Our perfect place update Friday 10 April 2020

Our perfect place 10 April 2020: Rita tells  her husband that if he is lying, then there would be dire consequences that he shall regret later. Ila tells gayatri and rita, that they shall celebrate diwali today, and fulfill her promise made to inder. she finds gayatri tensed. Gayatri says hat she is tensed because of shifting to pune day after tomorrow, and doesnt knoow what to do or say that he changes his decision, as she doesnt want to go there. ila laments as to whats going on. rita says that things should be sorted out without fights.

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ila asks about her relationship with noranjan. she gets up and tensedly, says that things never became normal. ila says that she shall tlk to govardhan. but rita says that she shall handle herself, and then says that they should be happy and prepare for diwali celebrations. they get to it.

Meanwhile, on the phone, Samer talks to puja, about ramakant’s weird behaviour recently. puja says that ila invited her to her house, but she doesnt know whether her father would allow or not. he asks about their marriage. she says that she doesnt think he would ever say yes. he says that her father isnt thinking about the child. she says that he shall force a groom on her, who shall have to accept the child out of fear and she wont be able to do anything. he says that they are adults and can marry, and dont need his consent. she asks if he wont be scared of her father. he says that just because they can, doesnt mean they have to. she abruptly cancels the call. he gets tensed.

Rahul gets firecrackers for the kids, who are excited. they discuss about preparations.

Gayatri again tensedly talks to Parimal, about how he is always indifferent to coming and being with family. he starts taunting her, while she says that atleast she shall be with her family on diwali, and next year, she would be crying in her own flat in Puna. he gets tensed as she rambles about her loneliness in pune. he asks her not to discuss about pune, as his decision is final. she is adamant that she wont go. he teases if she wont go. ila comes and they formalise themselves.

Rita meanwhile goes to niranjan’s room, and finds him sulken and sitting. she asks him to come down, for the festival. before a fight ensues, she says that she doesnt wish to fight and he is free to do what he wishes. she walks out. he sits tensedly. rita joins gayatri and ila in the kitchen and shows rangoli designs. while working, they find that the gas is almost over. ila asks parimal to check the cylinder. he says that its about to end. ila says that rahul shall do another booking. rita says that she has already done so, and it shall come tomorrow. govardhan comes havig finished his part of the shopping. he is happy that they shall all be together, as parimal has come too. The ldies get to preparing rangoli together.

Later, in the evening, the entire family sits down for arti, while niranjan and rita tensedly eye each other. puja joins them too. Puja asks sameer if he is ready to take the plunge as she has done all the preparations on her part. he asks what if ramakant gets to know, he shall kill him. she says that he shall kill her first, before him. Later, they burn firecrackers together and sit down for a lavish family feast, wile animatedly bantering with each other. ila and govardhan emotionally eye each oher.

Later, all relax in the family lawns, while enjoying icecream together. ila asks parimal to stay back tonight. gayatri asks her not to bother, as he shall do what he wishes. parimal surprises them by saying that they shall stay here only tonight. puja begins to leave, while govardhan assures her that he shall talk to ramakant about marriage. she asks sameer to drop him off. he complies. while walking down the stairs, sameer and puja try to steal some romantic moments together. she teases if he is ready to run away.

he expresses his hesitation and she is amused, at his scare. he bids her goodbye and then joins his family back. Parimal tells them all that they are leaving for puna the day after tomorrow, and when they leave the house, they wont be able to come for some weeks, as they shall be busy settling in, and gayatri wanted him to tell this to them. govardhan asks how come such a big decision was taken so easily.

Parimal says that he took a decision for his family and his life, and didnt feel the need of a consultation with him, as what good would that do, since it would only create bitterness amongst them. they get tensed. he then bids goodnight and leaves. gayatri barely controls tears and walks after him.

Later, at night, ila and govardhan are tensed and emotional in their room, about parimal leaving.

