Once there was a king update Monday 20 June 2022

Once there was a king 20 June 2022:  Rani kiss the ring and says its his mother’s blessings which are the precious most thing for her.

Raaj turns to leave. Rani says they are all correct, she doesn’t know anything about Raaj but it begins here. Their love story would begin after marriage. Raaj Mata says love doesn’t mean two people are alike, love happens when hearts are connected. Rani has proven that she and Raaj have been connected. Suminda takes everyone for dinner. Rani tells Raaj she wants to know about him, she would come and he must speak to him. A young man comes to Raaj appreciating his confidence. Raaj says Rani proposed him by herself, he may confirm Rani about it.

The young man in veil comes to a room and burns his mask, saying he would similarly burn Rani Chauhan and her family.
Rani comes to Raja at night. Raaj complains Rani can’t do a little for him. He leaves annoyed. Suminda comes with Prieti and another girl to get Rani ready. Rani was worried if she gets henna from Raaj Suminda would be annoyed, otherwise Raaj would be angry.
In the function, Rani looks around for Raaj. Raaj Mata comes to her calling her to Suminda. Rani asks if she mixed rose water in Haldi, its good for her skin. She goes to mix something in it. Raaj Mata shares this with Suminda, Suminda says Rani must be hiding something from them because she has no interest in fashion magazine.

Rani brings the bowl to Raaj and insists on him to put the Haldi, she has stolen it. Raaj says he didn’t want it hidden. Rani asks what he wants, Raaj says he wants a right over her in front of everyone. He complains she can’t fulfil a minor wish of his and leaves angrily.Raaj Mata comes to Rani who stood worried. Rani asks if its only girl’s mistake, if boys only have the responsibility to make girls upset. She tells Raaj Mata about Raaj’s demand. Raaj Mata says she must make up Raaj, as both of them can’t stay angry with each other. She says Rani must try to keep her relations and handle them well. Sometimes a daughter has to bend her head down for the sake of husband. Rani was determined to make them both happy.

Suminda was worried where Rani has gone. She asks Raaj where Rani is. They spot Rani and Raaj Mata dancing together on loud music. Suminda comes to her. Rani picks the bowl and winks towards Raaj, she dances with it and moves towards Raaj. She then fills her fingers with Raaj and slips to hold his hand posing as if to faint. Raaj wakes up with his turmeric filled hands, Rani winks towards him. Anandi says only a mother puts the first Haldi to a girl. Rani interrupts that a mother has a right over her daughter. Today Raaj has proven she has been colored as Raaj today, she asks Suminda if she did something wrong. Suminda hugs Rani.

Rani was getting ready for her bachelor night. She says it’s the first time her friends have been preparing for a party for her, Preiti asks if she married before this. Suminda comes to the room, Rani and Preiti hide under the blanket and make up it’s for beauty sleep. Suminda tells them to wake up at 8 in the morning for Mehndi ritual. Rani leaves for party as soon as Suminda goes away. The masked man enters.

Rani comes to Raaj’s room. He asks where she is going so ready. Rani says she is going to her bachelor’s party but why is he not partying? Raaj says he has no friends. Rani says her friends are his as well and takes him outside.

They come across Raaj Mata who questions where they are going. Raaj makes up that it was Rani, he is only going because she was leaving so late alone. Raaj Mata hands them the keys of car. Rani cheers.

In the party, Rani and Raaj sit together. Raaj was shocked to see Rani gulp a full drink at once. Rani says she is better in controlling herself, she challenges Raja. Both gulp two full bottles, and were lost in each other’s eyes. The friends around drag the chair from beneath Raaj. He fell down, Rani moves towards the bar and was shocked to see Raaj begin dancing with the girls in the party.

Rani points towards the bar man to turn the lights off, everyone had vanished as the lights turn on. Raaj says he must also go to all others. Both were drunk badly. Rani tells Raaj only she is in his life, he can’t go to anyone else. Raaj comes above Rani on the floor and bends to kiss her.
The next morning, Preiti wakes Rani up as it’s her mehndi and is about to struck 8. Rani wakes up with her head banging. She smiles thinking about her moments with Raja, then goes to washroom. The man in mask enters Rani’s room and looks for some notes in her books. He replaces her pen with the one having camera. A vase fells off, the man runs away. Rani comes out of washroom and thinks it must have fallen because of wind.

