Never say goodbye update Thursday 24 March 2022

Never say goodbye 24 March 2022: The Episode starts with Vividha telling Atharv that they have to leave all sorrows back and move ahead, will you be able to forgive Kailash. He agrees and says you are saying right, maybe I m over thinking. She asks did you forgive Papa. He says yes. She thanks and hugs him, asking him to say I love you to her. He says I know you love me. She says I know that, why can’t you say I love you to me. He says we should leave few things, I will go factory. She says you have to say I love you to me, I will see how you go to factory.

Uma asks Dadi about the lists. Dadi says we will pandit ji who has much knowledge. Vividha stops Atharv and says I won’t let you go anywhere. Atharv says you are going to get married and being kiddish. Kailash comes and asks whats going on, stop meeting now, marriage is fixed, there are rituals of marriage, obey that, wait till marriage. He goes. Guddi asks Vividha to come and takes her along. Dadi stops Atharv and says I had to say sorry, you can meet me for few days instead Vividha, then you have to be with Vividha forever. Uma and Sujata smile. Atharv holds her hand and smiles, flirting saying I can spend my life with you, if you say yes, I will say no to Vividha. He kisses her hand.

Dadi says you are becoming naughty today and gets shy. She laughs and goes.Sujata asks Atharv to get the items. Atharv says how many times will you give lists. She says its not your birthday, its marriage and I will recollect many small things and ask you to get. Vividha sits with him on the bike. He asks why did you come, Kailash asked groom and bride not to meet before marriage. Vividha insists. They leave. Sujata says Kailash is stopping them to meet and they will meet more now.

Atharv asks Vividha how did you break your Papa’s rules today. She guides him the way. He asks why do you look worried. She says I will tell you. They reach near the cliff. He asks why did you get me here. She says I understood something which can affect our future, I can’t accept that, I can’t marry you. He gets shocked and asks what are you saying. She says I won’t be able to marry you. He asks did you go mad. She says no, I don’t want to lose happiness, I felt today I won’t be happy by marrying you, I have to take decision right away, I have to sacrifice my love, I will stay all life sorrowful, but I can’t pretend to be happy.

He asks why did you feel such that you decided this. She says if I marry, I will be first girl to have love marriage whose boyfriend did not say I love you. He says fine, I won’t say, lets break the marriage, you did so much drama for this. He smiles. She says this thing is bothering me, will you not tell me, its not funny, fine. She shouts Atharv and disappears. He turns and looks down the cliff for her. He shouts Vividha and bends down. She holds his hand and smiles. She says I m here. He emotionally hugs her. Jaana na dil se door…..plays……….. He says never say such things, it hurts me. She says I know, sorry, take a deep breath now.

He says I love you, I love you….. 4 times. She smiles……… He says if you think of doing this again, I won’t talk to you. She says fine, I have made you say, you did not realize, you said I love you four times. She kisses him. He says you should have not done this. She says whats the big deal. He says if I refusing for anything, it will have some reason, why do you get adamant always. She asks the reason. He says Sujata did not tell me many things about Ramakant, but she said Ramakant said her I love you once, and then they got away in 3 days, I also feel this will happen with us. She says you are getting superstitious, why are you saying this. He says I can’t stay away from you, if you get away from me, I can’t live without you.

She stops him, and says don’t say this, we have met to unite, not to get separated, I have held your hand for all births, I will not leave you easily. He asks why did you make me say this. She says I joked, but I m happy to make you say this, your fear is out, I don’t want to live with fear that you will lose you, I want you to live with trust that I m always with you.He says I always had this belief, but since few days, I feel there is something wrong. She says its problem of your thinking. He says you won’t understand, I have seen Sujata dying everyday without her husband, I have bear her pain, when you love someone, then I understand the pain of losing someone, Sujata is alive, but she is in sorrow, I learnt the pain of relations in childhood.

She says its time that gives wounds and heals wounds, everyone will be fine. They hug. He asks marriage’s 6th promise. She tells him girl tells the guy, if I sit with my friends, you don’t insult me infront of them, if you can keep yourself away from gambling, I accept to sit on your left side. He says our promise will be different, promise me you will agree. She asks him what is it. He says promise if anything happens to me, you will move on in life and stay happy. She signs no. He asks her to promise. She says no and pushes his hand away.

Suman writes a mail to Ravish, that Ramakant is still around us, he did not go anywhere, his last wish was that you get married, he chose a girl for you, we decided to take this step for his soul peace, I know this is your life’s decision, I did not ask you, but I m happy to fulfill Ramakant’s decision, I m sending pic, the girl’s name is Vividha I know your Jodi will be good, marriage is next week, reply me by mail if you don’t want to marry Vividha.Vividha saying no, I won’t promise you, my happiness is with you. She hugs him and cries. He says nothing will happen to me, I just asked for this promise if anything happens to me.

