Never say goodbye update Wednesday 26 January 2022

Never say goodbye 26 January 2022: The Episode starts with the scene in the lovely city of Ajmer. Vividha buys grocery and counts all the items. Kaka says he has packed everything, you are your dad’s son. She says no one differentiates between son and daughter, my Papa is proud that I m his daughter. Scene shifts to New Delhi. Atharv Sujata gets the best student medal. Atharv says this medal should go to my mother Sujata. Vividha tells about her dad Kailash Kashyap. Atharv gets a job offer from his Sir.

Atharv says I want to setup my own business, I want to stay with my mum and work, as I get strength from her. Sir says your mum is very lucky to have a son like you. Atharv says you don’t know my mum, I m lucky to have her as my mum, I have her name as my surname, I never required father’s name. Atharv leaves to meet his mother. Vividha is on the way to her home.Vividha stops at the temple and prays for all the family. She leaves all his worries on Devi Maa. Pandit says nice way to pray for the world, I bless you get your hero soon. She smiles. Atharv rides to Ajmer. Vividha gets her mum’s call.

She says I had work, my perfect Papa’s catering should be perfect, I will come soon. Her mum says Jagrata will begin soon. Vividha ends call and runs. She comes infront of Atharv’s bike. Her dupatta gets on his face. He rides away and turns back to see her. She turns to see him and he goes far till then.Jagran begins at night. Vividha covers Devi Maa idol with red chunri. She sees the people sitting idle and thinks to do something. She asks them not to sit like this, and say aloud Jai Mata Di. A man sings Tenu mai love karda, tera bhajan japda……………. Everyone clap and dance. A lady compliments Vividha’s mum about Vividha. Her mum smiles and calls Vividha to look after Dadi.

Vividha sees Dadi dancing and asks her to sit, her kneepain will increase. Lady says Vividha is best daughter, where is your younger daughter. Vividha’s mum says she is getting ready, she will come. Guddi walks in and guys comment on her looks. Dadi stops Guddi and says my name is Indumati, think of my son Kailash’s respect. Vividha stops them from arguments. Vividha goes to check food. Dadi and Guddi argue, asking who looks the best. Dadi says I have raised Vividha, she is a diamond.Kailash calls Papa. Vividha stops Dadi from saying anything. Kailash says I will get late, its big day for me.

Vividha says I know, bhog is made perfect, kheer is still prepared. She ends call and praises Dadi’s looks. Dadi holds Guddi and the lemon from her hands falls in kheer. Kaka says this kheer got spoiled now. Ankit says its fine, throw lemon out. Vividha says shut up, its for Prasad, I will get milk again and will get kheer prepared again. Ankit says shops will be closed. Vividha says I will arrange somehow. She goes to Sujata’s house and calls her out. A cow is in pain and throws the basket. Vividha says this cow is going to deliver a baby, I will call Sujata. Atharv reaches there. She holds his hand and gets away. Jaana Na dil Se Door…..plays…………

He removes his helmet and tshirt. He rushes to cow. She says you are new, you will scare the cow. He says I will manage. She asks what will you manage, will you understand. She calls out Sujata. He says I said I will manage. He pacifies the cow. She asks do you know this cow, do you know what happened. He asks what will you take to be quiet. He asks cow is she ready to deliver baby. She asks will you deliver cow’s baby. He says humans need help, animals don’t need help to deliver babies. He holds the cow and keeps talking to the cow. Vividha gets tensed seeing this. Cow delivers the calf. Vividha witnesses the cow’s delivery and faints. Atharv turns and sees her fallen.

Vividha’s mum says she will come in 5mins. A guy throws flower on Guddi. Kailash comes there and holds the flower before it hit Guddi. The guys get tensed. Atharv sprinkles water on Vividha. She gets up and smiles seeing the calf. She says wow, you are a man and did cow’s delivery, such sensitive work. He says I did not do anything, cow did it, you have weak heart, who fainted seeing delivery.She adores the calf and makes the calf wear her anklet. He asks what are you doing. She says we have rituals to gift something to baby, this calf will wear anklet, I m her Mausi, I will name her Payal, how is the name. He looks at her.

Kailash gets angry on that guy who threw flower on Guddi. He slaps the guy.Vividha says I came to get milk from Sujata. He says milk is not there. She says cow will give. He says cow does not give milk by our wish, cow gives milk from her wish. She checks containers and says you have milk. He says keep that. She says I want milk for Jagrata, to make Mata Rani’s Prasad, not myself. He says I won’t give milk. She says I will take it, tell your boss that Kashyap’s daughter took it, she will explain you. He sees cow striking Vividha and pushes her. She scolds her. He tries explaining. She does not hear anything and shouts on him. She leaves from there. He says it would be good if I let cow hurt her.

Vividha’s mum calls her and asks her to come soon, there is an issue here. Vividha asks what. Kailash scolds the guy. Vividha comes running there and looks on. Kailash kicks out the guy. The manager says you should have slapped him more. Sujata caresses the cow and says Lord gave you strength, you gave birth to baby without any help, human can’t think to do this. Atharv asks why not, I know a mum who gave birth to her son and raised him alone, that’s you.She sees the calf wearing anklet and asks him. He says a girl came here and gave her anklet, she said she is Kashyap’s daughter.

