Once there was a king update Sunday 24 April 2022

Once there was a king 24 April 2022: Raja comes to Rani and asks if she even got a guard as well. Rani boasts about being treated as princess by Kaal. Raja thinks about Rani’s father, and says she is the actual princess of Amirkot. Raja teases that this guard can’t save her from him. Raja says it’s difficult for him to accept Kaal has changed so soon, he know him well and he can go to any extent to gain something, remembering about calling Rana ji as a weak ruler. Raja was concerned for Rani, and asks her to tell him about anything that Kaal gifts her.

At home, Amrita gives Raja the file as a surprise. Raja reads the agreement about Kaal naming the property after Rani. He reads the note with it, that this is his first step in attempt to reverse his sins. Amrita was hopeful about all good
In the market, Rani was doing grocery shopping when Kaal comes behind. He takes the bags of Rani’s hands. He assures about trying to change and wants to be a good father in law for her and needs her help. Rani nods about helping him. He takes her to party office, and promises to drop her home later. In the office, Kaal was in a meeting with other ministers. Rani overhears Kaal saying that he agrees that women have a right to fight in elections, they are worth more than men are and he has realized this in the recent past.

The ministers suggest he should then appoint Rani on the seat. When they all leave, Rani walks in. Kaal says to Rani that right now Amirkot needs someone as educated, qualified and eligible as Rani is. Rani denies as she is the common girl. Kaal insists that Amirkot needs her the most. Kaal sends Rani with a guard. At home, Raaj Mata tells Rani she has always wanted Rani to sit on the throne. At night, Rani and Raja were eating qulfi together, and discuss about the offer. Raja says Rani will get an experience of all this once she agrees to fight the elections. The next morning, in the palace Amrita tells Rani that Raja is right, she will get an experience once she opts to do it and Kaal is there to help her.

Rani says to Amrita that she was mistaken in whatever happened, as much as Kaal was. A woman allows man to oppress her, else he would never gain courage to.
In the palace, Raja insists on Rani to accept this challenge. Everyone calls governing as a filthy place, but no one is ready to jump in it to wipe this filth out. Rani says she is just a common girl. Raja insists she is much more, but only doesn’t understands. Inside, Amrita shares with Rani that she was engaged to Kaal since childhood. Rani entered her life to make her understand she isn’t wrong, Rani made Kaal bend in front of everyone.

Kaal would never have let any woman contest in elections, Rani can change life of many women. If Rani is being given this opportunity, she must think about it.
At night, Raaj Mata asks Rani to sleep as it’s really late. Rani says she will have to complete this chapter. Her phone bell rings, Raaj Mata teases her and asks her to pick up the call and she is leaving. Rani denies this, Raaj Mata leaves asking her to talk to Raja. On the call, Raja teases Rani about writing his name. Rani says she was studying, and except Dadu no one miss him here. Kaal comes to his room, then leaves as he is busy. Raja asks him to say what he came for. Kaal requests Raja to ask Rani contest in elections for Amirkot.

Amrita hurries Bindu for Navratri, Bindu misbehaves in return. Kaal comes to scold Bindu for misbehaving with his wife, and accepts that he has always misbehaved with him. He asks Amrita’s companionship in life, and requests her not to do anything from now on. Amrita fell in his feet in elation, Kaal hugs her as that is her right place. Raja and Rani stood there. Kaal comes to tell Raja he will prove to be a good father for him. He then comes to Rani and wants her to show other people such right path as well. Rani says she has realized in the last few days they all have really high hopes with her. Raja inquires if she agrees to contest for elections. Rani clearly states it’s a no, she isn’t ready to take such a huge responsibility.

She isn’t a graduate yet, she wants to complete her studies first. When she is ready to take her responsibilities, only then she would be able to take responsibility of Amirkot. Raja says they will figure out a way that she can completer her studies as well. Kaal accepts Rani’s decision. Bari Rani Maa was determined to find the sweetness behind Kaal’s attitude.
They couples perform Pooja. Rani and Raja play stick dance later, Raja teases Rani and open the knot of her blouse. They come aside, Raja comes to help her. They share moments together. Kaal sends Raja away from the hall, Bari Rani Maa points at Bindu to go behind him.

