Once there was a king update Friday 8 April 2022

Once there was a king 8 April 2022: Raja arrives at the palace, his hand still bleeding. He pours wine over his injured hand, thinking about Rani, then drinks from it. He recalls Kaal’s beatings in childhood. At night, Amrita finds Raja in his room and comes inside. She covers him with a quilt and close the light. Raja holds her hand from behind and switch the light on. Amrita was concerned if he is fine.

Raja confirms if he is really a bad person, if he is just like her husband, doesn’t he respect women and resemble an animal. Amrita assures her son isn’t like Kaal, in childhood he had the guts to face her father and speak about truth. Jeewan hears this from outside, and says it was only in childhood, today there is no difference between Kaal and him. He is harassing a girl after kidnapping her. Amrita was concerned, Raja was speechless. Jeewan asks Raja to swear over his mother’s head that he doesn’t know about Rani’s whereabouts.

Amrita holds his hand over her head and demands the truth, if he kidnapped Rani. Raja was speechless and withdraws his hand. Amrita slaps him, she says Raja isn’t her son, he is Kaal’s son. If he is not only Kaal’s son, and is her son as well he must immediately drop that girl her home, else he shouldn’t face her at all. She leaves the room.

Rani lay on the floor when she hears the horn of jeep. She look around to find something and holds a wooden stick. Raja holds her hand, and angrily shouts today his mother also considered him as animal. No one bother why he turned to become so, he is like this only because of Rani. She doesn’t know anything, but today he will tell her everything. The decision that who destroyed whose life will be made only after knowing the details of 10 years ago. He gulps wine lying nearby, and says today Rani must hear. He push her to sit. He accuses her as her silence ruined his whole life, his life was destroyed and he was helpless.

Raja Baja, a resident of palace had to stay with 15 children in a boarding. There were people but not good ones, and he was being punished for a mistake that he hadn’t committed. He thought his Bari Rani Maa would save him, but this time she also accepted defeat. He had compromised his luck, but it was not easy. He engraved a single word on her hand without her will, she screamed so much. But the world wrote over Raja’s heart to be a coward.

He could have saved had she told everyone that he didn’t hit Jeewan, but she didn’t open her mouth. Rani asks Raja why he didn’t complain the principal of school, the principal announced punishment but it ruined the matter. Raja comes to clutch Rani’s hair, saying she can’t even consider what insult is. He recall the boys harassing him by taking his clothes off in the middle of corridor. That night no one cared for him, he spent the night in a hiding, people came looking for him in the morning. Rani sits beside her and asks Raja why he didn’t tell his family.

Raja tells Rani he is son of Kaal, who only loves himself; he has no time to love his son and only considers him an insect. Rani apologizes Raja, but he clutches her neck asking what good will it be. He wouldn’t have been the same if she had spoken that day. He lives with hatred for self in his heart, and only she is responsible for this. Rani was suffocating badly.

Rami gets herself freed from Raja who goes to pour water for himself where he finds medicine for sleep. She recalls about mixing them in water, in hope for Raja to wear them. Raja’s head bang badly. There Jeewan searched for a wooden log but before that Raja had already fallen over floor. Jeewan appreciates Rani for doing whatever she did, he drags her out as she came to take her. Raja’s vision blurred, but he watches Rani go hand in hand with Jeewan. Rani walks out thinking about Raja’s words. She fell in the way crying.

Jeewan gives his hand to Rani, she holds it then withdraws her hand. She tells Jeewan she can’t leave. Jeewan was stunned, Rani says she has to stay for Raja. She mixed sleeping pills in his wine, she can’t leave him again. She can’t repeat her mistake to betray Raja and walks inside. Jeewan was helpless. Rani looks around for Raja as he was nowhere. Jeewan shouts at her to protect herself from wild animals, she is going to save the person who was about to take her life a while ago. Rani announces she can’t leave Raja, he is hers and needs her. They need each other. Jeewan asks why she can’t stay without him, Rani replies she love him; Jeewan was speechless.

