Never say goodbye update Wednesday 16 March 2022

Never say a king 16 March 2022: The Episode starts with Ramakant thinking of Atharv and leaving. Atharv says its good army people found you on right time. Piya…………plays………….. Atharv asks doctor how did you know Vividha was here and how did army officers come here. Doctor says Colonel Ramakant launched army search operation for Vividha, and they informed us in local hospital. Dadi asks Kailash to find Vividha, and scolds him. Guddi says we should find Vividha. Dadi asks Kailash did he get deaf, you were sitting at home when Guddi went missing, and even now, what do you want.

Ankit says don’t trouble Papa, you know he is in tension, he did police complaint. Guddi says Atharv found me and now he went to find Vividha. She asks Uma to do something, Atharv is arrested by police, now no one can save Vividha. Kailash shouts enough, Atharv is responsible for all this, if he did not do all this, Vividha would have been here. He leaves.Ramakant sees Atharv infront of his jeep and gets shocked. Ramakant gets down the jeep. Atharv walks to him and they both see each other. Atharv folds hands and says I don’t know how you got to know about me and Vividha, don’t know what relation we had in previous birth that you returned my life to me in this birth, I can’t pay off this debt, thanks, if you need me, call me, even if I give my life, I will feel I paid a small part of my debt, this is my promise.

Ramakant gets emotional and hugs him. pita se hai naam tera………….plays…………. Atharv too holds him. Ramakant cries happily. He nods to Atharv and leaves. Vividha shouts Atharv.Atharv asks Vividha how did you reach here, what happened. She says I will say everything, we shall go home first. He says yes, everyone is waiting for you at home. He hugs her. Uma prays for Vividha and asks Lord why did you do this with my daughter, what did Vividha do, if anything happens to Vividha, I will not forgive you and never come to you. Sujata asks Uma to trust her devotion and Lord’s power, nothing will happen to Vividha. Vividha comes home and calls out Uma. Uma and Sujata see her and get relieved.

Uma asks what happened and calls out everyone. Ankit gets worried. Dadi asks who did this, are you fine. Uma asks where were you all night, what happened, how did you reach here. Vividha says he helped me who saves us from every problem, Atharv. Sujata smiles. Atharv comes home. Kailash asks Ankit how is Atharv out of jail. Uma asks what happened. Vividha says I will say everything, its rakhi today, lets do rituals. She goes and gets an aarti plate with rakhi. She asks Ankit shall we start the rasam.Ankit forwards his hand. Vividha asks him to keep hand down, I won’t tie rakhi to you, you will tie rakhi to me.

Everyone get puzzled. Vividha says the one who gets rakhi tied, protects the one who ties rakhi, I have protected you a lot today. She forwards hand and asks him to tie rakhi. Ankit hugs her and says don’t say anything to anyone, I will do what you say. He cries.Vividha angrily pushes him and scolds him. She asks will you tell everyone or shall I say. Ankit says Vividha got emotional seeing me on rakhi, she looks weak and should rest. She gives him a tight slap and says you won’t change. She tells everyone that they all want to know what happened, I protected Ankit by not going to police, if I said true, my brother have been in jail, he is responsible for whatever happened. They all get shocked.

Vividha saying Ankit is responsible for all this. She says I can’t forgive him for this, he took me yesterday. FB shows Vividha being worried that Atharv got annoyed with her. Ankit drags her to the car and asks her to sit. She refuses and shouts for Papa. He scolds her for creating big drama for Atharv and slaps her. She faints. He takes her in the car and drives till morning. Vividha gets conscious and asks where did you take me, stop the car, else I will tell Papa. A truck comes and he changes the direction. The car brakes fail and he jumps from the car. She gets shocked as the car jams into the construction site. FB ends.

Vividha cries and says when I got conscious… FB shows Vividha walks in dizzy state and reaches the cliff. FB ends. She says I don’t know how Atharv reached there, when I got conscious, my hand was in his hand, Atharv and army officials saved me, car met with an accident, I was slipped from cliff, I was pulled upwards, Atharv was wounded and still he did not leave me.Uma shouts on Ankit and asks how can you do this. Guddi says Ankit was behaving strange, he was hiding this. Dadi scolds Ankit and asks how could he slap Vividha and forcibly kidnap her, how can he leave Vividha to die, how could you.

Ankit cries. Vividha says I thought he got spoiled and is good by heart, but I was sure he loves us, he will protect us. She cries and says I was so wrong, Ankit is a coward to leave me to die in a running car, did you not think of anyone, Ankit won’t mind if I die.Vividha tells Ankit how she used to lift him in childhood and take him out. Guddi and I used to feel you completed family and us, we have lied to everyone to cover up your mistakes, we have waited for your return at night, we made rakhi for you, you just remember your sister loves a milkman, so you thought to kill me, I would have asked for another sister than a brother like you, you should protect me, you wanted to kill me. Ankit apologizes to her.

Kailash asks Ankit how dare he did this and beats Ankit a lot. Ankit cries. Kailash says I will not leave you, I will punish you for what you did with Vividha. Atharv comes and holds the stick to stop Kailash from beating Ankit further. He says if your son dies, you will go jail. Vividha says don’t stop him Atharv, he should have done this before with Ankit, what Ankit did today, he should go to jail and learn lesson, let him get beaten, he did this with me, he may do this with someone else.Atharv says Ankit did very bad, one who raises hand on women is coward, and one leaving women in problem is bigger coward, but its not Ankit’s planning, I feel someone else is behind this. He looks at Kailash.

Kailash asks what do you mean to say, I have done this? Atharv says hindi proverb Chor ki daadi me tinka (A speck in the beard of a thief), I did not take your name. Kailash says you mean to say this, that I can do this with my daughter.Atharv says yes, you can do this, if you don’t do, then I will be surprised. She says no, Papa is not involved in this, Ankit did this. Atharv asks her to see truth. She says some truth are believed by heart and question can’t be raised on such truth. She stops Atharv and asks him will you agree to me, your wound got fresh, please go and rest now, we will talk later. Vividha tells Sujata that Atharv did great today, he showed courage like an army man being along army officers today, you should admit it in army. Sujata smiles.

Atharv goes. Kailash angrily throws the stick. Sujata does aid to Atharv’s words. Atharv recalls the army helping him, and Ramakant. Sujata asks what are you thinking. Atharv says so much happened, I don’t know how did army come in police matter. She gets worried.

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