The next morning, gayatri bids a teary farewell to ila, while rita gets the cylinder to be put in the kitchen. as he climbs up the stairs, the cylinder fellow’s foot slips, and the cylinder flies in the air. to save ila from getting hurt, gayatri herself faces the blow pulling ila away. they are shocked and stunned. then they rush to her and attend to her, while niranjan turns the kids away. they somehow manage to pick her up, while parimal desperately tries to pick her up.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
Gayatri is rushed to the hospital, while she is severely bleeding from the head. her operation begins, while all wait tensedly outside. ila hurriedly arrives and hassled asks how she is. parimal updates her.

Location: Hospital and Gharaunda
while all are tensed, ila clutches at the lord’s idol, hoping for gayatri to be safe. As the doctor comes out, they hurriedly ask him whats the status. The doctor tells them that she sustained severe head injury, and had great loss of blood and if the frontal lobe is affected, it might cause brain damage. all are apalled to hear this. just then, the nurse comes and announces Code Blue, and the doctor rushes in.

Parimal says that its a sign of cardiac arrest. they are boggled as to how brain damage could affect the heart. they are all clueless and tensed about gayatri’s safety. govardhan tries to pacify Parimal, while he is scared at the way she got hurt, and asks what if anything happens to her. govardhan says that she is an angel as she saved ila’s life, and goddess cant be this unjust.

he clutches at govardhan tightly in despair, tears streaming down his face. the doctor comes out and asks for AB+ blood group. they rush to arrange for it. when asked about the cardiac arrest, the doctor tells him that due to brain injury, the heart had become unstable, but everything is fine. all disperse leaving behind parimal, aghast and distraught as he sits in the waiting chair. ila is continuously praying in the lobby, while puja says that they found the requisite donor for blood, to gayatri, ila is overwhelmed and thanks the lord. govardhan donates blood. meanwhile, rita calls ila and she updates rita about it. ila is apalled and in tears, while she is assured that nothing would happen to her. ila asks about the children, while rita says that they are still traumatised seeing gayatri like that. ila is apalled at the condition of her family.

rita assures that everything would be fine.
After donating blood, govardhan is attended by his sons. he denies to eat anything, but parimal insists. the doctor says that the blood has been given. meanwhile, uday rushes to them and clutches parimal tightly. he is hassled and distraught while they calm him down anyhow. rahul distracts and takes him away.

Later at night, uday comes and sits beside parimal, while everyone is tensed. Rita and niranjan take care of the kids at home. finally the doctor comes and says that the operation was successful and she is out of danger. he says that she shall regain consciousness tomorrow. they are overwhelmed with relief, and happiness.

The next morning, gayatri wakes up and finds parimal beside her bed, crying, with her hand in his. she asks about ila, and gets to know what she is fine. he fights back tears, as she asks why is he crying. he says that he had gotten extremely scared. she teases him, while he apologises for everything. he remembers how reluctant she had been and how it all materialised. he recounts the horrible state he saw her in and says that he is getting rid of puna fight, and shall stay here with her. she says that she wishes to stay with him and her family too.

he complies. then kissing her on the forehead, he leaves. and sends ila in. both eye each other with teary eyes. ila thanks the lord for having saved gayatri. gayatri too takes blessings. she tries to make ila laugh too, while she comments as to how she could risk her life for saving hers. gayatri says that she must have done something nice, that she got such love from her. ila says that she had decided that she would be angry, but c ouldnt once seeing her. gayatri says that she had to, since she loves her so much.

while all the males are sitting, and puja, rahul comes and says that everything is okay with gayatri. Parimal thanks govardhan for donating blood, and also for paying the huge expenditures in the hospital, hesitatingly, while commenting that there shouldnt be thank yous, between family. rahul and other sons hear on, while govardhan himself gets tensed. govardhan asks him not to, and they should thank lord, that their family averted the danger. they start talking about how someone has to stay here with gayatri, since she is going to be in the hospital for a couple of weeks.

parimal asks them to go, as he is here. after all disperse, he asks govardhan to go too. he tensedly asks about uday, who meanwhile is in gayatri’s room, while ila walks out. gayatri asks him how is he, and his studies, and says that his father called him unnecessarily. uday says that parimal didnt, but rahul did, and he did the right thing. she asks him not to cry, while he breaks down. he then composes himself while she asks him to take care of parimal.

