Never say goodbye update Tuesday 17 May 2022

Never say goodbye 17 may 2022: The Episode starts with Sujata stepping on Zeenat’s hand and stopping her from taking the gun. Zeenat says you think I need a gun to stop you all. Atharv says Holi hai and sprays on Zeenat. Vipul and Daddy ji catch Zeenat and tie her up. Bhoomi gets pepper spray and blows on Zeenat. She says you have beaten my husband, take this. She slaps Zeenat. The men think something is wrong, Zeenat did not come. Dadi Bua says I told you to stay as family, see but out family does now. Kalindi slaps Zeenat for beating Vipul.

Army officers think why did firing stop, Ravish should get fast and hurry. Daddy ji asks did you throw all guns. Suman says yes, but there is still danger. Atharv says but we won. The men aim guns at them and ask how will you win so easily.The men ask where is Zeenat. Atharv says she is busy. The men say we will kill you all. Suman says no, we will get her. They get the red chilli powder and put on them. They throw the utensils, boxed and bottles on the terrorists. Chutki looks on. Atharv says they all fainted. Suman says come, we will get Zeenat now.

Army officers wait outside. Ravish is still inside the ac duct and follows the house map. He checks his plan to plant small bomb at bathroom side. Atharv says when Ravish comes, he will beat everyone. He asks Suman what chilli will you add in the food. Vividha asks Zeenat to see what the useless army wives did with your men, that too without the guns. Suman says Vividha open the door for army and tell them India has won again. Vividha goes to open the door. The man asks whats the hurry. They all get shocked seeing two terrorists men.

The man says what did you think, you will lock us in bathroom and win, its not easy, I will shoot this old woman. They catch Vividha also. Dadi Bua says Vividha go and open the door, this knife is not enough to kill me. Daddy ji, Atharv, Suman and everyone try to fight back. Daddu ji beats the man for touching their country. He scolds the terrorist.Zeenat asks Adaa to get the gun and free her hands. Atharv says no Chutki, don’t give her the gun.

Chutki cries. Zeenat says I m your mother, give me the gun fast. Atharv says no, don’t give the gun. Chutki/Adaa throws the gun away. Zeenat gets shocked. Atharv thanks her. Zeenat says kill all of them, kill this mad guy first. The men beat Atharv, Daddy ji and Vipul. Sujata and Vividha cry. They shout seeing Daddy ji beaten him.Atharv beats a man with a stick. Vividha asks Daddy ji are you fine, your head is bleeding. Daddy ji says I m absolutely fine. The men slap Bhoomi and Kalindi. Ravish fixes the bomb at bathroom side. Suman injures the man with her hair pin. She asks the men to leave Kalindi and beats him.

The man comes to beat Suman. Sujata pushes Suman and gets hit. Suman and Sujata are caught by the men. Sujata scolds the man and calls them cowards, to dance on Zeenat’s orders, are you not ashamed to bear women and children, you are mean, you are animals. Suman thinks of Atharv’s words. Kalindi says don’t provoke them. Suman says Sujata is saying this intentionally to provoke Atharv. Sujata asks the men to come and beat her. The bathroom wall bursts by the bomb. Ravish steps inside the house and loads the gun. Sujata asks the men to beat her if they have courage.

Zeenat asks the men to beat Sujata. The man slaps Sujata. Sujata falls down. Atharv and everyone get shocked.Atharv is held by the man. Atharv sees Sujata’s forehead bleeding and gets shocked. Atharv recalls Sujata getting beaten up by Kailash’s goons before. He gets angry and breaks open the man’s armlock at his neck. Sujata, Vividha and everyone see. Atharv shouts and pushes the man away. Aag hai teri rag mein…..plays………. Atharv throws the man far. Everyone look on. Bolo har har…..plays…. Zeenat sees him.

Sujata provoking the terrorist to slap her. The terrorist slaps her. Atharv gets angry seeing Sujata’s forehead bleeding. He opens the arm lock of the terrorist and throws him away. Bol har har …..plays…… Atharv beats the men angrily. Everyone smile seeing Atharv. Atharv beats all the mean single handedly. Bhoomi asks Atharv to beat them more. The man gets the hammer to beat Atharv. Sujata shouts Atharv. Suman also shouts.

Ravish shoots the man. Everyone get relieved seeing Ravish. Atharv looks on. The terrorists leave the family, seeing Ravish. Ravish shoots all the terrorists. Zeenat thinks to do something, the game spoiled. Ravish shoots the men and beats them. Bol har har……plays……………. Atharv and Ravish fight with the terrorists.Ravish aims the gun at Zeenat. Zeenat says great captain, why did you stop, shoot me, you indian army men are taught to shoot innocent women and children, you have worn this uniform for this. She shoots and asks him to shoot. The man kicks Ravish. Ravish shoots and the man holds him.

Ravish fights with him and shoots the man.A man goes to Atharv to hit on his head. The man hits on his head. Vividha, Sujata, Ravish and everyone get shocked. Atharv holds his head and gets dizzy. Atharv beats in air and falls down backwards. They all look on shocked. Sujata and Vividha run to Atharv. Suman and everyone look on. Ravish angrily throws the gun and beats the men.Chutki asks Atharv to get up. Atharv wakes up and says Vividha. He faints again. Sujata and Vividha ask him to open the eyes.

They all hear sound and get shocked. Zeenat shoots Ravish. Ravish gets shot at his hand. They all get shocked. Zeenat shoots again. The bullets get over. Suman goes to Ravish. Ravish asks her to call doctor for Atharv first, I m fine. Vividha angrily slaps Zeenat. Kalindi, Bhoomi and Vividha beat Zeenat and catch her neck.The army officer ask the team to get ready. Reporter tells about the army mission stopping before the beginning. She says we can’t say the current state of the family, but we will inform you about the injured or dead state of any member or terrorists soon.

Army and medical team enter the house. Ravish is taken by army men, while medical team takes Atharv.Reporter asks Suman to say something about Zeenat and other terrorists. Suman asks them to see themselves and get the answer. Zeenat and the terrorists are brought there. Atharv is laid inside the ambulance. Ravish sits in the ambulance for his treatment. Vividha sees Atharv and Ravish in two ambulances and gets in dilemma, thinking to whom should she know. The man tells her that captain is fine. Suman tells reporter that they did not lose, as they did not lose courage, we are enough to make terrorists lose, our strength is our family, we like to save lives than taking lives, enemy can come inside our house as we give chance to every guest, but if anyone comes with bad intention, he will not be given chance to repent, and about out children Ravish and Atharv, nothing will happen to them, they have saved the country today, not just family, they have blessings of millions of people. Sujata looks on.

Zeenat asks Adaa to come with her. Adaa refuses to go with her. Zeenat says I m your mum. Adaa says you are not good, you have hurt Atharv and Ravish, I will not go with you. She runs and gets Indian flag. She says Jai Hind. Vande mataram…..plays……

The army takes awat Zeenat. Adaa waves the flag and shouts Jai Hind. Media tells about Indian victory, this is our enemy’s failure. Vividha goes to Ravish. Ravish asks how is Atharv, I think you should be with him, go to him, please for my and my family’s sake. She runs to Atharv and sits in his ambulance. They leave. She says Atharv, you will get fine, we have won, we made all bad people lose. She asks doctor about the bleeding, do something. Doctor says its head injury, he is serious, we don’t think he can survive. Vividha cries and says Atharv, you know the country is happy today, just because of you.

Zeenat got arrested, we are reaching hospital, you remember our home, Payal, gungun are there, you forgot your bike Julia, we have to run dairy again. She holds his hand and cries.

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