Our perfect place update Saturday 11 April 2020

Our perfect place 11 April 2020: Sameer is made to talk to puja’s friends by her, where he formally introduces himself, and asks them to come to their wedding. they dicuss as to how unbelievable this seems. they remember their first accidental meeting at the party.

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they wonder how they never thought this day would come. he expresses his hesitation, doubt and concern, as to where their lives are headed. she says that she isnt tensed, as he is with her, along with his family, who is very sweet, and she is happy at that. he is tensed though.

Gayatri and rita discuss puja’s engagement with sameer day after tomorrow. rita comments as to how gayatri wouldnt be able to enjoy. gayatri says that she wouldnt be able to dance or sing, but would make up for it, when the baby comes. rita gets tensed. she asks why is she sad. rita denies. gayatri says that she shall talk ila to speak with niranjan.

In the kitchen, ila speaks to her friends, inviting them, in Marathi. puja comes and gets to know that she is speaking marathi. she enquires if theirs is a love marriage. ila denies, and says that his mother selected her for him, and her parents liked him too. puja says that love happened after marriage, this seems. ila complies, and then asks whats she doing here, as its her engagement tomorrow, and she needs to spend time on herself. puja says that she doesnt feel like leaving them.

ila says that within 3 days, she would be here permanently with them only, and wont let go of her later on. puja gets tensed. ila asks whats it. she says that ramakant called to say that he would come tomorrow to talk to sameer and his parents. ila says that its okay. puja says that his voice sounded tensed.

ila comforts saying that they shall handle. Later, puja talks to ramakant on the phone, wherein he gives stoical answers and says that he did what she wanted him to, and now he shall do what he wishes to. she is upset. she asks what it means. he says that he shall know tomorrow, and cancels. she gets tensed, wondering whats it and hopes everything is fine.

Later at night, rahul remembers the phone call about tanu, and thinks as to how desperately he wishes to forget but life doesnt let him forget that his own father is the villain to his love story. he gets govardhan’s call, and thinks that he must be calling for dinner. he picks and says that he shall come soon.

At the dining table, rita serves everyone, but not niranjan. when ila asks her to, she asks her to do, as she has some work in the kitchen. all are tensed while niranjan is furious. ila asks govardhan to start, but he says that he shall wait for Parimal. ila tells him that he has gone since morning, citing that he needs some stuff from home. uday tells that parimal is on his way. parimal arrives, and ila asks where is the stuff he went for. he hesitates and says that he couldnt find.

ila understands something is going on, but doesnt comment. as all his sons sit down to eat together, he is happy along with ila. sameer asks parimal that its been long and
if they can have tonight. govardhan asks what. sameer suggests carrom. as all sons sit down to play and chat animatedly, niranjan is made fun of, because he is bad at the sport. he fumes, while they all ask him to sit down, as he would sulk and sit elsewhere. they continue to tease him, till he joins in too. rahul starts laughing too, commenting on how nothing has changed, and they still have the same personality. they discuss old days spent together. niranjan remembers the last night as a bachelor, which they had spent together.

The next morning, rahul asks a friend to find out a flat soon, as he wants to get out soon. sameer joins in their discussion. his friend says that he shall confirm his flat soon and then leaves. sameer asks why is he leaving. rahul says that he had told he would leave once he gets a job. sameer asks why he wishes to go. rahul says that he did, because it was th need of the house, but the truth is he cant be happy here, as his father always reminds him of his grief, and he is always scared that he doesnt say anything, that causes unnecessary strain. sameer says that nothing has happened. rahul says thats because he was restrained, hence nothing bad happened, and comments that if he cant keep anyone happy, then he shouldnt be the reason of their sadness. he changes the topic and asks about him.

sameer asks him to search for a flat too, as they cant stay at rita’s, since he needs to man up. rahul complies, but then asks what about what happens, when their parents get to know about them leaving the house. they both wonder.

