Never say goodbye update Tuesday 8 March 2022

Never say goodbye 8 March 2022: The Episode starts with Atharv working and talking to Vividha. Vividha asks his fav color. She makes notes while he tells his likes and she inturn tells her likes to him. He says white. She asks white or black like you, you need colors in your life, you know my fav color is red, blue, yellow, he asks her to let him work. She asks his fav hero. He says Leonardo DiCaprio. She asks spelling. He calls her illiterate village girl.She says just because I can’t spell an actor’s name, you think I m not educated.

She talks in English and says he can’t judge anything by language, his judgement based on a spelling in not ethical, anyways their mother tongue is hindi, and she is proud of it. He says enough, I m impressed. She asks his fav heroine. He says Alia. She asks anything without which you can’t stay. He says Maa. She says I m saying about thing, not person. She knows more of him.Sujata comes there and asks them to have food. They both ask Sujata why does she look upset. Sujata says nothing, and asks Vividha to complete her study, else Uma will scold me. Uma asks Sujata to send Vividha. Sujata says she is studying. Uma asks if Kailash comes. Sujata says there is still time. Uma asks did you tell Atharv that he met his father in temple.

Sujata says no. Uma says I can understand. Vividha asks Atharv’s his fav place other than Ajmer. He says Mumbai. She laughs knowing his likes and tells her fav song Saat Samundar. She says I used to dance on this song in school, I know every step. He says great, study well and you will get good numbers. She says what studies, I m talking and you are not listening, I m going.He stops her and holds her hands. He says I did not just listen, it all got an impression here. He tells her fav things which she named while asking his choice. He says your fav. Thing is your Kajal. She asks how do you know. He says because you stay infront of my eyes all the time, I know everything about you, without any notes. They smile. She says I want to ask you something, shall I ask another question, I want to know few things about your father. He gets shocked.

She says this is big question, your father’s absence and presence in involved, your are troubled by this, I want you to share your sorrows with me. He says some things can’t be shared or forgotten, it can just be bear. He cuts grass and says some wounds should not get fresh, I don’t get breath when I think of him, I have hidden that wounds deep inside my heart, reviving it will be like cutting the heart. She hugs him and apologizes. He asks her not to ask such question again. She says fine, tell me do you know cooking. He says you know it. She says I don’t know tea or noodles, I m saying proper food. He says whatever you like me to make, what do you say in this matter. She says I m better than you. They share their fav things and he finds her choice very simple. He tells jackfruit dish.

She says who eats that dish. He says I eat it twice a dish, won’t you be able to make it. she says I will make, its easy. He says we will make each other’s fav food, whoever wins will be better cook. She says done. Kailash comes home and they are busy in talks.Kailash shouts Vividha and asks Uma where is Vividha. Uma lies that Vividha went to market for some work. Kailash says your lie is printed on your face, till when will you hide about both daughters’ black deeds, where is Vividha. She says m not lying, trust me, she went to Vividha. He says I think market is set up in stable these days, did she go to meet Atharv. Uma says no and stops him, asking him to believe her that Vividha went to market. He gets angry and twists her hand, as both her daughters are blackening his face. He hurts her hand. Uma cries.

Vividha comes home. Kailash leaves Uma’s hand. Kailash asks Vividha where did she go, did she go to market? Uma sees the dry glass on Vividha’s dupatta and gets worried. Dadi and Guddi come there. Kailash shouts to ask what did Vividha buy from market. Dadi says you did not get it right, I knew garam masala powder will not be available in market. Uma says I will grind masala. Guddi lies and says I told Vividha to help me in project, and she is just concerned for kitchen. She asks Vividha to come and takes her. Dadi asks Uma to go to kitchen and prepare masala. Uma goes. Dadi asks Kailash does he have to say anything or will he just stare. He leaves. Dadi says I have seen many movies, he thinks he is a great man.

Sujata tells Atharv that she will help him. He says no, Vividha challenged me, see how I win this challenge, she should know I m talented. Uma applies ice pack on her hand and throws ice hearing Vividha coming. Vividha asks Uma, Dadi and Guddi why are they lying, I want to tell Papa that I m happy with Atharv, else how would he know Atharv is a nice guy. Dadi says if your dad was sensible, would we see this day, whatever I said is by thinking, I had to save you, else Kailash should have slapped you. Guddi says dad does not want to see you with Atharv. Dadi says we saved you, we will not help Vividha now, face Kailash alone, I m not in your team. Vividha says its not like that. Dadi says no one values me and goes. Guddi says twist in story, Dadi is fighting with you now. Vividha asks Uma to explain them. Uma says everyone does not have tolerance.

