My heart knows update Sunday 24 April 2022

My heart ways 24 April 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani is in the grass hut in the outhouse. Someone knocks on the door. Kalyani asks who has come? She thinks if Rachit came to know that I am hiding here. She takes the rod and walks towards the door asking who is there? She is about to open the door, when the knocking sound stops. Kalyani thinks why did Rachit stop suddenly? Just the electricity is off. She asks Rachit not to be oversmart and calls his name. She sees someone jumping in the outhouse through the window. She calls Rachit’s name and asks not to be oversmart and says she will hit him. The guy holds the rod and he is none other than Malhar. Tere Jaane Ka Gham plays……Kalyani looks at him.

Malhar hangs the lantern and throws the rod. He looks at her closer to him and says so much love with new husband, you wait for him lifting weapon in your hand. He holds her closer. Kalyani asks him to leave her. Malhar says your tongue might be lying to me, but your big eyes tells everything. He says if you are scared that your new husband will come here, then he will not come. He thinks it is good that I heard Sampada talking to Rachit. A fb is shown, Sampada talks to Rachit and asks him to stop drinking and come home, as she came to know where is his brand wife coming here. He hears her and calls Pawar asking him to get him arrested. Fb ends.

Malhar tells Kalyani that her husband is behind bars so he will not trouble her. kalyani smiles and then asks why? What did you do with him. Malhar says I didn’t do anything as he was arrested for drunk and driving. He says your eyes can’t lie to me, as happiness is reflecting in your eyes. Kalyani says Malhar ji…leave me. Malhar is closer to her.Kalyani asks him to leave her and says truth is that Rachit and I had planned to spend night here and you have ruined all. Malhar says that’s why you are crying. He asks her to say clearly that she is missing him. Kalyani wipes her tears and turns to him. She says she don’t miss him and wants to clear all his memories from her heart.

She says whatever moments we have shared, I want to wipe it all, your face, voice and smell…I want to wipe all. She says even your touch. She says just now you touched me, I want to clear it out. Malhar cries. Kalyani takes water pot and pours water on herself. She gets drenched in water and rubs her hand on her body. Malhar comes near her and asks her how she will separate their souls, which are one now. Kalyani says yes, I will. I will clear Malhar Rane’s name from my life. Malhar says do it. Kalyani pushes him and goes out of the outhouse. Malhar breaks the pot and grass house.

Sampada searches for Malhar and sees Kalyani coming out drenched in water. She gets furious and hears shouting angrily.Sarthak is drowsy and is very close to the lady. Anupriya is shocked. Sarthak sees her and says you are thinking wrong. The lady asks if he called her hiding from his wife. Sarthak asks her to take the money and go from there. The lady takes the money and keeps in her purse.Malhar talks to Moksh and says your Baba is trying to know the truth and to bring your Aai, but she thinks she is a world’s best actor and tells that he can feel her pain.

He asks Moksh not to worry and says I will bring your Aai back. Malhar sings kuch toh hai tujhse raabta….Sampada comes there and asks Malhar to give Moksh to her. Malhar asks what you made him eat? Sampada says she is taking him to eat food. Malhar asks why he sleeps often and looks dull. Sampada says due to the weather and tells that she is taking him to hospital for check up. She says Moksh likes to eat food with her Nani and takes him from Malhar. She smirks and goes. Malhar looks on.Sampada asks Anupriya to believe him and tells that he didn’t call the lady. The lady asks her to check his phone and messages and goes from there.

Anupriya asks Sarthak not to touch her. She says she was fool to come here and says why do I hope from you, you always break my trust. Sarthak says I am not lying. Anupriya says if you wanted to say truth then would have told that you was married and had a wife. Sarthak says I didn’t marry anyone else. He says I got married only to you. Anupriya asks who is Riddhi then? Sarthak says Riddhi is not my daughter, I adopted her. He says even though I love her a lot, but I found her in….Riddhi hears him and gets shocked and hurt. She cries. Sarthak calls her and goes behind her.

Sampada comes to kalyani and asks what you was doing in the outhouse with Malhar. She asks do you have any shame to get close to an unrelated man. She says he is my husband. Kalyani pushes her on the floor and says it is not good to talk like that being such woman. Sampada calls Rachit and asks him to talk to Kalyani. Rachit tells Kalyani that Malhar got him arrested, but he came out. He says what I am hearing that you was with Malhar in the outhouse and asks why? He says you made me helpless, asks her to check her phone, says I have sent the pic. Kalyani sees Moksh’s pic and gets shocked.

