Never say goodbye update Wednesday 29 June 2022


Never say goodbye 29 June 2022: The Episode starts with Vividha asking Madhav to take care, what if you fell from stairs and got hurt, we would have left game and lost, we promised Ravish we will win game. Madhav says sorry. Vividha says listen to me carefully, go to Raghav’s room and get toothbrush and hairbrush, be careful of others, don’t get scared, when you get these things, I will make them busy in talk. He asks if I get scared, if she comes back. She says who, there is no one. He says bad Badi Maa is here. She gets shocked. He says I was scared seeing her and ran away.

Ravish sits working. Uma gets kada. She says have it, your headache will get fine, you need rest. He says I have to check accounts. She says children always makes excuse, mum can know excuse, you did not sleep so that you stay ready if Vividha needs you, don’t worry, they are fine, you may not like kada, your fav herbs ended. He says you should have told Suman when she called, she would have sent. She says I would say if she called, sometimes its tough to contact her. He asks did Suman not call you. She says no, this time, since she left, she did not call. He gets thinking Suman’s words.

Vividha and Madhav go to collect DNA samples. She takes him along. Someone sees them. Madhav calls her out. He says I have seen Suman there. She asks him to wait. She leaves with Madhav. Suman shuts door. She says I got saved, else she would have seen me, I have to make her leave. She looks outside.Vividha hears anklet sound. She turns to see. Atharv comes there. She puts her ghunghat and says you here. He asks what are you doing here. She says i came to take water and heard some sound. He says I was here, I came to take dumbbell, I did not hear sound, go and sleep.

Ravish talks to Vividha. She says some time more, we will get samples. He says its not good to stay there. She says I know, but don’t worry, now Atharv can’t hurt me. He says your place is here with family. She says I know, we want DNA samples for our son, trust me, I will not get trapped here, strange things are happening here, we would have got samples, Madhav got scared and dropped samples. He asks why. She thinks of Ravish’s words. He asks why did Madhav gets scared. She says he is fine now. He says you can’t lie to me, tell me why Madhav got scared. She says Madhav said he has seen Suman here, I don’t know what he has seen. He gets shocked and asks her to return home soon. She says I will come soon. He asks her to take care. He thinks of Uma’s words.

Atharv thinks of Vividha. Jaana na dil se door…..plays……… Vividha sees shadow and goes out. Atharv sits in living room. She sees him and thinks why is he awake till now. Tu jo nazron ke saamne…..plays………. Atharv sees the drawings. Vividha walks close and sees the drawing in his hand. He says Vividha…… She worriedly rushes back and hides. He turns and does not see her.He keeps drawing there and goes to his room. She sees her drawing. She thinks why does he have my sketch, why is he taking my name now. She keeps drawing back and goes to her room. Its morning, Vividha does the work at home. Atharv asks Madhav are you getting bored. Madhav says I m bored, there is nothing to play. Atharv says I don’t have kitchen set and girls’ toys, what should I get.

Madhav asks can’t I play with boy’s toys, girls can do what boys can do. Atharv says you think like me. He gets a call and talks. He says oh, I will get your game. Madhav says you forget so much, Sadiyal. Atharv stops and asks what did you say. Vividha worries.Madhav saying he forgets so much, Sadiyal. Atharv asks Sadiyal. Madhav says my mum is Sadiyal, you are so good, you are not Sadiyal. Atharv says no, you should not say this about mum, mum raised you, think always, world on one side and mum on other side. Vividha thinks he left his mum and giving lecture here. Atharv says say sorry to mum. Madhav says sorry mumma. Atharv goes to get some toys. Madhav says he talks a lot, Sadiyal. Vividha stops Madhav. Atharv gets remote cars and says one who wins game is winner. Madhav and Atharv play. Madhav wins and jumps happily. Atharv says you are a girl, you should talk like a girl. Madhav says I spoke like a girl as I was driving a car, girls don’t drive. Atharv says no, even girls drive cars. They play.

Vividha goes to kitchen and thinks for whom is she taking breakfast. She asks Guddi for whom is she taking this. Guddi says for Maa. Vividha thinks of Madhav’s words and says I will give. Guddi says no, she is not well, I will give her. She goes after Guddi. Guddi enters the room. Vividha looks inside. Suman shuts the door.Suman asks how did you let that woman enter home. Guddi says Atharv got her. Suman says you know who is she, she is Vividha. Guddi gets shocked. Vividha thinks why is everything strange here, Atharv had my sketch, this basement, room, who is this woman called Maa, whose face did I not see, Madhav said Suman is here, is all this linked. She goes.

Guddi says she is not Ramkali, she is Vividha. Suman says since I saw her at home, I got caged in this room, why is your phone off. Guddi says battery went. Suman says the girl with Vividha is her son Madhav. Guddi asks what will we do now. Suman says she should not doubt that we know her truth, we have to do something soon.Ravish asks Vividha to collect anything for DNA sample and come back. Vividha says trust me, something is strange happening, that is forcing me to stay here, its coincidence. He says what’s your relation with that, you went to get Dna samples, you know the urgency. She says I know. He says I request you to take DNA samples and come back. She says yes, I will do that.

Atharv sits making a sketch. Vividha gives him food. She makes water fall on him and apologizes. She wipes his hair to get a hair strand. She slips. He holds her in arms. She looks at him and thinks of their old moments. Saware…..plays………. Guddi comes and sees them. She thinks no, they can’t come close this way. She shouts Ramkali, what’s this misbehavior, you know your limits or not. Atharv says relax, she slipped, water fell on me, she was cleaning it. Guddi says is this way to work, go, I will call you if I need. Vividha goes and sees the hair in the towel. Atharv says you should have not said that, she slipped by water. Guddi says you don’t know village girls, they are clever. He asks where is Maa. She says she is unwell, she is in room. He says I will call doctor. She says no, let her rest, she will get fine. He says she always gets unwell. She says its because of age. He says fine, I will have bath and leave for work. He goes.

Atharv comes downstairs. Guddi asks are you not getting late for office. He says I m thinking to take leave and stay with Maa. She says you had meeting, I will make sure Suman has proper rest, you trust me right. He says yes, if Maa gets unwell, call me. He goes out.He says I forgot car keys and wallet again. Madhav gives him keys and wallet. Atharv asks how did you get this. Madhav says go to work if you don’t want to get late. Atharv thanks him and goes. Madhav waves bye. Guddi says they should not be here, they are coming close.

Guddi tells Suman that she has sent Atharv to office. Suman says Vividha should not know we know her truth, make her away. Guddi says I will ask her to leave by putting theft blame and scaring her of police. Suman says we are saved as Vividha has hidden her identity, she will get angry and tell our truth to Atharv, find some other way.Vividha puts clothes in machine. She says I got samples, I will leave tonight, I don’t have to do anything of what’s happening here. She sees Atharv’s shirt and recalls she gifted it to him. She puts it for washing and spoils its colors angrily.

Its night, Suman says I m locked in my own house, I have to do something of Vividha. She hears anklet sound and goes to see. She gets shocked seeing the girl. The girl stares at her. Suman screams seeing her.

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