Rani cries getting on floor, that she loves Raja a lot. Jeewan kneels besides her saying Raja is fond of playing with people’s emotions. He doesn’t know what Raja told her, but he only know how to give trouble to people. Rani accepts Raja turned to Rajveer only because of Jeewan’s lie and her silence. If they had bear it all, they would have become his alike. Jeewan qualifies Raja is well aware he must chain her by her heart and mind to enslave her forever. Rani withdraws from Jeewan’s grip, she insists she only belong to Raja no matter what. Jeewan was sure the day Raja’s real face comes to her, she will hate him. Rani leaves towards Raja as he needs her. Tear fell down Jeewan’s eyes.

Raja walks back to his room, Amrita was worried for him and calls Kaal and Bari Rani Maa for help. Raja takes a bottle of wine from his cup board, thinking about Rani and Jeewan together. He takes the papers from his cupboard that Rani pasted around his room for exam preparation; their childhood mask, the cloth piece tied around his chest injury and clutch it all; curtly saying she left him.
Amrita comes downstairs to ask the servant about Kaal and Bari Rani Maa. No one was home, Amrita things about doing something. Raja throw the wine on floor, thinking about Rani’s love confession for him.

Amrita comes calling Raja in his room. Raja burns a match stick saying today he has to burn her memories like she has always burnt his heart. Amrita comes to watch this, and calls Raja in concern. Rani comes from behind. Raja thinks she got very late. Rani joins her hands apologizing, Rani looks around for a way to get him out, then says she won’t leave his side for once again. If he has to burn, she will also burn with him. She forwards her hand for him to hold. Amrita urges Raja to come out of this fire, Raja watches the fire reaching Rani. He was about to hold her hand when Jeewan comes to save Rani. Rani resist Jeewan, crying that Raja will burn.

Jeewan drags Rani behind. Amrita swears Raja to come out, Raja vows to come back only in a condition that Rani leaves. He turns to tell Rani go away, else he will burn in the same fire. Jeewan holds Rani behind and insists on Rani to understand it’s his trap. Amrita asks Jeewan to take Rani away and calls the servants to get water buckets. The fire was put off.
Jeewan put on medicine over Rani’s burnt hand. Rani tells him Jeewan is hurt because he thought she betrayed him again, she won’t leave him this time. Jeewan’s hand was also burnt, he holds Rani’s arm asking her not to go to him as Raja isn’t in his senses. Rani cries hard for him, Jeewan was silent all along. Rani lay her head over Jeewan while crying, his hand trembled as he holds it to put it around Rani, tears fell off his eyes.

Amrita speaks to Raja, she explains Raja that he is doing this all in revenge. No one ever attempts to save the respect of the ones we hate, if he still doesn’t understand she will get clearer. Rani is his pain, and Rani is his medicine. Love sometimes come as loveable, sometime as hatred. The truth is he loves Rani. Raja denies it, calling her crazy. Amrita keeps his hand over head and demand him to swear he doesn’t love Rani. Raja was silent for a while, Amrita urges him to speak. Raja recalls all their moments together, then cries confessing he loves Rani; not from today but since when he was 10 years old. Rani was fixing her torn shirt, Jeewan brings her a shawl.

She thanks Jeewan, and calls herself lucky to have found a friend like him. He searched her even in a jungle, and forbids him fight Raja; for her sake. She takes a leave, Jeewan smiles and nods at her. Raja hugs Amrita saying he loves Rani dearly.
Rani comes home and cries hugging Raaj Mata. She says he doesn’t love her, everything has finished. Amrita was worried why he is breaking up, Raja says that Rani knew his injury and his pain, still she left with Jeewan. Amrita explains she wouldn’t have returned if she had to flee, and advices Raja to share his heart with her.Rani tells Raaj Mata he doesn’t understand whatever she tells him, though she confessed her love for him.

Raja accepts he is trying to stay away from her, because she is really innocent and he is an animal, a wild one. He fell on the floor crying, saying there is so much rage and anger inside him that makes him stay away from Rani. He will no longer hurt Rani again.Raaj Mata advices Rani to face the situations when she loves him, else leave him over his condition. When her parents married, her father didn’t love her mother, but the love of her mother earned his love finally. Rani was determined not to leave Raja’s side ever.

