, I m not so bad. Badri coughs by the smoke. Pushkar says so I think I shouldn’t doubt on you, you may go now. Badri goes.

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