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I do 7 April 2022: The reproters ask about mamu’s statement from asad. asad diverts the topic and says that they have organised a party for this transfer of duty and he would announce something very important there tomorrow.

While all clap, razia and mamu are shocked, as asad looks tensedly at them. razia begins to charge but mamu stops her. Zoya comes taunts razia, that its time frher to be embarassed and reflect on what all she has done. Razia eyes her angrily.

Razia reprimands mamu for being so calm and composed at whats happening around. mamu says that he didnt give his chair to asad. Razia is confused, and shocked too. She asks why didnt he say anything. mamu says that asad isnt a child, and that means this notice is a trap, as he has had some info on something and wants them to react, so that he can unravel the secrets. He says that they would have to lie low for some time.

She tries to speak, but he asks her to calm down. mamau asks her to let them play, as whats theirs would remain theirs. He says that they need to find out about the party tonight. Mamu gets tanveer’s call, saying that if he wants to know about his daughter, he needs to come and stop her from being taken someplace else.

before he can talk, theb nurse gets her phone and cancels it. Mamu walks out in a haste. razia wonders whats wrong with him these days, when she is unable to stop him repeatedly. She is shocked to find humaira ahnd haider together, at the door, with her clothes torn. she asks about her condition with humaira. humaira says that it happened during the camping. Razia reprimands her for being so brash and irresponsible. haumira tries to give excuses but she doesnt listen to anything.

she asks humira to go inside and get decently dressed. She looks at haider venomously. After razia leaves, humaira is surprised that razia doesnt want to know what happened to her. Haider says that he maybe the reason. she is confused. He says that razia doesnt like her spending time with him. she asks why is he saying so. He says that he has seen enough things, and knows what the other person is trying to say without actually saying.

Haider says that he has no family and no parentage, and hence its obvious that her parents wont like that she spend so much time with him. She tries to defend him and convince him otherwise. Humira accidentally blurts out and says that she likes spending time with him. haider is shocked while humaira gets shy. He asks what did she say. She doesnt respond. he lets it be, as he is habitual to all this. He leaves, while smirking that he’s having his effect on her. Humaira eyes him longingly.

Zoya reprimands asad for being so shy, when he isnt wearing the shirt that she asks him to, citing that its too bright. Asad reiterates that it doesnt suit him. Zoya goes onto taunt him for being so boring. She breaks into poetry:

Boriyat ke upar mr. khan ka copyright hai,
Is rangbirangi duniya mkein, aap akele black and white hain..

He throws off the shirt. She gets angry and takes it on herself, to make him change the shirt. in the tussle, they both fall on the sofa with her over him.(MITWA MOMENT) He caresses her face, while siding the flick of hair hiding her face, as she gets conscious of her intimacy with him. she gets up and turns away. Asad cups zoya’s body with his, from her back, and asks what happened, and why did she get so nervous and if she wont help him wear the shirt. She is nervous and embarassed.

She asks him to try it himself and show it to her. He asks her to help him, and asks that she’s so excited about the party tonight. She says that she’s excited about the announcement tonight. asad turns her around and cupping her face, asks her to look at him. She is shy and runs away from there, while he smiles.

in his room, rashid tries hard to write, and get a grasp, but is unable to. Dilshad walks in and is unable to notice what he is upto. he tries to get her attention to the paper that he is trying to grasp and show her. She gievs him one medicine and leaves for the other med, while the paper falls on the ground, and begins to fly off, with something scribbled on it. He resignedly gives in. While zoya is walking in the lobby, talking, the paper falls on her feet, with the wind, but she doesnt notice it. rashid gets upset, seeing tht the paper is lying there. Meanwhile, razia passes by and picks up that paper, and is shocked to read what it says, that rashid is telling zoya to check the phone. Rashid is tensed. razia wonders what could this mean.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nazma returns in the evning to get asad’s call, who congratultes her on her news. He wishes them well. she thanks him and asks about him. As asad asks about others, nazma gets tensed thinking about nikhat, when asad asks if she’s happy. Nazma says yes. Asad teases nazma saying that she has to come to the party tomorrow, and celebrate her news too. Nazma asks whats this news for which the party is being organised. hasaeena overhears her talking. He says to nazma that its a surprise.