The next morning, Rani comes to the palace while Raja was working with his files. She inquires about his hand, Raja says its good she came herself, else he was about to send a servant to her home. He shows her the contract she signed, and informs her about signing her release. She is now free to leave the job. He signs a cheque for her salary and keeps it in front of her. He returns her the papers of her Dadu’s home, it belongs to her. He has also spoken somewhere else about her job and places a recommendation letter as well. Rani asks if he is sending her away from the job only, or his life. Raja breaks the nib over the paper he was writing, then qualifies, she was never in his life. Rani snatches all the files, and asks Rani what was in his eyes yesterday then; if she wasn’t in his life.

Raja heads to leave saying she had seen it. Rani stops his way, demanding why he is doing so. They can live as enemy, but not as stranger. She can stay with his hatred, she will not leave him at all. She confess her love, but Raja interrupts her to stop it. He just want her to go away from his life, he was annoyed and thought about hurting her. But it wasn’t possible, neither her friendship nor her enmity is made for him; he just wants to stay away from her. Rani comes to confront him, holding his hand and demands him to repeat this looking into her eyes. She only know she will remove all the reasons of their differences, she is also a Rani who can get defeated but can never accept a defeat.

She turns to leave but Raja stops her. Rani turns around with a smile, he hands her with the files and allow her to leave now. Rani leaves.Amrita comes across Rani in the corridor, and says he is really stubborn. Rani says he will now know he alone isn’t stubborn. Amrita tells Rani that tonight everyone in the palace will go for Pooja outside, Raja would be alone so she can make him up.At night, Raja sat alone thinking about the burning incident and Jeewan taking Rani away. Tear fell over his hand that he withdraws at once. He comes downstairs in the hall and hears Rani singing. He turns walk inside, Rani stops him and dances around him.

He was concerned watching her burnt hand, and walks into the store room. They stand in front of Gayatri and Rana ji’s photo. Rani hugs him saying she loves him a lot. Raja hugs her back, confessing his love for her as well.

During their hug Rani says she knew he was lying to himself as well, today all the misunderstandings have been cleared. Raja unstraps her dress, Rani pushes him away wondering what he is doing. Raja replies he is just loving her, Rani says this isn’t what love means. Raja asks if love doesn’t mean this, she wouldn’t have left her respect behind to come to palace at this time of night. He questions Rani about her song’s lyrics. Rani cries questioning why he hurt her. Raja moves away saying he doesn’t care for her tears anymore.

There was only an attraction between them, that is normal in this age; but such stories only last for one night. They can prolong this story to a number of nights, if she wish for. Rani asks Raja if this relation means only enjoyment for him, then alright. She removes her stroller off her, loosening the stripe of her dress and walks closer to him. She moves closer to him to kiss him, he jerks her away angrily and asks if she has gone crazy. Rani smiles victoriously, boasting she found out the truth. She can peek into his heart. Raja warns Rani to leave, before he does something for which she can’t forgive him.

Rani tells Raja she won’t go anywhere, college is starting from tomorrow. She will go to college, and fulfil her Dadu’s dream. If he really doesn’t love her, her presence must not make any difference for her. She want to see how he lives happily, making her go away from him. She drapes herself in her stroller, and wish to meet him in college tomorrow before leaving.

Raaj Mata pours tea for Jeewan, Jeewan questions where it has been written that only Rani must bend. Raaj Mata explains that apologizing doesn’t mean Rani considers her smaller than Raja, this only qualifies she wants to save her friendship. Jeewan insists that Raaj doesn’t love Rani, Rani comes home clarifying she loves Raja.

She stops Jeewan, as she doesn’t want to hear anything against Raja. Jeewan asks her again to listen to him, Rani tells him to go home, it’s late and they want to sleep. She takes Raaj Mata inside, Jeewan leaves helpless.On the breakfast table next day, Kaal tells Raja he was sure Raja can’t complete this hotel project. When the girl Rani left him, who put all her life at stake for him, who else will stay. Raja argues it is her head ache. Amrita interrupts them discussing work matters, and asks Bindu how her foreign trip was. Bindu excitedly tells them the beauty of London. Raja curtly asks why she returned. Bindu says she came back for him only, then explains it was because their college is starting from tomorrow.

She was excited as Raja has also been promoted this year. Raja informs he won’t go to college anymore. Kaal says alright, if a horse can’t win the race he must not run the race. Raja passed the exam this year only because of Rani. Raja leaves

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