Uma telling Vividha that its not necessary what she thinks is true. Vividha asks her what truth am I not able to see, are you hiding anything. Uma says no. Vividha holds her hand and Uma screams by pain. Vividha sees the marks and swelling. She asks Uma. Uma says its old sprain, there is no pain now. Vividha asks why did you scream then and confronts her.Sujata tells Atharv that Vividha won’t let us relax if you make food and spoil her. He says don’t worry, we will torture her. She says idea is good, I will make her wash clothes. He says make her wash utensils too. They make plans to make Vividha work more and laugh. Sujata says I will tell her to use ghunghat at home. He says you started watching hindi serials and they laugh. He asks for dried mango powder.

She goes to get it. Sujata’s husband calls her.She is in kitchen. Atharv answers the call. His father asks Sujata is she meeting today. Atharv asks who are you. His father gets shocked. Sujata comes and gets worried.Vividha asks Uma about the wound. Atharv asks to whom do you want to talk, how did you give number, when you do not have to talk, why did you call. His father smiles hearing his voice.Sujata asks who is it and takes phone. Sujata talks to her husband. He says Atharv has same anger like me, I felt glad hearing him. She says Sharma ji, what do you have to see. He says I m leaving soon, just get Atharv, I want to see you and Atharv. Sujata coughs. Atharv and his father reach same way and suggest same thing to relieve her of cough. She smiles and Atharv makes her drink water. Atharv and his father ask the same, are you fine.

She tells her husband that she is fine, she will come to meet him. She ends call. Atharv asks who was it. Sujata says Sharma ji called. He says he did not talk to me, how does he know you. She says I was also getting voice slowly. He asks who is Sharma ji. She says he is some vendor in market. He says he knows you very well. She says he talks with respect. He says yes, but why are you worried. She says nothing.Vividha asks Uma to say what happened, who has done this. Uma says no one. Vividha says don’t like this fingermarks are like someone held your hand forcibly. She asks Uma to say what happened. Uma cries and says I fell, Dadi held me hand, its not aching.

Vividha believes her. Kailash comes and calls Uma. Vividha takes Uma and shows her hand to Kailash. Kailash looks at Uma.Uma says its nothing. Vividha says Uma gets much hurt, she should go to doctor. Uma refuses and says I m fine. Vividha goes to get ice. Kailash gets angry on Uma. Vividha gives him ice and goes to get cream. Kailash applies ice to Uma’s hand and says you are talking a lot and backbiting about me to Vividha. Uma says I did not tell Vividha, she has seen my hand herself. He hurts her hand and asks her not to say anything. Vividha comes there.Kailash starts acting and says I know Uma won’t tell her pain and always bears and hides her pain, I don’t like it. He goes.

Vividha asks Uma to take care, Papa loves you and can’t see you in pain, tell him if there is any wound or pain, don’t be silent. She gives her ointment and goes.Atharv asks Sujata is she getting good smell of Chole. She says I did not get any smell, let Chole cook for some time more. She asks what did you ask Vividha to make. He says jackfruit dish. She says even I find that tough to make, you would have said something else. He says I did not get her easily, now why shall I give her anything easy, she has to make it.Guddi applies facepack to Dadi and they talk about Vividha. Dadi says Atharv is smart and handsome, he is after Vividha and she got pride. She praises Atharv.

Guddi says yes, why did we not get him. Dadi says you talk about yourself, I m special for Atharv, he is not tired of praising me, its age difference, else he would have just seen me. Vividha gets everything for steaming and bath, and tries to convince Dadi. Dadi asks her not to try. Guddi asks Vividha to remove blackheads. Vividha says I don’t know doing that. Dadi says look at her, she is not agreeing, how does your skin glow. Vividha says sorry, I will keep you in my team. Dadi asks promise. Vividha says promise and hugs Dadi. Guddi says I heard blackheads removal makes skin glow. Dadi and Guddi decide to help each other. Dadi takes steam. Vividha tells Dadi that your finger marks are on Uma’s hand till now. Dadi asks what are you saying. Vividha says I m saying about when you held Maa’s hand when she slipped.

Dadi asks what do you mean, when did I hold her hand. Vividha gets puzzled.

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