She says we are getting married, are you mad to say this, I will never give this promise. He says this is 6th promise of our marriage, promise me. She says why are you scared, I won’t promise, I won’t let even death come between us, and runs away. Ravish calls Suman. She is on the way in car.She says Ramakant has left us, how are you. He says fine, did dad give any message for me. She says yes, he said he misses the army land and asked you to do duty well, I want you to fulfill Ramakant’s last wish, he has chosen a girl for you, did you see pic. He says pic is downloading. She says I have seen pic and it looks she is made to come to our house, she is destined to fill happiness in our house, did pic get downloaded.

Ravish is called for duty. He tells Suman that pic did not get downloaded, and I will see it later. Vividha’s pic downloads. Suman says Ravish will come home safe. Atharv comes home and thinks how to call Viividha out. Sujata looks on and asks what. He says its good you came, call Vividha. She says she went with you, how shall I call her. Atharv says just call her. Sujata calls out Vividha. Guddi and everyone come out. Guddi says she is not at home. He asks where did she go, I will go and see her. Vividha comes home. He says its good you came, I have to talk. She refuses to talk to him. Sujata asks what did Atharv do now. Vividha says don’t waste time on him, see what I got for you. She shows the saree for Sujata. Everyone smile.

Sujata says its very beautiful, I used to wear colorful sarees before, but not now, all colors have gone from my life. Vividha says no, Ramakant gave you colors before going, Atharv and I don’t believe in this, pain is not such that life gets dull, Ramakant will not wish you to cut off my colors and happiness. Dadi says yes Sujata, Vividha is right, look at me, I did not get cut off from colors, as my husband used to tell me about living life, not passing life, you also have to live life.

Sujata says Dadi is right but…. Vividha says Atharv won’t say, but can’t see you in white clothes, we all can’t see you like this, its my and Atharv’s haldi tomorrow, if you want to see our haldi, you have to wear colorful clothes, else keep your son as bachelor at home. Sujata hugs her. Atharv says I have to talk to Vividha. Vividha says I don’t have talk. She tells Sujata that Atharv was scared, I made him say I love you by difficulty, now he is afraid that we will get away in 3 days. Sujata asks why Atharv, what is Vividha saying, when did you start thinking this, you are my son, but carbon copy, you and Vividha faced many problems and reached here, then why fear now.

Vividha says I m tired of explaining him, I fought with society, but failed to fight with his fear, will I live with such man who is always afraid to lose me. Uma asks Atharv why to get afraid of the thing which can’t happen, don’t worry. Dadi says you were not like this. Guddi says hero and coward, no. Atharv says enough Mata, humans have fear, I got scared, what does Vividha want to hear, I love you…… everyone want to hear this, I love you. He hugs Vividha. They all laugh.

Kailash gives the marriage invitation card. Daddy ji says its our good luck that your daughter will become our bahu. Kailash says we will come and do marriage in this house. Suman says this is our respect, don’t worry, we will do all arrangements. Kailash says I know, we are one family now, we will do marriage small rituals and come.Sujata applies haldi to Atharv. Uma also applies. Sujata asks her to apply more. Uma says Atharv is my son and son in law also, Atharv is Sujata’s son in this birth, I won’t give him in next birth, he will be born to me.

Sujata says fine, then Vividha will be mine. Atharv says fine, you both can exchange children, but Kailash won’t work, change him. They laugh. Dadi goes to apply haldi. Atharv holds her hand and asks why is she crying. Dadi says its happiness tears. the day I knew Vividha loves you, I was waiting for this day, today this auspicious time has come.Atharv asks her not to cry, you stood with me and made this possible, you were with me when Vividha was not with me. Dadi blesses him. Guddi applies haldi and says I was afraid seeing you scold me when Payal was lost, but then you gave us reason to love you, as you guided all of us and saved us. Atharv asks who is she, is she same Guddi. They laugh. He says thanks that Payal was missing, I went with Vividha to Pushkar and our love story started, thanks to you.

Vividha comes and says I will apply haldi to Atharv. Atharv asks her to wait. She smiles. Kailash comes and shouts Vividha. He says I told you not to meet before marriage, you don’t understand. Uma asks about cards distribution. Kailash takes haldi bowl and applies tika to Atharv. Everyone smile.He says marriage rasam arrangements are done Sujata, now we should start marriage preparations. Vividha smiles.

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