Kailash gets angry on Guddi. Vividha defends Guddi. Kailash says I trust my daughters more than me. Vividha asks him to come. Atharv says she was asking 10 litres milk for Jagrata, I refused. Sujata says you should have given her the milk. He says this milk is to be delivered to people.Some guest comes in Jagrata and praises Jagrata. Everyone do the aarti. The guest’s son smiles seeing Vividha doing aarti and signs. Pandit asks for bhog. The people bring the bhog. Pandit says great, but where is kheer.

Vividha says Papa……. Lallan Kaka brings kheer and says it got late. Vividha asks Kaka how did he get milk. Lallan says Atharv came to give milk, Mata Rani will bless him, he did not take money 600rs. She takes money to give Atharv. She sees Atharv ‘s bike and goes to him. She asks why did you refuse me when you had to give milk, I requested and you pushed me, now you are pretending to be great, this bhog is from my Papa’s side, we don’t want any favor, take this money, don’t touch me. He says I don’t want to become great or touch you, I don’t want money and will not give explanation. He returns money and leaves. She looks on.

Kailash’s friend talking about Vividha’s marriage. He says she completed studies, my Suyash said he will support the girl for studies and job after marriage. I m finding a nice girl for him, I want to talk something, there can’t be someone good for my Suyash. Kailash gets his friend outside and asks him why is he asking this. His friend says I asked for Vividha’s hand for my son. Kailash asks how can you think this after our years long of friendship. His friend asks if you can keep friendship with me, why not relation.

Kailash’s wife looks on. Kailash asks him to check his status. His friend says my son got a govt. job. Kailash says status is equal, not higher. He tells him that he will get Vividha married in a big haveli, rich family, with many cars, the guy who is very rich, the house where there are many servants, where my daughter will not do any work. Atharv is shown doing servant work. His friend says such ego is not good. Kailash says I will get my daughter married in a rich family, not with anyone who dreams. Vividha comes there and looks on. Atharv tells Sujata that he is seeing some dreams and will make them true. She asks him to have food soon. Vividha takes Kailash with him.

Later, Kailash reads Ramayan and Vividha sits with him to listen. He says I m finding a good groom for you, I have done many compromises in life, I have done small work and made this big business in Ajmer city, but I did not do compromise for my children, I will never do any compromise for your marriage, there is my name infront of your name, I earned my name with much hardwork, your husband name will be linked to your name. He says I will be proud when I find a good guy for you. She says there is a problem, and tells some Shlok. She says there is no one for Ram ji, find someone like Shankar Lord, Sita also went to ask someone like Shiv ji. They smile. She does Shiv ji’s puja and puts water on shivling.

Atharv pours water on himself. He dries his hair. He sees his mum doing Shringhaar. Atharv sees her and asks where did you in morning. She makes him sit and feeds food. She says I m fasting today, you know the reason. He says what I can do now, you never answered, every year, you wear these and reach temple to do puja for him, why. She says its his birthday today. He says he left us, he did not see us, father is not such, why don’t you forget him, if he can forget you. She cries. He repairs a wooden table and gets out his anger. She keeps the food plate. She says tell me you want to keep fast with him along me, or eat food.

She feeds him food. He cries and hugs her. He says father is not imp when mother is there.Vividha sees off Kailash. Guddi dances on tera hero idhar hai…… Vividha asks her to let dad go out of gate first. Guddi and Dadi dance and compete. Vividha dances with them and asks mummy to come. Mummy asks Vividha to give money to Sujata and sends her. Sujata gets emotional and Atharv hugs her, saying I will always stay here. She asks what will you do, will you sell milk. He says yes, whats wrong in it, I will take this work ahead, this will be our business.

She says its just 5 cows, will you do business with 5 cows. He says you worked hard, now take rest, I will fulfill all your dreams now. She says I dream that you go to big city and become big man, this is small city. Her says this is small city, but my dreams are big. She says you talk like your dad. He says I m like you, I want to become like you, who never lost to world, not like that man, never take his name infront of me again.Vividha comes there. Sujata wipes her tears. Vividha says I had to give money for milk.

Sujata says I would have come to take money, why did you come. Atharv looks at Sujata’s humbleness. Vividha says I had to thank you. Sujata introduces her son Atharv, and says he has completed his studied from Delhi univ, and came back home. Atharv says I met her yesterday. Sujata goes.Vividha says you should have told me yesterday itself. He says just now Maa said. She says I don’t like to take favors, you would have taken money and gave milk. He says milk was for someone else, you big people come saying emergency. She says kheer got spoiled at final moment.

He says Lord won’t matter about bhog. She says Papa promised about Chappan bhog, his respect would have got less if any item for less. He says your dad’s nose is weak to get cut for small things. She says you don’t know about Papa and Papa’s respect, that’s why…. He stops cutting the grass and looks at her. Sujata comes and hears them.Vividha realizes what she said and gets silent. Atharv gets upset and leaves. Sujata says you should have not said this. She goes after Atharv.

Vividha goes home and asks her mum about Sujata’s husband. Her mum says someone tells he stays close and Sujata goes to meet him, but no one tells truth. Atharv says everyone wants to know truth, they have just questions, everyone think I m illegitimate. Dadi tells Vividha that everyone tells Sujata is a courageous woman, she has made her son study in Delhi, she is a nice lady, and taunts her bahu. Vividha’s mummy asks Dadi to have one more papad. Vividha asks did Atharv not see his father anytime. Dadi says no, Sujata is mother and father for him.

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