Sampada calling Rachit and gives call to Kalyani. Kalyani asks him to say. Rachit says you know that I love you madly and then also you want to go to Malhar, who doesn’t care about you. He says I don’t want to trouble you, but you made me helpless to scare you. He asks her to check her phone for the pic. Kalyani checks her phone and finds Moksh’s pic. Kalyani shouts asking what happened to Billu and asks Sampada? She asks Sampada. Sampada laughs. Kalyani says we have done a deal that I will maintain distance from Malhar. Sampada says you have not fulfilled your deal and got closer to Malhar. Kalyani says what kind of mother you are….She says my son needs me.

She asks Sampada to tell where is he? Sampada says he is not at home. Kalyani asks Rachit, where is her Billu? Rachit says I will make you meet your Billu, but you shall slap Malhar hard and says I will give medicine to him. He asks if she knows what will happen to Billu if he don’t get the medicine. Kalyani says if something happens to him then I will not leave you. Rachit asks her to do as he says. Sampada takes her out and asks her to do as he said, says Rachit is on call still. Kalyani slaps Sampada hard on her face. Sampada says how dare you to slap me. Kalyani says I didn’t show you my courage yet and says such woman like you shall be hanged and killed.

Everyone comes out hearing this. Kalyani asks how dare you to accuse me without thinking anything? She says I was waiting in the outhouse for my husband and says what shall I do, if Malhar ji came there, I didn’t call him there. She says nothing happened between them in the outhouse and asks her not to take tension. She says when nothing happened between them in their 1.5 years marriage then what will happen now. She says truth is that they have no such chemistry, says she was mad to get trapped in a marriage with him. Malhar gets teary eyes. She says how much you fight with me for Malhar.

Madhav asks her to have some shame and scolds her. Rachit hears on call. Madhav asks Malhar, how can he stand and listen silently. Aao Saheb says I agree with Madhav for the first time and asks what happened to you Kalyani. Kalyani asks her to ask Malhar, if they had any husband and wife relation, says thank god, she came out of the name sake wedding. She says atleast I will have normal husband and wife’s relation with my marriage with Rachit. She tells Sampada that she has nothing to do with Malhar ji and says how can a woman have interest in a man who didn’t touch her even once.

She says sometimes I think, if Moksh is Malhar and your son? She asks are you sure? Madhav slaps her. Malhar says Baba…and feels her pain. Kalyani looks at Malhar. Malhar looks at Sampada and goes from there.Kalyani cries and goes to her room. She calls Rachit and asks if he is happy now? She says I insulted Malhar ji and broke his heart, asks if he is happy now? She asks him to say where is Billu? Rachit says sorry and says I got possessive about you. She asks him to stop nonsense and tell where is her Billu? He says I sent you address, go and meet him.

Sampada comes to the room and sees Malhar sleeping covered with a blanket. She closes the door and says don’t care about Kalyani’s words. She says you didn’t go near Kalyani as you have love for me in your heart. She says Moksh is with Aai and we are alone in this room. She says we are locked in the room for the first time. She pulls the blanket. She says she came with all the hopes and will relive their moments. She starts laughing. Malhar is keeping hand on his nose and opens his eyes, thinks laughing gas showed his affect.

Sampada says I didn’t see unlucky girl like Kalyani, first she got married to you for Moksh and now she has to go away from you because of Moksh. She laughs and feels pity on Kalyani. She says Kalyani has to leave you for Moksh. Kalyani runs seeing the location and stops somewhere. She recalls her words that Malhar ji didn’t touch her even once and she has no interest in him. She recalls saying she thinks if moksh is their son. She says sorry and says I have to talked badly with you for Moksh. She thinks she has hurt her Malhar ji’s heart and shall be punished for this. She takes the chillis kept in the basket and eats it, shouts and says sorry.

Sarthak tries to stop Riddhi and says I didn’t lie to you. Riddhi says when you are not my baba then why did you lie. Riddhi says I will not come with you. Sarthak apologizes and says I love you the most. Riddhi asks him to go. The people sitting there think that he is a kidnapper and beats him badly. Riddhi asks them to leave him. The man asks her to move to side. Anupriya comes there and asks the men to stop beating him. The man says he is a kidnapper/thief. Anupriya says he is my husband and this girl is his daughter Riddhi. Pawar comes there and asks who called the Police. The man says he has called him. Anupriya asks Pawar to help Sarthak get up.

Sarthak gets up and asks Pawar not to tell anything to Malhar. Pawar says ok.Sampada then acts to feel pity on Moksh and says he is very much bechara..Malhar keeps handkerchief on his nose and asks what happened to Moksh. Sampada says Moksh is having a disease and tells everything, how she blackmailed Kalyani to leave him etc. Malhar gets teary eyes and asks what kind of mother you are, you have given him birth and is taking advantage of his illness. Sampada says I agree that I am bad, but you are helpless and has no only to save your son. You and me have to give birth to our second child and that’s why Kalyani, great Kalyani is giving a big sacrifice.