The next morning, Ramakant comes and all sit down. govardhsn asks him what he wished to talk about. ramakant says that he wishes to talk about marriage. niranjan and puja ask him whats it, as he has already discussed and searcjed everything. ramakant says that it was the past and he wishes to talk about sameer’s furture. ila says that they can sit down and sort things, and then if they are at fault, they can apologise. ramakant says that he doesnt have any problem with them, but with sameer. ramakant asks why hasnt he stayed with his parents for the past 5 years.

before he can reply, govardhan covers up for him. ramakant says that sameer was with puja for the past 2 years. puja and ila say that he made a mistake, and they have already gone over it, then why bring it up again. ramakant says that his daughter was at fault, and didnt say anything, but now wont sit quiet after marriage. he then asks sameer and puja where shall they stay and keep the baby after marriage. puja says that they shall stay here only. govardhan complies. sameer says that he was thinking…and puja comments that it isnt an individual decision, as she too shall have to live.

hesitatingly, sameer says that they shall take a rented house. ramakant says that the answer itself shows how irresponsible he is, and that marriage isnt child’s play. he then turns to sameer saying that its no game, as its a matter of her daughter and her child’s life. ila and govardhan are shocked. ramakant orders them to stay here, with his parents, saying that he will not allow them to do anything after marriage, the way they like it. pujna says that she wanted that too, and asks sameer to comply.

his parents tensedly eye him. he doesnt respond. she asks whats he thinking. he says that he shall have to think, as he cant take a major decision rightaway. ramakant says that he has to, since he is still not sure whether he can keep her happy or not, but is assured that in this house, with his family, she shall be happy. he asks him to think clearly and then respond, as if its a no, then this marriage doesnt happen at any cost. sameer still thinks.

puja asks why is he delaying. sameer complies and says that puja shall stay here. ramakant says that they both have to, not just puja. sameer complies. ramakant complies. also, he warns sameer that he must have heard stories about him, and while not all of them, were true, not all were false either. they are tensed.

While driving, puja gets sameer’s call and wonders why. she picks up and talks about how things are going well and she is on the seventh heaven. Pooja excitedly talks about her shopping, while he shuts her down asking her to meet him immediately.

She says that she has the mehendi appointment, and excitedly talks about the designs too. she says that she can get henna applied, and then come to talk to him, so that it dries up too. he asks her not to, as he has something urgent to talk. she asks why no mehendi. he says that he has something more urgent. she asks whats it, as he seems very tensed, and asks if he doesnt wish to marry her anymore, and if he is having final jitters. he says that he shall explain everything when he meets her. she asks what does he mean and asks him whats the matter. she asks if he is hassled about so many conditions of her father. he asks her to try and understand, and come to meet her once.

he begs her to trust her, and meet hr once. she complies and gives the address. she is tensed. he rides on the bike. ila rushes to stop him, but rahul stops her, and asks him to go. he rushes out. ila reprimands rahul for trying to stop her, as he shall act rash and call it off. rita descends down the stairs. Rita asks her to try and listen to her once, while ila says that she didnt expect this from her. she walks in. rita and rahul stand tensedly.

While govardhan and ramakant, talk about engagement celebrations, over the phone, and then he talks to ramesh inviting him for the engagement. ila rushes to him and and tells him what happened. govardhan is shocked.

Meanwhile, Puja reaches and asks sameer to come soon, as she cant bear the suspense any longer. he complies. she wonders what could it be. she decides to talk to rita in the hope to find out.

At home, Govardhan tells ila that sameer’s ph is going busy and maybe he isnt intentionally picking up. he says that its urgent to stop sameer now, nd asks if she knows where sameer went to meet puja. ila decides to go and talk to rahul and find out. rahul walks in. they both try and find out from rahul. he says that he doesnt know and even if he knew, then he wouldnt have told, as they dont have the right to stop sameer. govardhan lashes at him. rahul says that he hasnt gone to break off the relation, but just to tell the truth. ila asks what truth. rahul says that the truth, that puja needs to know, which is bothering sameer lately. govardhan asks him to speak up.

Rahul tells what sameer intends to say. govardhan asks if he has gone mad to talk like this, at such a time, when all the preparations are made. rahul asks how can he talk like this, and then guffaws that he should have learnt his lesson by now, that love is nonsense for him, as he spoiled his life due to this only. ila stands tensed, while govardhan goes silent. she tries to speak, but govardhan shuts her up. he then tells rahul, that this isnt the time to bring old matters, and asks him to think of puja and sameer’s child. rahul says thats exactly what sameer thinks, as the relation cant stand on a lie.