Preiti was getting Rani ready, she felt nauseatic with baggy eyes. She was worried what if Suminda gets to know about it. During the function, Anandi was shocked to see Rani drooling over the stairs as she walked down in veil. Suminda asks why is she wearing a veil but Rani didn’t want to remove it. She insists on Suminda to let her follow the rules of her past life. Preiti signals Raaj Mata that Rani is drunk, Raaj Mata covers Rani saying girls were brought to functions like this earlier. Anandi tells Suminda she never thought Rani would change so much.

During the dances, Rani feels nauseatic again. Raaj Mata scolds her, Suminda comes to Raaj mata to begin the function. Raaj Mata explains to Suminda that Rani had drunk a lot of water and has gone to washroom before the ritual.
Raaj comes to washroom behind Rani. She complains Raaj for making her drink and spoil her function. Raaj shuts Rani’s nose and makes her gulp a glass full of lemonade. Suminda had come behind Rani and enters the washroom. She was concerned and asks Rani what it is all about. Rani makes up that she got a finger inside her eye. Preiti comes there and takes Suminda along.

Raaj tells Rani she will get over this hangover in half an hour. Rani was worried and requests him to handle it for half an hour at least, she would do anything he asks for in return. Raaj leaves.
In the hall, Raaj takes the attention of everyone. He says there must be something different in Rani’s mehndi function. Anandi says Raaj can meet Rani sometime else. Raaj says Rani isn’t here, he came to present a new ritual. He announces that Rani along with her friends must wear veils and swirl around on the beat of music, the one who stops without hitting others will be given a price. Rani had heard the game, she winks at Raaj in approval. Suminda says its time for the Mehndi, but Preiti qualifies they would soon be done with it till Rani comes downstairs.

Raaj Mata says only Raaj can save his Rani. They begin the music. Suminda sends Preiti to look for Rani but spots Rani swirling right around Raaj then. She was about to fell off, Raaj holds her in his arms saying she might fall off. Rani thanks him for saving her. Raaj reminds her of the promise to come meet her after Mehndi, he would do anything then. Suminda takes Rani for Mehndi.
The masked man came with a letter in hand.

Rani comes to show Raaj the color of her henna. Raaj says if its color is strong, it shows husbands love their wife dearly. Rani asks Raaj what he wants her to do. Raaj gives her some papers saying these are wedding gift for her, this is his insurance paper that he wants to name after her today. If he dies tomorrow…. Rani interrupts saying she would also die if he dies. She can’t gather the courage to live without him. Raaj kisses her forehead, he says she might never need this small amount but wants to gift her something. Would she sign these papers? He opens the papers that Rani signs. Raaj hugs Rani. Rani says she would keep it with her. Raaj calls her careless but Rani says this is special for her, she would keep it with herself always.

In the Sangeet function, everyone was ready.

Raaj was getting ready, Deep says Rani always promised what’s hers is his. Raaj says what’s his would only be his as well. Raaj Mata dances during the function.
Rani was waiting for Raaj in the function. He joins her between the dances. People there gossip what Rani found in Raaj. Rani says Raaj has something they can never get, its class that doesn’t come with money. Raaj comes to slap the men saying only he knows about his truth. He turns to leave. Rani stops him. Raaj asks if she wants to get insulted always, no matter what they do but this world won’t accept them. Rani warns Raaj not to say something false. Raaj says its better they break this relation right here, they must not marry each other. Everyone was shocked. Everyone was doomed. Raaj walks out.
In the room, Raaj was packing his bags.

Rani comes there saying he shouldn’t think about getting rid of her in his anger. They can move to some place where they don’t anyone’s acceptance. She was ready to go with him anywhere. Raaj removes her hand from his arm, he says she also accepted she is ashamed to introduce him as her fiancé to everyone. Her mother also kept a time of three months so that she can prove he isn’t the right person for her. She deliberately made him wear this expensive ring so that he can get a complex he can never provide her the facilities she is used to. Rani corrects she came to tell him she is ready to go anywhere with him.

Raaj asks if she wants to go away from her friends and family, she is also ashamed of staying with him in a small room. He removes the ring and places it on her hand.
Rani tells Raaj he never understands if someone gives a hand to someone fallen on the road, it’s not to disgrace him but to support him only. She came to make him up, but now she would never try to convince him. Raja was upset, he had never thought Rani would deny marrying her and kicks the furniture.

Rani was crying in the room. The man in mask called her number but she didn’t pick it up. Rani hears a radio message by Raaj. The masked man heard from behind the window as Rani calls him stupid. She goes to speak to Raaj.
In the room, Rani calls Raaj in the room but he wasn’t there. She reads a letter from him, he was hurt for suspecting the intentions of her mother. He demands her to come to him till morning, he can’t even think about anyone else. Rani was worried when he would understand that running away isn’t the only solution in life.

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