The next morning, niranjan and rita talk tensedly, about gayatri’s health and the kids’ state. she is restless, while he asks whats she waiting for so restlessly. she says that if she tells, then he would get angry yet again. a courier arrives in the name of Niranjan, and rita hurriedly tries to take it, citing that she is his wife. but he hurriedly rushes out and snatches the packet before she can take, and signs the delivery papers. she fumes while he eyes her tensedly. they ome back in, and he says that these are call records. she says that she needed them for maya’s number.

Rita is tensed while sameer and rahul walk in. rahul asks rita whats the matter, as he eyes the envelope. rita says that she was desperately waiting, but now that its here, she doesnt know what to do.

rahul says that once a step has been taken, it shouldnt be taken back, and gives her the envelope, asking her to be certain of what step she takes ahead. she is tensed. they both leave. Later, rahul gets a call from his friend, telling him, that he saw tanu today, his girlfriend. rahul gets tensed, while he tries to tell more. but rahul abruptly cancels the call, thinking that he doesnt wish to know whats happening in her life, as her memories already haunt him in his life. he then gets govardhan’s call, to whose instructions, he silently complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
Ila tries to talk to parimal about how they shall manage when gayatri is discharged. he says that uday shall go to hostel, he shall manage, and they shall get a nurse for gayatri. but ila asks him to understand that gayatri shall be easily taken care of at home, with family. parimal agrees and says that he shall drop her, after she gets discharged. ila asks him to come and stay too, as he isnt enemies with them. but he points out how difficult it is, as there shall be unnecessary tension between him and govardhan. she tries to make him understand. just then, the nurse comes and tells ila that gayatri is looking for her. ila goes in.

gayatri is sad to know that he didnt agree. ila says that she could come and live with her, but the point is she wanted her to stay with them, so that her recovery is faster. when parimal comes in, gayatri badgers him to come and stay too, as she cant stay in the house, without him. he points out the problem, but when she insists he complies, but begs them not to badger him once gayatri gets better. they both comply. ila leves to get some work done.

Scene 3:
Location: Gharaunda
Govardhan is surprised and shocked to know that parimal is coming back. ila tells him the same. then govardhan wonders whats taking him so long. ila shows that parimal has entered. its a happy reunion, as they both eye each other happily.

Gayatri is taken care by rita and the other ladies, as they aminatedly banter, amongst themselves. they also discuss gayatri’s love story with parimal. wherein ila talks about how she chose her for marriage with parimal, and gayatri agreed but only on the condition, that she calls them chacha-chachi. the ladies are amused, while

ila pretends to be shocked at the playful and teasing nature of her bahus.

The next morning, parimal and govardhan pray together at the temple. then they get to animatedly chatting about old moments, when govardhan asks him to relax and ease up too, as he wont get this time with family again, as he regrets. parimal suggests that he should open up some small business. govardhan says that he wants to give time to family. they are amusedly bantering, when ila comes. parimal leaves. ila asks why is he so happy. govardhan says that he can see his dream materialising, of having his entire family under one roof, which he couldnt till now. they both smile at each other.

In her room, rita finds maya’s number switched off since a week, and decides to wait for a couple more days, before taking her next moveb to find out about her, as she is determined to get to the bottom of this matter.

Later, puja gives the phone to ila asking her to talk to ramakant. ila is happy when he agrees to marriage. sameer comes and gets to know this, and is happy along with puja. ila goes to the priest to confirm a date.

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