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Our perfect place 14 April 2020: Rita remembers everything and breaks down, collapsing on the ground, crying bitterly and inconsolably. Outside Niranjan clarifies before ila and gayatri that there is nothing between him and maaya. they both ask him why shall rita doubt unnecessarily, when he says that she is like that and likes to do that, because she makes issues out of nothing. the ladies are unconvinced.

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ila asks him to speak up. he reiterates the same that they have no affair. ila asks him to then swear on her name, for the swme. he is baffled, while gayatri watches tensedly. ila asks why is he silent, and asks him to do so, if he has nothing to hide. finally he complies, and places his hand on her head and is about to swear when rita comes and stops him. they are baffled. she asks him not to swear falsely. he asks them to see what kind of a woman she is. rita comes with her stuff.

gayatri says that rita is tensed, hence behaving like this. ila too asks rita to comply, and let him swear, so that they can have satisfaction. rita says that she doesnt trust him, as he can even swear falsely. ila contradicts that he cant lie wrong about her. rita asks her not to, as whats to be proven, has already been, and if he was actually true, then he would have allowed her to meet maaya, and neither deleted the number, and he did so, because there is something to hide. he asks her to understand but rita says that she shall be convinced only when she talks to maaya, or else she leaves. gayatri and ila ask him to give the number, but he says that he doesnt have his number. rita reprimands him for lying, saying that his phone shall speak the truth. ila asks him to give the phone to rita for checking. he is baffled.

ila asks him to give the phone. when he gives, rita surfs through the contacts but doesnt find maaya’s number saved anywhere. he tensedly eyes her while she does that. ila notices the tension in his eyes, while she checks. ater being done, rita says that she now knows that he deleted the number and gave it to her. she gives it back. he says that she keeps making new accusations.

Rita says that she has one more proof to prove that niranjan is still after maya, and that the password of his phone is her name itself, when there isnt anything between him and maaya. niranjan is tensed. he again denies saying that its baseless. when rita pesters, he hands the phoen to her and asks her to prove it then. rita takes the phone. ila asks her to see for herself and find out the truth. rita punches the password, while niranjan is tensed. all wait in anticipation. it doesnt match and rita is shocked, while niranjan smirks amused and evilly. ila notices his facial expressions. he points out how she keeps making baseless accusations and asks her to type rita now. rita complies, and finds that it matches. he victoriously asks them to see the truth for themselves, and asks them to advise her now instead of him.

rita however asks how can he be so deceiving. she sys that gayatri and ila can believe, but she wont be able to. she begins to go, but ila stops her and says that she wont, and if she finds out, niranjan is wrong then he shall be thrown out. she then asks rita if she has the slightests reason to believe her husband, then she should wait, while she goes to meet maaya, and sort everything out. As she continues to cry, ila begs for a chance to be able to find the truth about nnirajan. rita complies through tears. ila proclaims that she shall punish her. rita hugs her overwhelmingly. ila asks her to calm down. Later, ila is asked by gaytari, if she thinks niranjan can swea falsely on her name. ila denies, but still adds that there is something wrong about niranjan and she shall get to the bottom of it.

By the evening, niranjan returns home tired. ila asks him for tea. he complies, saying that he is hungry too. then she tells him that a packet came for him. he finds it, and then asks her who sent it. she says that a guy came. she pretends to be busy into work, but notices the expression of happiness on his face, as he reads. she asks whose letter is it, and niranjan lies that its an old friend. he leaves hastily to the room. Ila wonders whats he hiding.

MEanwhile, niranjan goes to his room, and excitedly like a hopeless in love guy, reads the letter from maaya, asking when shall they become one, without anyone’s fear and scare, undersigfned as his Maaya. he is unable to contain his excitement. he decides to call and talk to her. he tries a couple of times, but she doesnt pick up. he thinks that she must be busy. he continues to revel in the romance in the letter. as Ila comes and he hurriedly keeps the letter in his pocket. she asks him to come down as she has made something for him. he begins to go back and when she rectifies him, he leaves his phone behind for charging. ila remains behind on the pretext of cleaning up his room, while he eats downstairs. he complies, and goes down. then Ila checks his call logs, and finds jigneh’s last dialled number, and wonders why he called him, after reading her letter. she dials the number back and the phone doesnt get picked. then she dials the number from her phone and a female voice responds, and she hesitatingly asks if its maaya. when the woman complies that it is, ila is shocked.

