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I do 14 June 2022: Its morning, Rehaan wakes up and finds himself alone in the room. Right then Sehar enters after having showered. He drools on her as she sets her wet hair. He recollects the moments spent with Sanam. Sehar notices him staring at her and asks if she is looking very pretty. Rehaan says no. Sehar fumes what. Rehaan stammers. He stares at her and asks about her clothes. Sehar asks why.. are they bad. Rehaan says they are nice. Sehar says.. the guests who stayed before.. left it back. She says.. i dont like old clothes. Rehaan asks how can it fit so well on you. Sehar says my body type is such that all clothes fit. Sehar asks done with interview.. lets have breakfast. Rehaan asks from where.

Sehar says .. we have to make this .. i made it. She hides the packets. But ends up tripping and Rehaan holds her in time. Rehaan asks where did all the cooking stuff come from. Sehar says ur name should be ..question mark… what did u think . .i went stealing shops in the morning. I searched it and found it. Rehaan stares at her. Sehar says.. u are staring at me with so much doubt.. do u think i steal.. all u do.. is doubt on me. She starts to cry. Rehaan says.. no nothing like that.. sorry. He leaves from there. Sehar says.. in entire life.. havent acted so much.. as have to now… from where did this 007 come in my life. All i want is to steal ..and he is busy eating my head. My patience is running thin.. wanna clean up his locker.

Rehaan tells Sehar.. u stay back here.. i have to go for a meeting. I will lock the office. Sehar asks.. if u lock office.. how will i work. Rehaan says fine.. come along. Sehar is taken aback. Sehar wonders.. how much more efforts do i have to put to steal this sawalo ki dukaan ki tijori..!Sanam wakes up and wonders where is Ahil. She recollects Ahil tossing and turning and goes out of the room and asks Latif where is Ahil. Latif says ..went for a meeting. Sanam turns and finds a lady in veil ..staring at her. Its Dilshad but she can only stare at Sanam ..unable to talk. Sanam asks Latif who it is and he says.. Razias relative.. she is paralysed.

Dilshads hands are shaking.. she is trying to reach out to Sanam. Razia comes and notices. She goes to check the matter and sees Sanam leaving from there. Razia smirks …so seeing ur own blood . .u got active too Dilshad. She says.. it is Sanam .. ur grand daughter. Razia says.. there is something interesting about ur grand daughter and only i know it. She tells Dilshad.. ur grand daughter is alive .. not this one.. the twin.. Sehar. Dilshad is taken aback and stares blankly at Razia. Flashback shown of Dilshad playing with the kids and the gruesome attack.

Sehar is talking on phone and says.. that am 200 kms off from Bhopal… the moment i get mauka. .will maro chauka. Rehaan comes back in the car and asks who u talking to. Sehar says .. family. Rehaan says .. u said ur family is upset with u running away. Sehar says.. mom dad are upset .. have .. bro .. sis. Rehaan is about to drive when a guy comes in front and Rehaan puts brake. Sehar says.. lets leave. Rehaan says .. the guy must be hurt. Sehar says.. look at the way he is lying down. .. he is a thief .. we cant see his hands. .what if he has a weapon. We shouldnt help anyone on deserted street. Rehaan says i found u on deserted street too. He gets out of car to check on the person while Sehar ..cribs .. people like these cant have brains.

Rehaan finds himself surrounded by thugs and asks what do u need. The thugs say.. pay up. Sehar prays to God and gets out of car. Rehaan assures to pay up. Sehar says.. this is money earned by hardwork .. no way are u giving this up. Sehar asks the thugs.. who is ur boss. One of the thug says. .am the boss. Sehar asks him to come aside. Rehaan asks Sehar to go sit in the car .. Sehar says u din listen to me. .so i wont listen to u. Sehar asks the thugs..what drama is this.. The thugs say.. robbing him. Sehar starts to punch the guy but he is unaffected. He holds her hand and slaps her. Rehaan is furious and beats up the thugs. Sehar is taken aback. She says.. thought .. he is PREM of Maine Pyaar Kiya but he turned into Pandey ji from Dabang.

He beats up all the thugs. Sehar asks the boss of the thugs.. so how u doing. He asks. .why din u tell us .. he is our boss. Sehar says.. so u found out.. now..wait. Sehar slaps the thug and they run away. Sehar gushes to Rehaan about his bashing the thugs but he fumes on her and asks her to get in the car.Ahil is on his way back and looks at his mobile, missed calls from Sanam. Right then someone from Lawyers office comes with papers for Tanveer. Ahil takes the papers and reads them. Its Property papers of Ahil. Ahil recollects Sanam caring for him. Ahil rues.. why does the things we are scared of always come infront of us. Sehar asks Rehaan if he is fine. Rehaan says small injury.

