My heart knows update Monday 7 March 2022


My heart knows 7 March 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar telling Baap ji that Swara’s last phone location was of the temple and says he is going there. Kalyani says even I will come. Swara collides with Aao Saheb and gets scolded by her. Atharv picks the necklace and gives to Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb says it is the last necklace which Atul made and want to present it to the God. Swara stops hearing this. The lady sees her purse cut and her money stolen. They leave to go to Police station. Malhar tells Kalyani about Swara and tells that she had learnt everything from him. Baap ji calls his wife and asks her to bring Aahir to the temple, says Swara is also there.

His wife tells that Malhar knew that Swara has the habit of stealing. He asks her to come there. Aao Saheb asks Pandit ji to make the God wear the necklace as it was Atul’s last wish. Pandit ji makes Bappa wear necklace. They all sit for pray. Malhar asks Kalyani what he will speak to Swara. Kalyani says you are Malhar ji and asks him not to behave like Kalyani. Malhar says yes. Kalyani says she is super excited to meet Swara. Swara steals the necklace while everyone is sitting with closed eyes and is silently escaping, when Aao Saheb catches her red handed and finds the necklace with her. Malhar and Kalyani reach there. Malhar is shocked to know that the thief is his sister Swara. Aao Saheb asks her to have some shame and says you are in the temple.

Baap ji, his wife and son along with Sarthak come there.Baap ji calls her Swara. Malhar calls her. Baap ji says he is Malhar dada, your brother and used to protect you from your Aai. He says Malhar came to meet you today and you lowered his head with shame. Swara looks at him. Malhar gets teary eyes and recalls their childhood moments. He walks towards her and keeps hand on her head. He asks did you recognize me, I am your dada. He says you have grown up and become beautiful too. He asks did you identify me? Swara says I have no elder brother? Kalyani asks why are you doing this and asks if she is not feeling happy to meet her brother. Swara asks who is she? Baap ji says she is your Vahini. Swara says who Dada and Vahini? Baap ji’s wife tells Swara that Malhar is your brother and loves you a lot.

Swara asks him to give lecture to her husband. Malhar says babri. Swara asks him to arrest her. Aao Saheb also asks him to arrest her. Malhar apologizes to Aao Saheb on Swara’s behalf and says she will not do this again. Swara says when I am asking you to arrest you, when you are not arresting me. Baap ji’s wife asks her to stop it and apologizes to Malhar on her behalf. Malhar holds her hand and calls her Maai and says it is his responsibility to forgive her. Swara says lets go home. Kalyani says you will come to Malhar ji’s house. Malhar asks them to come to stay in his house for forever. Baap ji’s wife gets happy.Baap ji says but. Malhar says we will go to your house, take the stuff and go home. They bring them home.

Kalyani calls Baap ji’s wife and asks her to come inside. Baap ji’s wife asks her to call Sasu bai. Kalyani says she will call her SB and asks them to come. Swara says why did dada marry a girl half aged than him. Kalyani says I am not his half age and tells that she will show her ID card, says she has crossed 18 years. Kalyani makes Anupriya and Aao Saheb introduce to them. Baap ji’s wife thinks she has seen Anupriya somewhere before. Swara asks what she is doing here asking about Aao Saheb. Kalyani tells about Aao Saheb’s pride and prestige in the neighborhood. Aao Saheb says now we have to stay with a chorni. Kalyani asks Swara not to feel bad. Swara asks Atharv why is he staring her? Atharv complains to Kalyani calling her Aai. Swara asks what is happening? Kalyani takes them inside happily. Swara says this house is mad, mad guy and balika vadhu. Aao Saheb asks Pallavi to keep her jewellery locked and tells about thief Swara. Swara gets angry.

Kalyani tries to stop the fight and Swara pushes her. Anupriya holds her.Aao Saheb asking Pallavi to keep her jewellery in locker and lock it. Swara says if I want to steal then even lock and keys can’t stop me. Kalyani tries to calm her down, but Swara pushes her. Baap ji comes with Malhar and others and asks her to apologize and touch Kalyani’s feet. Swara says she is a girl, I will not touch her feet and asks Kalyani to touch her feet. Kalyani says you gave me a small work and says I know how much Malhar will be happy if you stay here and that’s why I will touch your feet, but will ask something in return. Swara says ok, you can ask anything. Kalyani touches her feet and hugs her. Swara asks her to leave her. Kalyani says I am your Vahini and can hug you, but more than me, Malhar ji wants to hug you and has more right on me. She says I want to ask you this and asks her to hug him. She reminds of her promise and asks her to hug Malhar. Malhar looks at Swara emotionally.

Swara comes to Malhar and hugs him. Malhar cries. Kalyani, Anupriya and others smile. Baghban song plays….Sarthak asks Madhav to come and says I will show your room to you. Malhar talks to Moksh and says you have won a lottery and plays with him. Kalyani comes there and says why did you hide your emotional and happiness till now, says you are looking very cute like Moksh. Malhar says he is feeling as if he went to ATM machine to withdraw 1000, but 10000 came out. He says I don’t know what I am saying and tells Moksh that his Aai and Baba are both mad. Kalyani looks at him and keeps her hand on his chest and his hand on her chest and tells that he don’t need to say anything, she can feel the same excitement as him. Main tera banjawunga plays…

Malhar tells Kalyani that he is very happy and says don’t know why Swara got habituated to stealing. He says Swara had stolen intentionally and says she wants police to arrest him. Kalyani says I know and asks how many times you watched Bhaijaan’s film and says he used to steal as he wanted kick. She says she is talking about Salman Khan. Malhar tells Moksh that his Aai is still mad. Kalyani asks him what she likes in childhood. He says tamarind and says they used to steal sometimes. He laughs. Kalyani says I will bring it for her.Sarthak says Malhar doesn’t know that I knew that you are alive. Madhav says what I would have done after that incident. Sarthak says if Swara tells anything.

