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Never say goodbye 30 June 2022: The Episode starts with Suman screaming seeing the girl. She asks why are you staring at me, I did not do anything, you are Sujata’s mistake, go to her. She asks the girl to go and moves back. She shouts go to Sujata. Atharv comes there and sees Suman tensed. He asks who is Sujata. Suman says I was worried for charity organization women. She sees the girl gone. He asks her not to take tension, and sleep. He takes her to room.

Vividha is with Madhav. He asks did we win the game. She says no. She asks him to wait, she forgot her phone, she has to call Ravish. She goes and gets her phone. She comes back and sees Madhav missing. She looks for him. Madhav is in storeroom and sees the girl. She gives him some toy. He takes it from her. She goes. Madhav falls in the chair.Vividha looks for Madhav. She thinks of Madhav’s drawing. She worries on not finding him. Suman mets the tantric lady. Lady says you spoil things by foolishness and come to take my help, I think its my mistake to help you, Vividha reached Atharv, but your fate supported you, you did not do anything, this time Vividha came to your house with her son, why did you not send her away. Vividha looks for Madhav everywhere and cries.

Atharv comes and sees her crying. He asks what happened. She says our child is lost. She hugs him and cries. Jaana na dil se door…..plays……….. He holds her. Suman says I was not understanding anything and thought to ask you. The lady says fine, then know it. She says can you see anything, I can see destruction.Guddi comes and sees them. She scolds Vividha and says you came here for me, not my husband. Vividha says I m scared, my daughter is missing. Guddi scolds her angrily. Atharv says its nothing like that. Guddi says I m seeing her, she has eyes on you, she finds excuses, she was trying to touch you, I will not let her be here. The lady says Vividha should have not come here with her child. Suman says we wanted the child here on Maha Amavasya. The lady says yes, but we don’t want Vividha here, you were keeping an eye on both families, so that you get Madhav on time, you have got Atharv and Vividha in each other’s arms.

Guddi asks Vividha to come. Atharv says her daughter is missing. Guddi asks Vividha to come. Vividha shouts enough now, I m saying my daughter is missing, I have nothing to do with your husband, I ill not go till I get my daughter. She calls out Madhav. The girl asks Madhav will you play with me. Madhav says no, I have to go to your mumma. The girl says you and your mumma are playing along with me. He thinks of Vividha’s words and nods. She smiles.Guddi asks where are you going. He says her daughter is missing, what are you saying. The girl asks Madhav to come with her. She shows a cupboard. Madhav sits inside. Vividha looks for Madhav. The girl shuts the cupboard. She says now your mum can never find you. Vividha comes to storeroom. She calls out Madhav.

The girl goes. Madhav hears Vividha and hides recalling the girl’s words. A scorpion reaches Vividha’s feet. The scorpion gets inside the cupboard. Madhav sees it and gets shocked. Madhav tries to shoo away the scorpion and knocks on the platform. Vividha hears the sound. She reaches the cupboard.Vividha looking for Madhav. She hears the sound. Vividha recalls teaching him code to sign he is in problem. She opens the cupboard and finds Madhav inside. She asks what are you doing inside. She tries to throw the scorpion away. Atharv comes and makes scorpion away. Atharv gets Madhav. Vividha asks where were you Madhvi. The lady tells Suman that you can’t touch that boy when both of them are protecting him, how will you get rid of the curse, you can see her now, even she is waiting for Maha Amavasya, if sacrifice is not made, you know what will happen of you. She laughs.


Guddi asks what’s your potli doing outside the room. Vividha says Madhvi has habit to pack clothes in potli. Guddi asks did Madhav get the taxi. Atharv asks what are you saying. Guddi says Ramkali was going to run away, ask her. Vividha says no. Guddi says this is the time to run. Atharv asks why are you saying so. Guddi says ask her why did she call taxi, if she was not finding her daughter, she would have run away, I will find out what’s in this potli. Vividha says there is nothing. Guddi checks. Vividha, Ravish and Madhav’s photo falls down. Vividha takes the photo. She says we will leave if you think we are thieves. Atharv says its wrong blame, you don’t need to go. He tells Guddi that she was scared and came running to me, what did you get in her potli, why are you doing this. Vividha sees the hair samples fallen away.

She takes Madhav. She asks why don’t you listen to me, we would have won the game if you stood silently. Madhav says she called me. She asks you saw Suman again. Madhav says someone else, I m saying truth. She asks how did you look. He describes the lady. She recalls hearing the anklet sound.Suman comes home and recalls the lady’s words. She recalls Ramakant getting Sujata home. Sujata says I can’t come. He says you fainted on road, I saw you and got you here, come. Suman comes home. She says Ramakant did not come home, its good chance to give him surprise. She gets a gift for Ramakant. Ramakant makes Sujata rest. He says I will get tea for you, take rest. Suman sees Rakamant. She thinks if he sees me, the surprise plan will fail.

She runs and hides from him. He says its tough to give surprise to him, he got to know. She sees him getting tea. She thinks he is getting tea for her. Ramakant goes upstairs. Suman goes after him. She gets shocked seeing Sujata. Ramakant asks Sujata to rest. Sujata says you are married, this is not right, this is not my house, I should not be here. He asks how can I forget, you have my baby in your womb, you are not fine, I could not leave you alone, you know the truth, I just loved you, no one else, I did not feel love for anyone. Sujata says you are married, if your married life gets trouble, I won’t forgive myself, I should leave. Suman gets shocked and sees them. Sujata leaves.

Ramakant asks her to stop and goes after her. Suman drops the box and cries. Daddy ji says I did not wish to hide anything, I assure you this illegitimate relation won’t come in your way. Suman says Ramakant loves Sujata. He says no, that baby is Ramakant’s mistake, but that mistake can be rectified, I won’t let Ramakant meet Sujata, this love story will end, Ramakant is just yours. He blesses Suman.

Suman cries and goes out. The maid/anklet lady Kajri says don’t cry, such things happen, everyone knew this. Suman says except me. Kajri says you will get respect of being Ramakant’s wife. Suman says the woman who does not get husband’s love, what is the use of such respect. Kajri puts clothes on the string by standing on stool. She talks to Suman. She says Ramakant does not see you like he sees Suman, I have seen him staring at Sujata’s pic, Sujata came in his life first, you came later, but you are his wife, its tough for man to forget first love. She angers Suman. Suman angrily pushes her down the railing. Kajri dies. Suman shouts Kajri. Kajri’s spirit comes there behind.

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