Rahul says that he merely went to go to talk, not break the relation, and even if after knowing the truth, she still wishes to marry, he wont shirk back, and take full responsibility. she asks govardhan to call puja and find out where are they meeting. rahul asks them not to do so, as that would worry puja unnecessarily. he tries to advise them to handle this on their own, and asks them to step back, and let their children be grown ups. he begs them to stop interferin in their lives. they are aghast, as he walks out. govardhan is hurt, by what his children tell him. he wipes tears from the corner of their eyes, while she tries to calm him down, saying that rahul is like this. she says that she didnt expect this from rita, who shows intelligence otherwise.

While working in the kitchen, rita gets puja’s call and gets tensed wondering why is she calling her. finally she picks up, and asks how is she. puja senses tension and asks whats the matter. rita denies any knowledge. puja insistently asks if sameer said anything, as he is coming to meet her, and asks if he said anything at home. rita tries and assures her that nothing happened. she asks her to ask him only. puja complies. sameer arrives. puja cancels the call. rita is tensed wondering what shall happen now, and hopes for the best.

Sameer meanwhile comes to puja, who eyes him tensedly. she eyes the wound, and is concerned about it, saying that she cant see him in pain. he complies. she tries to talk romantic, while he stands tensedly. he says that nothing has changed, and she is assured and relieved too. she talks about her apprehensions and scares, but feels better now, and says that she wont let him be hurt at all, and always have her hand in his, and asks if he shall reciprocate too. he takes off his hand from hers, and says that he wishes to talk about something very serious, and begs her to hear her out. she says that she is assured now, that he with her, and she can deal with any serious issue. he makes her sit down, and then taking her hand in his, asks if she remembers how they started their relationship, without any love or commitment, and didnt want to marry or spend their lives with each other.

he says that its still the same today, and nothing has changed at all between them. she is boggled and doesnt understand. he hesitatingly tries to bring up the talk, that he thinks of her as a good friend, and finally blurts out that he doesnt love her. she is tensed. he apologises and says that he has never loved her, he never did, nor would be able to. he begs her to try and understand, and admits that its his fault, as she had warned him, not to marry her, for the sxake of the child. he says that he buckled under the pressure of his friends and family, but he couldnt marry her. she asks if he is trying to say that he cant marry her.

He denies, and says that he cant, as she is the mother of his child, and that he isnt escaping from his responsibilities towards her and the child, but he wishes to say the truth and be honest with her. he tells her that he is ready to marry her, for the sake of their child, but he would never be able to love her. she asks if he wishes to say that he readily agrees to marrying but not to loving her. he complies. she is apalled and in uncontrollable tears. she says that she seems so stupid, and that he seems so confident and in charge today. she says that she feels so left out now, as she had built a dreamhouse with him. he apologises. she asks him to tell him what to do now, as he is so clear about himself, he can shed some clarity on her. she asks him if she should marry someone who doesnt love her, and goes berserk, asking him to give the answer.

she collapses in his arms and he hugs her back, while she continues crying. she then herself jerks away, and reminds that since nothing has changed, then he is a good friend, well wisher and adviser, and asks him to advise what should she do. he says that he cant do that, and she needs to understand, as its her whole life ahead. he says that whatever she wants, shall happen, and if she is ready to marry him, without love, then he shall, and he shall be by her side, no matter what, but he cant give her love. he says that he is willing to take all responsibilities of the child, without marriage he is willing. he also adds that he is ready to take all responisbilities, if she wants to relinquish all of them, as he loves their child maximum. He says that she has to decide, while she is heartbroken and distraught. he tries to calm her down and asks her whether she wishes to marry him or not.

Location: On the road and Gharaunda
Puja comes to sameer and then eyes him emotionally, and then leaves, after hugging him. he is tensed, while she kisses him lovingly, and then turns to leave. Sameer stops puja as she is about to leave, and asks her to atleast tell him whats her decision. she doesnt say a word and walks off. he is left stranded.

Scene 2:
Location: Gharaunda
Ila and gayatri are tensed for puja, and are angry at sameer for being so rash and god knows what shall happen to puja now. they wonder what he wants. rita comes and tries to get in their talks, but they shun her off. she says that this isnt right, as if she is angry she should say so clearly. ila says that they arent alienating her, but they are tensed for sameer and puja, and arent angry at her. gayatri asks rita not to take it otherwise. rita says that they should understand that she cares equally as them, and wants their benefit. ila complies but says that she shouldnt have done what she did, as this wasnt the right time. rita says that it was right. gayatri asks her to look at the downside of her decision too, as sameer was weak, and they should have made him understand and throw out this rubbish. rita says that sameer doesnt love her, and thats not rubbish. ila says that love can happen later, and more importantly, they have a child amongst them, and its a matter of both the families’ respect. but rita denies, and adds that a loveless marriage causes much harm to the couple, just like her and niranjan. they are tensed to hear this.

