Never say goodbye update Tuesday 15 March 2022

Never say goodbye 15 March 2022: The Episode starts with Guddi crying and telling Atharv that this never happened on Rakhi, its very wrong, if Vividha was not with you, where was she all night, I m very tensed, help me in finding her. Sujata asks her not to cry, call Vividha’s friends, you will get some clue, don’t worry. Guddi goes. Atharv recalls Vividha’s words and their argument. He recalls Sujata’s words and realizes his mistake. He cries.

Sujata holds him. He says what did I do Maa, I told her to choose between me and her dad, she was already worried and I made her more worried, I did wrong, she was standing, I did not turn to see her, I don’t know where did she go, I promised her I will be with her, but I did not stand by her. She asks her to think will Vividha leave her loved ones or you. He says no, never. She says she is not like running away types, she will fight and not leave. He says yes, she would have fought with me if she was annoyed, but not leave like this. She says if Vividha did not go by her wish then… He says then someone made her disappear. She says you mean Kailash.

Atharv says Kailash’s acting, drama and lies, even then his eyes don’t hide the truth, I know he has hidden Vividha. He gets angry. Sujata says Kailash can do anything, he can fall to any extent. Atharv says I won’t let this happen, I will get my Vividha back.Dadi cries and says I don’t know where is Vividha. Guddi says Vividha’s friends have not seen her. Dadi worries and says I see its big problem. Ankit asks them to threaten Atharv and ask him out. Guddi asks how can you be sure that Atharv has hidden Vividha, he can never hurt Vividha, he can give his life for her. Uma hears them and goes upstairs.

Dadi says where did Uma go now. Uma asks Kailash to say truth, does he know where is Vividha. Dadi also comes and asks him about Kailash. He says he will make Vividha away from Atharv, he wants to make her life better, this time it will be final. Uma cries.Atharv calls out Kailash. Kailash and everyone come out. Kailash greets inspector. Atharv tells inspector that Kailash is Vividha’s father, Vividha and I love each other a lot, there was big argument yesterday, Vividha said she loves me infront of everyone, that’s why he has hidden Vividha, ask him. Ankit stumbles seeing inspector. Guddi asks what happened. He says nothing. Inspector says I have to interrogate well, but with you Atharv, not with Kailash.

Atharv asks why me. Inspector says we have come on Kailash’s complaint, he said you kidnapped Vividha and don’t know where Atharv took her, we know Atharv and Vividha argued a lot, as Atharv was going to apply cow dung on Kailash’s face. Atharv and Sujata defend.Inspector says its clear cut complaint against you, to fight with girl and take her in Kailash’s car. Sujata and Atharv say its lie. Inspector asks Atharv to say where is Vividha. Atharv says you are asking wrong man. Inspector says its wrong place, come to police station, I will ask there. He arrests Atharv. Sujata says believe me, Kailash is lying, he did not do anything, this time Kailash played a bad game.

She says you know Atharv loves Vividha and can’t hurt her, you have hidden Vividha somewhere, tell me. Uma cries.Kailash acts and folds hands. He cries and asks how can Sujata think so. He acts like a helpless father, saying how much he loves Vividha. He begs Atharv to tell about Vividha. He says you take other vehicles and even this house, tell me how much money you want, I m begging to you, find my daughter. He tells his family do they feel he is Vividha’s enemy. He asks Atharv to return Vividha, why is he doing this. Atharv gets angry.

Inspector slaps Atharv and asks do you think this is drama, an elderly man fell on your feet and begging. Atharv says he is lying. Sujata cries. Police takes away Atharv. Sujata tells Kailash that truth will not be hidden or suppressed, no matter how hard he tries to hide the truth by lies. She gets a call and goes. Kailash looks at Ankit and goes. Uma notices them and gets thinking.Atharv brought to police station. He tells inspector to believe him, Kailash has hidden Vividha.

Inspector puts him in lockup. Atharv says trust me, we will first find Vividha, then ask her, she will say truth. Inspector asks do you want to come with us, you mean kidnapper will take us to the girl. Vividha gets conscious and is inside Kailash’s car at some lonely place. She comes out of the car and faints. The petrol leaks from the car and flows towards Vividha.Sujata calls her husband and cries. He asks why are you crying, what happened, tell me. She says police took Atharv. He gets shocked.

She tells the entire story. She says don’t know what will police do with Atharv, they framed him in fake case, this happened for second time, first time they have beaten him a lot, his hand is already wounded. He says don’t worry Sujata ji, if Atharv’s father is not with him, it does not mean Atharv does not have a father, leave everything on me, don’t cry, I will take care of it.He calls the army officers. Atharv tells inspector that Vividha and I love each other, I can’t think of harming her, Kailash is doing this to trap me, I request you to find Vividha first and then keep me in jail.

Inspector scolds him and says you will say it anyhow. He holds Atharv’s neck. Someone stops inspector. Atharv looks on.They see a lawyer and army officer. Sujata comes there and meets Atharv. The army officer says I m Major Pratap Singh, from Indian Army. Inspector asks what are you doing here. Pratap says if one uniform does mistake, other uniform has to come. Lawyer gives Atharv’s bail papers and says you can’t interrogate him this way, you can’t arrest him on doubt, you can’t raise hand on him. inspector asks will you teach me law. Lawyer smiles and says yes, if you forget law, its my duty to teach you.

Pratap says you have to leave Atharv Sujata, you have nothing to do with this, leave him. inspector leaves Atharv. Atharv is in shock and does not know whats happening.Pratap gets a call and asks what, you got the car, good, I m coming now. Atharv hears him. Sujata asks Atharv where is he going. Atharv says you go home, I will go and get Vividha. She says your hand is hurt. He says I will get Vividha and come, you go. He leaves. She cries and says my fear is going to come out, Atharv and his father can come infront of each other today. She prays.

Atharv goes with Pratap. The army reaches the spot where they find Kailash’s car. They do not get Vividha there. Atharv’s father gets down the army jeep and is an Indian Army Colonel. He asks officer to scan the area quick. He hears Atharv shouting Vividha and turns to see. Atharv jumps down the jeep and runs to find Vividha. His father gets shocked seeing him. Atharv runs to the car and looks for Vividha. Army men hold him. Atharv asks them to help, its Vividha’s car, she was in this car. His father gets emotional seeing him. the officer says there is no one here. His father asks officer to scan the perimeter. Atharv talks to his father about Vividha.

His father looks at him, lost. Atharv goes ahead. His father sees the sandal marks, and goes to the end of the cliff. He gets shocked seeing Vividha lying at the lower edge. He calls the officers to get a rope. Atharv rushes there and gets shocked seeing Vividha. He calls out Vividha. His father asks officers to get rope and call ambulance. He asks Atharv not to go, its not safe, be careful. Atharv gets down a bit and asks Vividha to open eyes and give her hand. His father ties rope and extends hand to Atharv. The pole falls down, and Vividha rolls down.

Atharv holds her hand and pulls her. She gets conscious. Atharv’s foot slips and Atharv’s father holds his hand, saying don’t worry son, I won’t let anything happen to you, come Atharv, move upwards. Atharv looks at him and then pulls Vividha to him. Atharv hugs Vividha, who is still dizzy. They both come up. Atharv asks her to open eyes.He says we promised to stay together always, you can’t leave me, open your eyes, you can’t break promise. His father looks at them. She opens eyes. Atharv smiles holding her in arms. They both get tearful eyes. He caresses her. Jaana na dil se door………….plays………… Atharv’s father thinks just Sujata can teach Atharv to love so ardently.

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