Rani turns around to see a man pointing a gun towards her. Raja notices the drum beating had stopped inside. The shooter wonders how Rani even thought about contesting the elections being a woman, they will kill her. The bullet was shot to the shock of everyone. Raja comes to the hall, Rani looks down on floor to see Kaal haven taken the bullet.They bring Kaal to hospital. Kaal was taken in for operation. The family waiting outside, Amrita crying, Raja restless. The doctors come out saying they removed the bullet but the next 48 hours are critical for him. Raja was broken. Raja comes to the stairs where the shooter was fleeing, he clutches his collar while the shooter apologizes him saying he never wanted to kill Kaal.

Raja beats him hard and was about to attack on him with a broken bottle. Rani comes to save him. Raja wasn’t ready to spare him, it’s because of him Kaal is fighting life. Rani asks if he wants to go to jail, what would happen to Amrita and her. The police arrive to arrest the man. Raja sits there on floor and cries hugging Rani.
Amrita prays in the temple of hospital with a candle on her palm. Raaj Mata comes to Bari Rani Maa and says she understands a pain about losing a son. She prays she doesn’t have to bear this pain, they pray together.

Raja cries as to whom he would fight if something happens to Kaal. Raaj Mata walks towards Rani and Raja. Raja tells Rani that Kaal is a worse person, even the greatest of punishments is less for him. Raaj Mata at once get a flashback of Gayatri with the name of Kaal, her head bangs badly. Raja tells Rani that there was a time he himself wanted to take his life, but today he has realized he can’t see his father die. He wish to do something for him. Rani assures Raja she will do something for him, she will contest for elections. Bari Rani Maa overhears this, she thinks if Kaal did this drama to trap Rani? There, Raaj Mata shouts that another monster has died today. Raja and Rani come to see Raaj Mata hysterically laughing beside Kaal.

She shouts that today her son and daughter in law’s murder has been paid off for today. Raja notices Kaal’s nerves, then comes to calm Raaj Mata down and asks Rani to take her home. Bari Rani Maa thinks that Kaal selected Rani for contesting in elections, she needs to break the bonding between Kaal and Rani.
At home, Raaj Mata says she would cook sweets today as a monster has died. Raja comes to allow Raaj Mata do this, as Rani is going to be a minister soon. Raaj Mata says she was sure she will get what she lost. She again insists that the monster has died. Raja leaves the room. Someone cuts the power supply of Kaal’s room, Amrita was worried that there is electric supply everywhere except this room and goes to inquire about it.

Raja comes to wash his face, Rani gives him a towel but he use her saree cloth. Rani asks why he came here, she could have taken care of Dadu. Raja asks who would take care of her, it’s his duty and he likes doing his chores himself. Rani asks since when? Raja tells her it’s since she wandered around him in two braids; he loves teasing her. He stops at once discussing about Kaal, then says if she doesn’t want to contest the elections she shouldn’t. Rani says the shooter actually came to attack the courage of females, she can’t let his thinking win. She would try her best to be a good leader. Raja was sure she would become the best leader Amirkot ever had; she is Raja’s wife after all.

Rani holds his hand, then asks what he would have for dinner. Raja holds her close saying he is really hungry, but for some time he must fast as he has to take a few things to hospital.Bari Rani Maa enters Kaal’s room and was about to clutch his neck, Kaal holds her hand as he had woken up.In the palace, two men were looking for the fake bullet. They discuss if someone finds it, it would be an evidence that the whole incident was a fake one. Raja comes to palace, and wonders if Bhandari was also involved with this attack. He calls from behind that he got the fake rubber bullet. He questions why there was a fake bullet; and guess they didn’t come to kill Rani. He recalls Rani denying to contest, and blackmailing involved in this incident. Raja says it means he was right, no matter how much the snake grows he never loses his poison. Kaal won’t be able to write Rani’s fate again.

Kaal tells Bari Rani Maa he isn’t going to leave sooner, and if she tells this to anyone she would have to die.Bhandari hits Raja’s head from behind with a vase, Raja was hurt. Bhandari takes the fake bullet.
Rani watches Bari Rani Maa and Kaal and comes inside cheery. She goes to take Amrita and Raja, Bari Rani Maa also leave the room. The doctor comes to see Kaal and allow him to leave for home now, as he is better. They take Kaal through the corridor, when Raja enters. Rani goes to call Dadu that Kaal is fine. On the reception, a few male nurses were taking an accident case saying it was a bad road accident. Raja enters the room, the nurse informs him that Kaal was discharged. Raja was sure not to let rani sign the papers.

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