Madhav says Swara will not tell anything, but we have to keep that secret hidden from Malhar and Deshmukh family. Kalyani brings tamarind and is walking on the road, thinks if Swara comes to know that malhar still remembers then she will be happy. She eats tamarind while walking. Malhar calls her seeing the truck behind her. He shouts calling Kalyani. Kalyani doesn’t hear. Aahir jumps and saves Kalyani. Kalyani asks Aahir to get up. Malhar gets worried and says they came just 2 days back. Kalyani asks him to call ambulance. Aahir makes ambulance sound and tells that he is a good actor. Kalyani smiles. Malhar says shall I beat you. Kalyani asks Malhar to calm down and tells Aahir that Malhar doesn’t have knowledge about films, but she has. Aahir tells Malhar that he would have made the video and made it viral, they would have got popular. Malhar thanks him for saving kalyani. Aahir says but your tamarind fell down. Kalyani says she will buy it again.

Baap ji’s wife does puja again. Anupriya sees Malhar’s mum pic kept there and says she is Malhar’s mother. Baap ji’s wife says when he came to know that she is no more then he asked me to keep the pic in the temple. Anupriya says she has a feeling that she saw her before and asks did I come to your house for saree delivery. Baap ji’s wife gets tensed and says no, I buy saree from the shop always. Anupriya goes. Baap ji’s wife tells Sarthak that the lady who had come to meet her on 26th july was Anupriya. Sarthak asks what?Atharv asks Swara to play with him. Swara refuses to play with him and asks him to go. Sarthak comes there. Swara hugs him and says she will play with him.

Sarthak asks what are you doing? Swara says she was hugging him. Sarthak says you are diverting Malhar’s attention on you. Swara says she has no hope from Rane family. Kalyani comes there and gives tamarind to her, saying Malhar sent it. Swara throws it, says I can’t eat the fallen tamarind. Kalyani gets angry, but controls her anger and says its ok. Swara says you watches TV and wants to be adarsh bahu, but stay away from me and don’t try to connect any relation with me.Swara asking Kalyani to stay away from her and not to try to connect any relation with her. Kalyani pulls her ears and tells that she did this rasam to start relation with her.

Swara pushes her and asks her to go. Atharv says Bua…you have pushed my Aai and takes her saree and runs out. Anupriya and Aao Saheb come there. Atharv tells Anupriya that bua has pushed his Aai and says I will throw her saree in dustbin. Baap ji’s wife asks did you misbehave with her again. Kalyani says we were talking and he thought that we are fighting. Anupriya sees the tag on the saree and says it is of our workshop. Aao Saheb says it is made in our workshop and accuses her for stealing it. Swara says she has bought this saree on 26th july and also has the receipt. Baap ji’s wife tells that she doesn’t know when swara bought this saree. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya to check if she has receipt and asks Kalyani why her sasural people came. Kalyani panics and tells that they are also her family. She asks Anupriya how will I handle mayka and sasural together.

Anupriya asks her to think it as a challenge and asks her to fulfill the duty of a good bahu. Kalyani asks her to teach how to become a good bahu. Anupriya says it comes with experience and says all relations need love and asks her to love them. Kalyani says she is difficult to handle. Anupriya says Saawri was telling that she had bought saree, and says she has to check the receipt. Kalyani asks her to leave Swara and says it is just one saree matter. Anupriya says you are a good bahu.Saawri tells Baap ji that Swara might open her mouth and if she tells malhar then he will be shattered. Baap ji says Kalyani’s mother shall not know about 26th july incident.

Saawri says do you think that she doesn’t know. Aao Saheb checks the receipts and don’t find any receipts. Anupriya thinks 26th july was Friday and thinks either Vivek or her went to deliver saree.Kalyani and Malhar come to the room and see Swara eating tamarind and throwing the seeds away. Kalyani says she is eating tamarind and enjoying. He picks the seed and throws on her. Swara asks him not to do this, calls him dada. Malhar asks if she still remembers. She says she hates her childhood and don’t remember anything. Malhar asks if you will not complaint to baba now. Swara asks him not to do bhai and behen drama and says I don’t have the habit to complain with Baap ji. Malhar says when I found you, then I will fulfill my duty. He says I came to talk to you about your marriage and says baba said that you are not ready for marriage. He promises her that nobody will force her and asks her to tell what is in her heart. Swara says you like your young aged wife and says you love her so much and it is reflecting in your eyes.

She calls kalyani near her and asks what do you see in my eyes, nothing and asks them to stay away from her. Baap ji, Saawri and Sarthak come there. Saawri asks her to meet the groom’s family and asks her not to do any misbehavior. Baap ji says he has called the groom’s family tomorrow. He asks Kalyani to do the arrangement of Ganapati puja. Kalyani gets tensed.Later Anupriya helps Kalyani with the arrangements and asks her to if she will light the diya with the lighter. Kalyani says what’s wrong with it? Anupriya asks her not to use lighter to lit the diyas. Kalyani says Malhar should be with her and help her, but don’t know where is he? Aao Saheb calls her. Anupriya asks her to make modak and goes. Kalyani thinks she has to spend all night and make modak now.

She goes to room and finds thank you made with modak. She thinks he is cute and smiles. She goes near him while he is sleeping and smells his hand. She thinks he made modak for her and covers him with blanket. Main tujhko kitna chahta hun plays…She pulls his cheeks and goes near the modaks. Malhar opens his eyes and smiles. Kalyani goes near the window and smiles looking out. Song continues to play….Swara ruins the decorations and breaks the things. She thinks I will see how Ganesh ji’s puja happens now and what happens infront of groom’s family.

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