Our perfect place update Monday 20 April 2020

Our perfect place 20 April 2020: Parimal Niranjan, Sameer, and Rahul brings Uday back home, Rahul pays the mechanic for towing their car to the house and sends him away. Ila takes injured Uday in Nirajan with Sameer and Rahul consoles Uday not to worry, Uday will be fine soon.

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Gayatri, Ila and Rita take Uday to his room. Uday says he is fine ow and needs rest afer getting sedativ and rudely asks everyone to go. Rita says Uday is right and takes Ila from there. Gayatri gets teary eyed. Uday says he is fie and with rest, he will be fresh by evening. He asks if he can go and sleep in Chachu’s room as no one will disturb him there. Gayatri nods yes.

Sameer tells Rahul that Uday’s actions shocked him. Rahul says yes, but Uday is frustrated due to Parimal’s strictness and if Parimal behaves well with Uday, Uday will be fine. Sameer says he has to go to camera repair shop. Rahul says if his technician does not agree to lower price, he will take him to his friend. Sameer says okay and they both leave.

Gayattri takes Uday to a different room Uday says he wats to rest for some hours and asks to not let anyone disturb him. Gayatri asks to lock room from inside and leaves. Uday locks room, keeps pillows in place of him on bed and escapes via bathroom window. He jumps down and gets afraid seeing such a big height, but jumps down and and escapes from house via back door silently where his friend is waiting for him.

Gayatri reminisces Uday himself keeping his leg under car tyre and injuring himself and gets very disturbed. Rita comes and asks if Uday slept. Gayatri says yes. Rita asks to call her if she needs her help. Gayatri says okay and says she knows she will still upset with her, but… Rita says let us not talk abou it.

Uday reaches market with his friend. Sameer and Rahul are also present there after gettting camera repaired. Sameer clicks Rahul’s pics and sees Uday there. He tells Rahul that IUday is here. Rahul says Uday is sleeping at home, how can he be here. Sameer says he is sure it is Uday and he has worn same T-shirt. He asks to follow him, follows Uday and loudly calls him. Uday gets tensed hearing his voice but silently walks without turning behind. Sameer thinks Sameer studiply went behind someone, how can Uday be here. He calls Gayatri and asks wher is Uday. She says he is sleeping in Sameer’s room Sameer returns back and says it was Uday itself. Sameer says until he sees himself, he will not believe. He leave towards home. Uday also rushes towards home.

Parimal cries in front of Ila and Gayatri that Uday met with an accident because of him. Gayatri says by god’s grace nothing happened to Uday. Ila says every parents go through same phase like his going thorough, even she and his dad went through same phase. With her experience, she can tell one thing, Uday is growing up and he should stop treating him like a child and treat him like a responsible grown up. He should give Uday’s education responsibility to himself and see how much Uday changes. Gayatri nods yes, maaji is right.

Uday with his friend reaches his friend’s room where old studdent goon Pintu is seen playing guitar. He apologizes Pintu and says he got injured, so he came late. Pintu holding bat shouts he does not care if he is injured or in pain, he just needs his money and angrily raises bat. Uday shows him insurance papers and says he owe him only 6 lakhs, but he is 25 lakhs’ owner, he will get money soon. Pintu thrusts bat on Uday’s injured leg and says his father is power of attorney, so he is still a beggar. Uday shouts in pain.

Sameer walks towards room. Rahul says he is unnecessarily doubting Uday and should not disturb his sleep Sameer says let me check and tries to lift blanket when Gayatri comes and stops him and takes him out. She asks if he wants to sleep in his room, so he is trying to wake up Uday. Sameer says he needs to speak to Rahul, so he will rest in Rahul’s room. Gayatri goes back to room.

Pintu orders his aides to tie Uday and his friend. Uday pleads to give him some time. Pintu shouts he booked a hall for their concert and spent 6 lakhs, but instead Uday gave him old note garbage. Uday says he saved money stealing from parents, but govt brought demonetization rule, what could he do. Pintu warns him to return money in 1 week and takes old note bag. Friend tells Uday that they will die soon. Uday says he will get insurance money at any cost. Friend says he does not want to do crime. Uday says he will get money at any cost, whatever he has to do.

Rita prepares food for Sameer and gives it to Gayatri. Gayatri tells Ila that Rita is angry on her, even then she prepared food for Sameer. Ila asks Rita if she is angry on Gayatri, then she should forgive her. Rita says until Gayatri replies to her questions, she will not forgive her.

Sameer and Rahul enjoy liquor in Rahul’s room. Gayatri knocks door. They keep liquor behind sofa. Gayatri enters and says Sameer Uday is still sleeping and it is inconvenience for Sameer. Sameer says he is fine. Rahul says they are chatting and she need not worry. Gayatri leaves. Sameer says he still doubts Uday was not in room and forcefully goes and checks room. They find Uday already present there. Rahul angrily takes Sameer out. Uday wakes up after thye leave.

In the morning, Uday packs his bags. Sameer says now bhaiya and bhabhi are not coming with him till college, so he must be happy. Uday yells not to give lecture. Sameer says he is going, so at least hug him. Uday hugs him. Parmila with Gayatri enters and tells Uday that he has grown up, so as a responsible adult should work on his studies and pass out. Uday leaves in a car greeting al family members.

Ila is busy cleaning her room. Gayatri calls her to balcony and thanks her for making Parimal understand his mistake and let Uday decide his future. Ila says she would have come to her room instead of calling in balcony. Gayatri says she will thank her in Rahu and Sameer’s style and throws flying kisses. Ila does same. She goes back to room and speaks to Govardhan’s pic that family has stabilized now, Rahul wants to apologize him, so he should return home.

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