Our perfect place update Tuesday 21 April 2020


Our perfect place 21 April 2020: Ila goes back to room and speaks to Govardhan’s pic that family has stabilized now, Rahul wants to apologize him, so he should return home.

Rahul speaks to someone over phone and asks to inform him when there is a new project. Sameer asks him not to gt disappointed, even his project is delayed. Rahul says at least ihs project is delayed, but he does not have job at all. They then play video game. Ila comes there and saays Rahul if he noticed how parents feel when children disobey. Rahul asks whaever he says, he will obey her. She says wants him to marry. He says he told her many times he will never marry and walks out from there. Sameer confronts her why she always pesters bhaiya, he is already tensed regarding his job. Ila says Rahul is already 30 and he is most of the time jobless.

Rahul goes and sits in garden sadly. He sees Niranjan and Rita playing with their daughter and reminisces his girlfriend. A romantic song plays in the background. Sameer gets a video message in which Uday is tied to a chair and pleading to save him from kidnapper. Uday’s friend speaks as kidnapper and asks to call him on given number and if he tries to act smart and inform police, then he will cut Uday into pieces. Sameer rushes out and informs Rahul that Uday is kidnapped and shows video. Rahul says they should inform Parimal. Parimal comes wiht Gayatri from hospital and Gayatri informs that after Uday’s minor accident, Parimal started feeling chest pain, so she took him for doc’s checkup. Parimal says he is fine and they need not worry.

Uday’s friend panics and rushes to washroom repeatedly. Uday asks him to come out. Friend ays he cannot handle all this, he came here to become musician and not criminal. Uday asks him to relax nothing will happen. Rahul with Sameer calls. Friend panics more, but picks call on Uday’s insistence and frightnes them that he will kill Uday if he does not get 25 lakhs. Rahul pleasd not to harm Uday . Uday acts to save him. Sameer says they don’t have money. Uday says kidnapper is very intelligent and got info that dad has 25 lakhs and asks them to get moneys somehow.

Sameer and Rahul go to Parimal’s room and Sameer tells his friend needs 25 lakhs urgently, so needs his help. Parimal says he does not have personal money, but he has saved 25 lakhs for Uday’s future. Sameer says once babuji returns from ashram, he will return his money. Uday hesitantly agrees and asks whose name to write on cheque. Sameer says he needs cash. Parimal says at this demonetization time, people cannot gather 25,000 rs, how will he arrange 25 lakhs and says his friend must be stuck in a kidnapping case, so he should stay away from this.

Uday’s friend tells him that they have become criminals and nobody will give them money now even Pinto will not spare them. Uday says both their parents have money, but they don’t want to. If parents had understood their passion and supported them, they would not have played this game. Gayatri calls Uday, Uday picks nervously and says he reached hostel.

Ila enters Rahul and Sameer’s room and ask if they are so tensed that they did not switch on lights. She tells Sameer if he wants, he can get his bapuji’s signature from ashram. Sameer says no need for that as his friend needed cash and he could not arrange cash. Ila asks Rahul even if he knows Sameer’s friend and why he is also tensed. Rahul says yes. Ila leaves

Niranjan recites stories to his daughters and asks them to sleep. They insists for 1 more story. Rita scolds them, but Niranjan starts another story.

Uday tells his friend that he got a new idea, they can get mom’s jewelry. He calls Sameer and Rahul again and cries that kidnapper is very cruel and tortured him so much that he told him that mom has jewelry, so kidnapper wants jewelry now. Friend calls them chachu and asks to get jewelry. Rahul says how can they ask Gayatri. Uday says they can steal it from mom’s cupboard and tells location. Rahul asks where to get jewelry. Friend says once they steal it, he will tell them where to get.

Niranjan pampers his children. Rita smiles. He says he does not want his children to become like Uday, so he wants to be very friendly with children. Rita thinks Niranjan is not having any affair and Gayatri brainwashed her against Niranjan, so she will never forgive her.


Sameer tells Rahul that it is Uday’s plan to extract money. Rahul says why will he need so much money. Sameer says Parima told that everyone knows there is a cash crunch in coutry, so nobody would risk of kidnapping someone. Rahul does not agree. Sameer calls again and tells Uday’s friend that he got jewelry and wants to make sure Uday is fine. Friend sends Uday’s pic in which again Uday pleads to save him. Sameer tells Rahul that Uday’s face does not have a single injury, so it is clear he is acting. Rahul checks and says he cannot imagine Uday can stoop so low for money.

In the morning, Niranjan reads news paper in garden. Rita comes there to dry washed clothes. Niranjan hugs her from behind. She asks him to leave before anyone sees them as they stay in a joint family. Niranjan smiles, goes back, and continues reading news paper. Gayatri comes and tells Rita that she looks happy today. Rita asks why did brainwash her to doubt Niranjan and Mala, there is nothing between them. Gayatri says yes. Rita asks then why did she, because of her, she doubted Niranjan. Gayatri says it was just a tought. Rita says she got a tought one day and it vanished the other day. Niranjan hears their conversation silently. Rita says because of her baseless thought, she was about to ruin her marriage. Gayatri could not see her happiness, so she came back to ruin her it. She did very wrong. Gayatri starts weeping. Niranjan feels helpless.

Niranjan reminisces insulting Gayatri and alleging her that she is trying to break his and Reeta’s relationship. He also reminisces Reeta insulting Gayatri and feels very guilty. Ila comes and asks what happened. Nirjanjan says he insulted Gayatri bhabhi so much and even Rita did, he is feeling very guilty. Sameer speaks to Uday’s college friend who informs that Uday did not attend college or hostel since 1 month and is staying with some friend in Mumbai itself. Sameer informs Rahul and tells he is sure he saw Uday in Bandra’s parking lot and reminisces Uday attending his friend’s party in Bandra. Rahul says parking lot had CCTV camera and they can get footage.

Ila asks Niranjan to speak to Gayatri and sort out issues and reminds that Rita was his childhood friend and how he used to pester her and throw her doll, but when bapuji used to beat him, Gayatri used to save him. Niranjan says yes, he forgot his childhood memories, babuji did good trying to unite our sanyukt/joint family. Ila says Gayatri was their friend, but his bhabhi now, she will never be angry on him.

Sameer checks Uday’s facebook page to check his Bandra friend’s address. Rahul say she can check it on mobile on the way. They both walk down. Parimal sees Uday’s facebook page on Sameer’s mobile and asks why he is checking it. Sameer tries to speak, but Rahul says Sameer is trying to search his common friend. Parimal says Uda is looking so happy in pic, but why he misbehaves at home. He says he will also send request to Uday, but then he may think he is interfering…. Sameer and Rahul leave. Ila stops them and ask where are they going. They say on some important work. Ila asks them to pray god an go, their work will be done. They both pray and leave.

Gayatri stands crying in her room reminiscing Reeta insulting her. Niranjan comes and apologizes her. He says he does not have to apologize. She makes him sit and tells that Maya is his past and Reeta is her present, so he should move on and keep Reeta happy. They both then reminisce their childhood. Parimal hears their conversation and says he is happy seeing them happy again and asks Gayatri to prepare tea for him.

Sameer and Rahul check parking lot’s CCTV footage and identify Uday. Manager says Uday and his friend created a havoc after consuming beer some days ago and gives bike number. They both realize that Mandy is the friend and with Uday making this kidnap drama.

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