Sehar notices his neck bleeding and says.. lets go to doc. Rehaan says.. go in my cabin and get the first aid box. Sehar smirks and goes. Rehaans moby rings.. its Tanveer. She asks him where he is…and why he wasnt receving her calls. Tanveer says. .am ur mom .. i care for u. She asks Rehaan if all is well and he is well placed. Rehaan stays quiet. Tanveer tells Rehaan ..i know ur upset with me. .but am under compulsion. Till i get the property papers. .have to listen to Ahil .. u know how much i love u .. dont u. Ahil overhears the whole convo.


Rehaan is frustrated that tanveer is still talking about harming ahil, but getting the property papers first. Ahil comes in asking whose life is she changing. Tanveer makes up a story, and then tells him that she has told the lawyers to get their divorce papers. She then again says that she is concerned whether the lawyer got the property papers ready. Ahil refuses and tanveer levaes in tension, as ahil remembers Sanam’s care. Ahil wonders why he lied to his own mother for the first time and is tensed as he is unwilling to face the truth about himself, that he loves sanam.Razia tells dilshad that she tries to search for seher everyday for 3 hours when she goes missing. Razia tells that in return, dilshad must speak. Dilshad is distraught, while Razia rants furiously that she wants to send tanveer to jail.

Finally dilshad tries to speak, but is unable to. razia says that she couldnt speak, but now she would take her to the person who killed her family, i.e. tanveer. Dilshad is shocked.Dilshad eyes tanveer venomously, while razia does her hair, telling that she looks tensed, and asks if dilshad is bothering her, as she has gone missing. tanveer gets tensed and asks how does she know. Razia says that she overheard it all, and asks if dilshad’s car’s accident is a tragedy or planned. tanveer cuts short blaming her. Razia amusingly asks her if she feels dilshad is dead or alive. she amusingly eyes tanveer’s and dilshad’s reaction. tanveer frustratedly says that she doesnt know. Razia says that it might be that dilshad is alive and comes one day in front of her.

Tanveer asks her to stay put and shut up. Dilshad tries to lifet her hand in agression. Razia says that she knows nothing like this would happen, but still asks tanveer to consider the possibility once. tanveer shuts razia and razia complies, but adds that life does come around in a full circle. Tanveer remembers rehaan’s outburst against her. razia is amused while dilshad is in a rage.

Scene 2:
Location: Rehaan’s Office
Seher comes in and excitedly eyes the safe whose keys she has. she tries to open thre safe, but remembers rehaan fighting the goons, and thinks that he was in pain and saved her, hence is concerned. Seher is in a dilemma and starts doubting her own reactions. she wonders whats wrong with her, as she never thought like this before. She is unable to break in again, and thinks that she cant handle these feelings, and decides to go for first aid to rehaan.

Scene 3:
Location: Faiz’s residence
fazia asks his aunt to tell about how his friends are demanding for a party in lieu of his marriage. his aunt says that he can invite them and she would make food for everyone. but faiz says that haya would manage everything, and she just has to supervise her. She gets tensed. He asks her to remind haya to make sheer korma, as its his director’s special request. she complies. She finally thinks that this was the chance that she was waiting for, to make faiz realise that it was a mistake to marry haya.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Meanwhile Sanam continuously tries ahil’s number, but finds that he isnt picking up, and then remembers his nightmares, and tries to put the pieces together. He comes and asks whats she thinking. she starts ranting sking why wasnt he picking her phone. He says that he didnt pick the phone due to the fact that he wanted to surprise her, by getting the materials that she needs to make her dream house. Sanam eyes him overwhelmingly. He asks her whats the matter. she rectifies that its their dreamhouse. He eyes her overwhelmingly, as sanam smiles. they get on making their house, while he eyes her, wondering why is he doing this, and why he tore the property papers, and why he wants to grab such small bits of happiness, and why does he not want to let go of snam, but then remembers tanveer’s instigation about sanam to ahil.

Sanam eyes him eyeing her, and gets surprised. Ahil extenbds his hand to help her, and when he does, she eyes him smilingly. She wonders why ahil seems so speacil today and its such a special feeling, and wonders why does he feel that he too loves her. She thinks that she doesnt know why she is seeing this dream, and even if it is, she doesnt want it to end ever. she remembers tanveer wanting three months of her life. She wonders if all this would be true. Ahil asks what. sanam changes the topic and asks how should this dreamhouse be. Ahil says that it would be just like she wants. sanam tries to explain that her perfect house, that she wants a room that has lots of air and free space, and greenery all around, and it would be very secure and safe, and that going to that room, all troubles and fear would go far away.

Ahil gets tensed remembering his beating, and the leash he used to get hit with, by his father. Ahil tries to say that he too wants to have a similar room, but with much thicker walls, so that no noise can get in, and no bad thoughts bother him. sanam is tensed, as she remembers his nightmares. The screen freezes on her face.

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