Location: Gharaunda
Ila comes and talks to niranjan, as to how can he be so happy, when rita is so angry. he says that he hasnt done any wrong, and its all in her mind. she asks him if there is anything going on. he says that he doesnt even have maya’s number. she is aghast as he lies to her. she says that there shall be worse circumstances if she finds the truth against him. he complies. after he walks off, she is shocked still, as to how he could so plainly lie to him.

Niranjan comes to his room, and tries maya’s number yet again, but it doesnt get through and he finds it weird. then he sends a message which doesnt get delivered. he understands that he has been blocked. he wonders why this now, after the letter. he is however determined to find out, and decides to drop at his office only.

Meanwhile, Ila wonders that definitely there is something between him and maya, but if there is, then why didnt maya pick niranjan’s call, but knows that he is definitely lying, and thinks that the only way to find out, is by talking to maya. Ila calls up maya again, and identifies herself as niranjan’s mother. maaya is shocked. she says that she got her number and that she wishes to meet her as niranjan’s marital life is in danger. maaya tries to hesitate, but ila insists and begs her to meet her once. Maaya gives a point to meet, and ila writes it on a diary, for tomorrow after office. she is determined to find out about niranjan and maya.

LAter, at night, rita is happily playing with the kids, seeing which ila is apalled and distraught. then she puts them to sleep. ila goes to the kitchen, and finds gayatri working. she offers to help but is lost. they both are tensed for rita. ila hopes that there is a positive result tomorrow, when she meets maya. gayatri says that she shall pray for her. she asks ila to rest while she gets her tea, assuring that everything would be okay. ila is still tensed.

The next morning, gayatri gets tea for rita, while she is fresh out of the bathroom. they get down to chatting. while setting her room, gayatri asks rita to have breakfast before she leaves. then niranjan comes and says that he too is getting late, but didnt get tea. gayatri eyes him angrily and then says tensedly that she forgot. he asks her to get tea now then, but gayatri resignedly continues working. niranjan is boggled at her behaviour. then gayatri comes back and asks rita to focus, while she shall take care of the kids, and asks her to get ready for breakfast. he asks why is she behaving like this.

Gayatri eyes him tensedly, and then leaves. they both tensedly eye each other, baffled. then rita comes to him, and sarcastically comments, that this isnt love but her sympathy for her, after his betrayal. niranjan asks her not to bother, as he has work. he then takes the letter from his wallet and places it in the jeans and leaves.

Downstairs, he meets ila and thena sks her, who gave that letter. she responds a boy. he asks if she herself collected. she asks why is he asking so many questions. he gets defensive. she walks hastily inside. he leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Maaya’s office
Maaya is about to step in, when niranjan catches her from behind and turns her around. she eyes him while he gives her a romantic smile. she asks him why is he here, as she had clearly instructed him not to. niranjan asks why has she blocked him and after the letter. she feigns ignorance and doesnt respond, saying that she is getting late for office. he asks her to go in then, but he shall come in the evening for her answer. she resignedly goes in. he says that he wont budge till she speaks to him.

In the evening, when maaya comes out, niranjan again waits for her.she asks him to buzz off, as she has not sent him any letter, and even shows him her handwriting to prove so. she then leaves. in an auto. niranjan is boggled.

Scene 3:
Location: Gharaunda
niranjan comes home to find gayatri talking to ila on the phone, giving her the name of the restaunrant, which alerts him. he tries to ask gayatri but she ignores him, he is boggled. then when later, he surfs through ila’s diary, Niranjan finds out that ila went to the same restaurant where maaya was to go, and is shocked wondering if she went to meet maaya only.he is shocked.

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