Never say goodbye update Monday 16 May 2022

Never say goodbye 16 may 2022: The Episode starts with Suman beating the man. Suman and Vividha tie the man’s hands. Vividha hugs Suman. Suman asks are you fine. Vividha says yes. Ravish is finding entry in home. He climbs the wall. Suman and Vividha hear Zeenat coming and hide. Zeenat is called by the man. She asks the men to come downstairs and goes. The media shows how brave army man is entering the house to save his family. They all see Ravish on the screen. Atharv says now captain will not leave anyone. Zeenat says Ravish is coming here to die.

The army officer scolds the reporter for risking Ravish’s life by failing their plan. The officers worry that terrorists’ given time is over. The man says Ravish will manage everything. Zeenat asks the men to take positions and not leave any corner of this house. She says I thought Ravish is smart, but he is also a fool like his family. The common people see news of Ravish’s bravery and support Ravish in his attempt and fight against the terrorists.

They all pray and bless Ravish. Ravish enters the house. Atharv sees news and says I m also with Ravish, I m not feeling good, you all will get beaten up now. Sujata asks Atharv to be quiet. Ravish checks doors and windows. Everyone sit tensed.A man aims gun at Ravish. Zeenat asks them to be alert, captain should not go alive from here, he wants to kill us by fooling of talks. Zeenat stares at them. Vividha and Suman come out of the room. The man takes them downstairs. The man shoots. Ravish moves. He aims the gun at the man. The other man comes and sees Ravish.

He shoots at Ravish. Ravish gets shot on his shoulder. Ravish falls back. The family gets shocked hearing the bullet sound. Even army officers see Ravish falling down and hold him.The man informs Zeenat. Zeenat starts laughing and says Ravish is brave, he failed to save family, but he is dead. They all get shocked and cry for Ravish. Zeenat prays Ravish gets soul peace. The army man tells Ravish that media gathered outside, they want to talk to you. Ravish is given medical wound. He tells officer that wound is fresh, but I will be fine. Officer says the time is over, I know your family is captive, but you have to decide, I will make the decision official, we will do anything to save your family, tell me what’s your decision.

The news say Ravish is fine, he got shot on shoulder, he is coming out to give statement to us. The family gets relieved and thank Lord. Sujata says nothing happened to Suman. The reporter says Ravish will tell his decision, will he leave Wasim or not. Zeenat says we will celebrate Wasim’s release now. Ravish comes to media. Everyone see Ravish on tv. The media asks Ravish what will he decide now, his family is captive. Zeenat gets eager to hear. Ravish says my family is in danger, but Indian army will never bow down to anyone, we will not release Wasim on any price. Daddy ji smiles. Zeenat gets shocked.

The reporter asks will you not leave Wasim. Zeenat gets angry and sees Daddy ji. Ravish says my family is not just inside that house, all indians are my family, I can’t risk millions of lives, releasing Wasim is like a threat, even the people in that house will expect this from me, they will not bow down to terrorists, I came here to sacrifice my family, because I can’t give sacrifice of my country, Jai hind. The family feels proud seeing Ravish. The people praise Ravish, and call Ravish’s family their family. Daddy ji says I m proud of you my son. Zeenat fumes. She says you all are smiling, come here. She makes the family stand at gun point.

Daddy ji says I would have hurt if Ravish did not do this, I would have said he is not my blood. Suman says he is my son, did you think he will cheat country for family, no way, you thought our eyes will have fear, look in our eyes, you will not find any fear. Vividha says great warriors are born in this land, even if children are not given training in fight, they are born warriors. Sujata says you have to wait forever to see fear in our eyes. Dadi Bua says do anything, but party to celebrate with Wasim is cancelled. Atharv says yes. Kalindi asks Zeenat for what is she waiting, shoot us if you have courage. They all smile. Zeenat stares at them. They all hold hands.

Atharv saying Zeenat is playing bad game. Zeenat says its no fun to kill people who beg for life, its fun to kill fearless people. She says no one will be saved today, its time we send a message to everyone to think well before enrolling in army, all families will not suggest their children to become army man, we will create such terror that the coming generations do not see towards the army uniform. The men aim gun at everyone. Atharv says your team has guns, our team does not have guns, give a gun to us, its a game. Zeenat says yes, we are playing a game, but game of death. She aims gun at Vividha. He points gun at his forehead and says no aunty, don’t kill her, kill me, I m very strong.

Zeenat says the family is mad, everyone is ready to give life for one another. Sujata says you will not understand, its habit of every indian. Zeenat says fine, then, we will see. Atharv says no aunty, don’t kill her, kill me. Vividha says no Atharv, we will live together and die together. Suman looks on. Chutki/Adaa cries and asks Zeenat to leave all of them, they are very good. Zeenat threatens to kill Adaa if she tells a word now. The man says look outside, the army is doing something, many commandos have come, there is something wrong.

Zeenat says it means press conference was a way to waste our time, they were planning to attack on us, everyone take your places. The man takes Sujata along. Vividha signs Suman that they should go. Daddy ji says we have less time, they will come to find us, we have to throw their guns out of window. Suman says yes, if they have guns, they will shoot us. Vipul asks how will we do this, its not easy. Daddy ji reminds he is also an army man and says we will fight with them, get all the bottles here. Suman asks Vividha to get bottles. She asks Vipul and Bhoomi to get wires, oils, heavy items. Atharv asks what shall I do. Suman asks Vividha to take care of Atharv. Vividha asks where are you going. Suman says I have to find Sujata. Vividha smiles.

Zeenat says commandos team will attack on us, they don’t care they stay alive or not, fine stay at windows, they can’t enter this house, shoot on their head, no need to leave anyone injured. She gets shocked seeing everyone gone. The man says we will find them. Zeenat says no need, they would have hidden upstairs, this is only exit, I will see them, we have to stop commandos.

The reporter says sorry, you asked us not to record anything, we don’t have camera. The army man asks her to record anything, we have to show this recording. Vividha, Kalindi and others arrange the things to tackle terrorists. The reporter shows the commandos entering the house. Zeenat says come, my gun is ready to kill them. She asks the men to be here, I will get that family here, and you Adaa stay here silently, don’t go anywhere else….Reporter says we will show you commandos entering the house.

The army man informs Ravish that plan succeeded, terrorists will think we are coming by the doors. Ravish takes the route from terrace. Suman and everyone beat the terrorists. Vividha says Atharv, this man fainted, we will shut him in bathroom. Daddy ji beats a man. Vipul and Bhoomi also tackle a man. Suman beats the man and gets Sujata freed. The commando and terrorist firing starts. Zeenat asks the men to kill the commandos. She goes to check Vashisht family. Ravish crawls inside the AC duct. Zeenat says the family members got hidden like rats, go and find them. She calls out everyone and asks them to stop playing hide and seek. She asks how did you all hide, you were ready to get shot, what happened now.

She does not see the string tied and falls down. She sees a shadow and enters the storeroom. They push a punching bag and she falls down again. Zeenat sees the family there. They all look on.

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