In the drawing room, the entire family is tensed and angry at sameer’s rash behaviour, that god knows what he has done to puja, and isnt picking up the call, and then delaying coming back so much so. rahul tries to calm them down, saying that sameer has gone for a serious talk, and maybe the phone is silent, and asks them to let him handle this maturely, which he has the belif that sameer will. he says that they shouldnt disturb them, and give then privacy. he assures them that sameer shall handle everything, and come back soon. govardhan wonders when. sameer’s bike draws in. they are relieved.

When sameer returns back, govardhan and the entire family, are tensedly waiting for him. he asks whats the matter. when he gets to know that they all know what he went to talk to her about, sameer says that he is tired and doesnt wish to talk. they ask him to speak up, as they have been waiting for some news. rahul tries to coax him into talking. he says that he told what he did, and how its on puja now. they are aghast to hear this, and ask if the engagement is happening tomorrow. he starts getting frustrated with their insistent questions, and says that he is ready to engage himself with her, but the decision depends on her, as she needs time to decide. they ask how does she have time. he says that he has to respect her and grant her that much. they are extremely tensed. sameer says that he doesnt have much to tell them, but he needs to let puja handle this.

govardhan asks him to atleast think of the child, but he retaliates back that he shall take care of the child with puja. govardhan lashes at his rash behaviour, saying that a child needs the love of his parents together and not divided like this. sameer retaliates back by asking if this is the time govardhan finally realises that a child needs his parents’ love. he says that he shall explain everything to his child, unlike them, and that he doesnt need their unecessary advise. govardhan and ila are taken aback. while they wonder what to do next, the doorbell rings and ramakant walks in extremely tensed. he asks sameer where is puja. they are shocked. he asks sameer in front of the entire family, as to where is puja. he says that he has been trying her cell for a long time, but it isnt going through, and hence he thought that she must have been with him only. he gets tensed. he says that puja told she was going to meet him before the mehendi appointment, but didnt reach there, nor reached home, nor is she at any of her friends, and hence he thought that she must have been with him only. sameer says that he left puja way long back, and has no clue. ramakant says that her phone even isnt getting through.

they are tenmsed. sameer asks all of puja’s friends but noone has a clue. they get scared. ramakant is made to calm down, by govardhan and his family, while they continue trying to look for clues. ramkant remembers that puja speaks a lot to rita and asks them if she has any clue. rahul rushes to go and find out.

While rita comes in the room, she finds the kids studying. they rattle out niranjan, when they tell her, that he has been chatting amusedly with someone, and shying while looking at the phone. he is flustered and ignores, and says that he was talking to his business partner. but the kids make rita suspicious. before she can confront, rahul comes asking about puja. rita explains what happened and then asks whats the matter. rahul explains everything,m and says that he needs to rush down. niranjan too foolows to escape a confrontation. rita asks the children to stay put, and then herself goes down too.

Downstairs, rita comes and explains everything and then tells him that since sameer and puja were talking seriously, hence she decided not to intervene. ramakant gets alert hearing this. he asks sameer what was he planning to say, enraged. Hesitatingly, sameer tells him what he wished to tell her that he doesnt love her, which is the truth. ramakant gets furious. ramakant hands him by the collar and threatens him that he wont spare him, if anything happens to puja at all. all are extremely tensed. Parimal and rahul try to intervene, but he asks them to back off. Govardhan asks him to calm down, as the priority focus right now, is to find puja. he resignedly complies. all are tensed. Ramakant gets puja’s call. he hurriedly receives it. he asks puja where is she. she says that she is at her room. ramakant anxiously asks puja, on the phone, where is she and where has she been. she says that she went to the hospital. ramakant and sameer insistently continue to ask her why, and she replies in inconsolable tears. all are terribly tensed. sameer hurriedly asks why she went and if she is okay. he tries to talk, but ramakant puts it on speaker. sameer hurriedly asks her why she went, and ramakant asks her too. he is apalled. she says that she aborted the child. they are shocked and distraught to hear this. she cancels the call and then collapses on the sofa, crying incoherently. The screen freezes on her face

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