Asad asks if nikhat is there, as he wants to invite her personally. Nazma looks at nikhat, sitting distraught in her room, and gets tensed. Haseena is worried about nazma’s reaction. nazma tells asad that nikhat is busy and she would tell later. Nazma tells haseena about the call, and haseena says that they dont need to take nikhat as she is mad, and would insult them yet again. Nazma is tensed seeing nikhat.

Scene 3:
Location: In the mental hospital
As the nurses begin to take tanveer, to be transferred to someplace else, mamu comes in and asks them to leave her. She is happy at this, while she continues to pretend to be mad. he asks for 5 minutes alone with her. the nurses say that they are outside, and he has only 5 minutes. After they leave, he impatiently asks about the daughter. she says that she thought he would never come. She says that she too gets upset seeing him upset, and wants to tell him about his lost daughter, but she has a condition. he asks what. she starts smiling evilly. He is tensed at this. He says that he would never be able to pay what she wants him to, and cites her as being mad. She gets into her original tone, and says that she isnt mad, and calls him by his name. he is shocked as he turns around to face her.

Scene 1:
Location: In the mental hospital
tanveer goes onto tell mamu that neither is she mad, nor her condition is impossible. she says that its a deal that she has made with him, about things that they both want. She says that he can fulfill what she needs, and asks him to think of his daughter, of which she knows, and its a small price to pay for that. She says that if they take her from there, then he would never be able to meet his daughter. Tanveer tells mamu that only she can make him meet his daughter and that only he has to decide now. Mamu is stunned, while tanveer smiles evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Meanwhile, razia steals zoya’s phone, and stealthily begins to search it. She hears the confession of mamu on zoya’s phone, and is shocked. She thinks that this is the announcement that they are planning to make tonight. But she gets tensed, as zoya comes and snatches the phone from her. razia gets upset. Zoya reprimands her for touching her personal things, and entering her room without her permission. she taunts her for her bad manners, and says that she did manage to teach her a lesson, as after ton ight, every game olf hers would end, and none of her conspiracies would save her. Zoya asks her to think what she needs to do in this short span of time. Razia is tensed and leaves, while zoya eyes her curtly, and wonders what was razia looking through. She carelessly throws the phone back on the bed, and leaves the room.

When mamu returns, he is still thinking about tanveer and her statements. He wonders how could he be trapped in that mad woman’s words, and that she had actually given him hope, but thats dead too now. He thinks that he wont ever be able to see her now. Zoya passes from behind him. He progresses towards his room. Razia is fuming in her room, trying to search for something. When mamu returns, razia says that she knows what they are planning to announce, and only one solution is there, and they have to get rid of zoya by murdering her. Mamu almost raises his hand on Razia, in his anger, and she is shocked. he says that blood cant take away the stain of a prior blood, and can only be wiped off by tears. razia says that then also she didnt kill for herself then, nor is she killing for herself now,

she did it for him then, and she would do it for him now. she tells about his confession on zoya’s phone, and how they plan to send them to jail forever, announcing this at the party tonight. Mamu is silenced. razia says that he has made a grave mistake, and she is just trying to rectify it. Mamu tells that she would do no such thing, as he would be punished for his crimes, and whatever punishment he gets, is less that what he desrves, and asks her to let whatever is to happen. razia is shocked at his stance, as he walks out.

Meanwhile, humaira comes to haider’s room, to find him packing. she asks if he is going somewhere. he curtly says yes, and wherever his destination would take him. She says that he cant go like this and who asked him to go. He says that it doesnt matter, as love and hatred are expressed through the eyes, and he knows that her parents dont like him staying eher.

Humaira says that he has a misunderstanding. haider says that even if it is so, then also he has finished his work here, and he doesnt have a purpose to stay back. She asks him surprised, if there’s actually no reason for him to stay back. He says that he doesnt want to go, but he has to. She asks why. He says that he doesnt want to land her in some problem due to him. she says that wont happen, and she would go and tell her father that he cant leave. as she begins to go, he holds her hand, smiling evilly, as she looks back surprised. He pulls her towards him, and she is conscious of the increasing proximity. He asks her why she doesnt want him to go. She stands speechless. He wipes the tears off her face. she says that she would talk to her father. He pulls her closer, and says that he would talk to his father. She hugs him lovingly, giving into her emotions. He is happy at the success of his plan.

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