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Never say goodbye 14 March 2022: The Episode starts with Vividha answering the people. Atharv looks on. Kailash stops Vividha. Vividha says let me say, I would have been wrong if I have hidden face from my dad or everyone, I m proud of Atharv, and my love. The people ask Kailash to see Vividha’s character. Atharv gets angry and Vividha stops him, asking him to sleep and not react to them. Vividha says I m proud of my love. The men ask Kailash is he supporting Vividha and not afraid of society.

Vividha says talk to me, not my dad, I know the society, what were your son doing at the cliff. She gives the car number and asks the man to ask his son what was he doing. The man says you are blaming us to hide your mistakes. She says I did not say anything, I don’t want to take names, else many of you will have to save respect and run away. Kailash asks her to stop it. She says they should know their truth first, if they stain love, their children will also do the same, I m not like their children.

Sujata says Vividha’s thinking is heavy than everyone’s thinking, all of you have wrong blames, you don’t have answers for her one question. The man scolds Sujata. Atharv reacts. Vividha asks the man to talk with respect, else there are many people to reply you. The man tells Kailash that Vividha is keeping good relation with her would be mum in law, you gave good values. Vividha says I respect just relations kept by heart. The men warn Kailash to see what happens next and leave. Kailash asks them to stop, Vividha is immature.

Vividha stops Kailash and asks him why is he begging to them, who have nothing to give you, you are feeling bad for them, does their thinking matter more than my happiness. Kailash asks does this guy matter to you more than me. Atharv says Vividha stood for truth and love, you should also stand by her, rather than begging to those people for respect.Kailash asks Atharv does he know what is respect. He taunts them. Sujata says there are some bad secrets hidden behind respect curtains, am I saying wrong. Uma gets worried. Kailash recalls seeing Uma with Sujata.

He tells Vividha that he is listening to all this because of her. He says my respect just got ruined all because of you. Vividha cries and asks him not to think this. He drags her to stable and takes cow dung in his hand. He asks her to apply cow dung to his face, as she is doing the same thing with his respect. She refuses to do so. He says I will apply myself and cries. He applies cow dung to his face. Everyone look on and cry. Atharv and Sujata just see. Dadi and Ankit ask Kailash not to do this. Ankit calls Atharv an idiot. Kailash asks Atharv are you happy now, did you get peace, come and see from close, you also apply cow dung on my cheek, insult me, why are you ashamed, you fulfill your wish too, come.

Atharv walks to him and takes cow dung in his hand, saying I will fulfill your wish today. Kailash, Vividha and everyone get shocked. Vividha stops Atharv and asks what are you doing. He says I m doing what your dad is wishing. She asks is he mad. He says you see him, he is acting, he will do this acting till you end our relation, when will you understand. She asks him to stop it. He asks whats wrong if you love me, this is cheap thinking, he says such things so that you feel guilty. She says relax, I will handle. Kailash asks whom will you handle and how, you will handle your father who always wished for your happiness, or Atharv who claims that he loves you and is ready to apply cow dung on your father’s face, I knew father has responsibility, now I got to know I have to bear punishment for being a father. He cries and leaves. Vividha calls out Papa and cries.

Dadi, Uma, Ankit and Guddi go after Kailash. Sujata asks Atharv to take rest, he is hurt. Atharv asks her to go. Sujata signs Vividha to manage and goes. He washes his hands. Vividha asks him to control anger, else matter will get bad, we have to give time to Papa. He shouts how much time, you have to face new problems every day, just day Kailash is against our love, this acting will go on, its not about time, you are bearing this torture, I can’t bear this, our love is not dependent on anyone, I lived without my father all life, you can also live such. She says but my Papa did not abandon me like your dad did. He looks at her shocked.

Vividha and Atharv having an argument over Kailash. She unintentionally hurts Atharv by her words and apologizes. He asks her to choose between him and Kailash. Vividha asks are you asking me to choose between you and my Papa. Atharv says yes, just think and tell me, I will not wait now. He leaves and she cries. Sujata talks to her husband on phone and he asks about Atharv. She says give me one day time, I will talk to him. He worries and gets doctor’s call in waiting. He says I will talk later and answers doctor’s call. Doctor tells him that reports are not good and he should rush back to his place for treatment. He gets sad and says Sujata is asking for time, and that’s the one thing I don’t have.

Atharv gets Uma’s prescription and asks Sujata about it. she says doctor said she will need medicines till she gets fine. He asks what are you hiding from me. She says nothing. He asks is Uma not fine. She says Uma and I don’t want to talk to this. He says this is Vividha’s problem too, she can’t see her dad’s acting, I will not bear all this, I told her to choose between me and Kailash. She asks what, you broke your promise, you told her that you will wait and give her time to convince Kailash, does your promise has no value. He recalls his promise and says its not like that, I m always with her, look at Kailash, he does drama and discourages her, she cries every day.

She asks did Vividha say she broke down, she is facing all that as you are standing with her, you broke her trust, did you think Kailash will agree in few days, did you feel its so easy, she is trying to convince Kailash by your trust, you asked her to forget her father, I did not teach you to run away from situation, I taught you to stand and fight, where did my Atharv go.She says I did not tell you about Uma as I promised her, I know to keep my promise, since when did my son forget to keep promise. He recalls Vividha’s promise. He says I understood and hugs her.

He goes. She says I m convincing you so that Vividha and her dad’s relation does not break, how to convince him to keep relation with his father.Atharv sees Vividha’s balcony. He takes ladder. Sujata says everyone would be sleeping, Kailash was very angry, leave this today, else it will be problem. He recalls Vividha. Hamdard hai………….plays……… He says I did a mistake, atleast give me a chance to talk and apologize.Its morning, everyone ask Kailash not to worry, they will talk to Vividha. Atharv thinks Vividha will be very worried, what did I do. Kailash and his family comes out. Kailash pushes Atharv and shouts Vividha.

Kailash checks Atharv’s house and calls out Vividha. He asks Atharv where is Vividha. Atharv asks what do you mean. Kailash says she is seen with you, so I will ask you, don’t lie. Atharv says I did not see her since yesterday. Kailash says lie, she did not come home at night, where will she be all night. Atharv gets shocked.Atharv says I know you are doing this to fool me and keep me away from Vividha, she is at home. Dadi cries and says no, she is not at home, trust me. Uma says yes, she did not come home, where is she. Everyone cry. Atharv says Vividha did not come home.

Ankit says my sister is not at home at rakhi day, where did you take her, tell me. Atharv pushes Ankit and asks Kailash where did you hide her. Kailash asks him the same. They both argue. Uma takes Kailash along. Sujata asks Atharv not to waste time in fights and find Vividha.

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