She says just now she went running to hospital to see Moksh, who is unwell. She says I lied to you that he is here. Malhar is shocked.Malhar asking Sampada what happened to Moksh? Sampada laughs and says Moksh is the guest of few days, he is unwell. I lied to you that he is with Aai, but he is with Kalyani in the hospital. She tells that she is not alone, as all the plan is of Rachit. She thinks don’t know why I am laughing so much. Malhar closes the laughing gas cylinder cap kept behind the bed and thinks I know Kalyani is helpless big and she is giving this sacrifice to save Moksh. Sampada says why I am laughing so much.

Malhar opens the doors and windows to let the gas effect goes. Sampada becomes normal and asks when did I come to his room, did I say anything wrong and says she don’t remember. Malhar controls his anger and thinks first of all he has to reach hospital and meet Kalyani and Moksh, before that he couldn’t let Sampada and Rachit know that he came to know about the truth. He asks Sampada to lie down on the bed and covers blanket on her, says you seems to be unwell. He leaves from the house.

Doctor asks Nurse to get the report from lab. Kalyani asks if there is emergency situation. Doctor says no and says the bone marrow transplant shall happen soon. Kalyani thinks Malhar and Sampada’s other child shall be born soon. She says nothing will happen to her Billu. Doctor gets a call and speaks to someone. He asks Kalyani to bring the medicine from chowk medical shop. Kalyani asks can I take Moksh. Doctor asks her to give Moksh to nurse. Kalyani takes the prescription after giving Moksh to the nurse and leaves. Doctor calls someone and tells that she left.

Anupriya is with Sarthak. She thinks she can’t pick Kalyani’s call as she is already stressed. Pawar comes there and tells Anupriya that orphanage authorities confirmed that he has adopted Riddhi. Sarthak tells Anupriya that Riddhi is the daughter of a prisoner. She died after giving birth to her. He adopted her to give her fatherly love. Anupriya goes to Riddhi and tells that Police has found out that Sarthak ji is your father. She says he said that being angry. Riddhi gets happy and runs to hug Sarthak. She says it is good that you married this aunty, she is good. Malhar calls Anupriya and she picks the call and gets shocked.

She comes to Malhar and apologizes to him for hiding the truth. She says we have no other way out than to do this, to save Moksh. We have to save him anyhow. Malhar sits in his jeep. Rachit comes there in his car and asks Malhar if he thought that he will not come out of lock up and laughs. Malhar controls his anger and is about to go, but Rachit comes infront of his jeep. Malhar asks him to go and says I am worried about Kalyani and Moksh. Rachit says that’s why you are going to hospital to see them. Sampada comes out, recalls realizing telling the truth and calling Rachit to inform him. Rachit tells Malhar that he can’t harm him even after knowing the truth, says nobody can snatch my Kalyani. He shouts..Aao Saheb, Atharv, Pallavi, Madhav, Swara and others come out.

Rachit says what if I tell that Kalyani is not safe and is kidnapped from the clinic then what you will do. Malhar gets down from the jeep and starts beating him. Rachit says beat me, but you can’t search Kalyani. Malhar hits him. Police song plays….He takes out the door and is about to hit Rachit with it. Anupriya asks Malhar not to make his hands dirty with Rachit’s blood and says he will take us to Kalyani. Sarthak says police will come here and will question him. He says think about Moksh. Rachit laughs and says Kalyani is just mine. Auto driver is taking Kalyani to the isolated place. Kalyani plays police jeep sound. Driver realizes that she is fooling him and stops the auto.

Kalyani runs. He holds her hand. Kalyani says I know you are Rachit’s man and says if I had to run then I would have run like this. She asks him to leave her hand and says if I run then you will run behind me then I will run more faster. She says we both would have get tired and asks him to leave her hand, says she will not run away. She says we shall stay here and do settlement. She asks him to see owl and then hits him repeatedly. She then picks a brick and hits on his head, puts him in the auto, he faints. Kalyani thinks the danger is not gone, I have to tell Malhar. She thinks to call him so that he comes to know that she is in danger. Sarthak and Malhar reach the clinic. Sarthak asks Doctor to tell where is Kalyani? Doctor says I don’t know.

Malhar takes Moksh and cries. He says you and your Aai have hidden a big truth from her and bearing the burden on your shoulders. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. Sarthak slaps doctor and asks Malhar to call Police. Doctor asks them not to call Police and says Rachit gave me money and asked me to send Kalyani out to get medicine. He says I don’t know where Kalyani went after that. Malhar asks Sarthak to take Moksh home and says I will search Kalyani. Just then he gets a call and looks at Sarthak.

In the morning, Kalyani thinks it is morning, shall I run away from here, or wait for Malhar ji. She thinks Malhar ji must be on the way. Just then she hears someone coming and turns calling Malhar ji. She is shocked to see Rachit standing and smiling.

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