Never say goodbye update Sunday 22 May 2022

Never say goodbye 22 may 2022: The Episode starts with Vividha saying I feel someone is trying to harm Atharv, there is danger around him. Ravish says I assure nothing will happen to Atharv. Sujata says Ravish is right, I can also sense danger on Atharv, but I believe Ravish, we have to take care of Suman, she is much worried by whatever happened. Suman says news is good, but see on what time did it come. Daddy ji asks why did she lose hope. Suman says what’s hope now, nothing is like before, everything changed. Dadi Bua comes and asks for locker keys to keep jewelry. Suman gives her keys.

Dadi Bua opens locker and asks did you take jewelry Suman, its not here. Suman gets shocked. Ravish asks did Maa sleep. Sujata says no, she is with your Dada ji, some imp letter came. Ravish asks which letter. Atharv says I m feeling sleeping. Sujata says I will come along. He asks her to send Vividha. Vividha sees Ravish and says no, its late, Sujata will make you sleep. Atharv insists. Ravish asks Vividha to go and make Atharv sleep, he does not know what’s happening around. Vividha goes with Atharv. Sujata finds Ravish sad.

Suman says I did not take jewelry. Dadi Bua says the special sets and earrings are not inside, which Ramakant’s mother worn on her marriage. She goes. Vividha says Sujata is cleaning kitchen, if she comes and sees you did not sleep, she will feel bad. Atharv asks her to sing lullaby. She says not today. He says I don’t like everyone fighting, sing lullaby for me, I will sleep. Vividha sings O saathi re……. Atharv asks Vividha, why don’t you smile. She gets shocked seeing him talking like normal. She says Atharv…. He talks like kid and says why don’t you laugh. He tickles her and asks her to laugh. Suman comes there. They stop seeing her.

Suman says I thought to ask you, did you think about event, but … Vividha says what event. Suman says of course, how will you know about Ravish’s life, Ravish is your husband and you don’t know anything about him. Ravish and Sujata come there. Suman sees them.Ravish asks what happened Maa. Suman says I came to talk to my bahu about the big event in your life, but she does not know it. Ravish asks which event. Suman says Ravish is given gallantry medal to fight against terrorism. Atharv says wow, I also fought, will I also get it. Vividha says Ravish did not tell me anything. Suman says you would have known it if you took interest.

Ravish says award s just announced, we still have time. Suman says its big thing, we have to organize dinners, meets and sports day also. Atharv says I will also take part in sports day. Ravish says sure, there is a session tomorrow, will you come along, the entire family should come along. Suman goes. Atharv gets glad.Its morning, Ravish takes Atharv to practice session. Entire family look on. People congratulate Daddy ji and Suman. Ravish calls Atharv and other officers. He says he is my brother Atharv. The officers are glad meeting Atharv. Ravish says Atharv wants to practice with us, I hope you don’t have any problem.

Officer says we have seen his talent in fights, we will see his talent on fields too. Atharv asks what fight. Ravish is called and asks officers to take care of Atharv, he did not recovered yet.Sujata asks Vividha about medical store. Vividha says its there, we will go and come. Two officers stare at Atharv and says Ravish got award, when we did more dangerous missions, is our work just to serve Atharv. They go to Atharv. Atharv says I m very strong. The men ask Atharv to come with them. They ask Atharv to throw this heavy wheel there. Atharv says I m very strong uncle, but this is very heavy. Atharv could not throw and tries again.

Suman and Daddy ji look on. The men say we will play some other game, come, this is easy. They hit Atharv with the ball. Atharv gets hit on his head. He says I m fine. They hit him on his head many times. Vividha and Sujata come back. Sujata feels hot and thinks to have lemon water. Vividha sees Atharv practicing. The men ask Atharv to jump.Atharv falls down. Sujata worries. Vividha says no, Atharv will manage. She asks Atharv to try again. She goes to Atharv and says you know all this, come on try. Atharv asks can I do this like soldiers. She says yes, do it. Atharv falls down and says I can’t. Ravish comes back.

Vividha asks Atharv to close eyes and focus. Ravish says its difficult exercise, he can get hurt. Vividha says wait Ravish. Atharv closes eyes and holds the metal rod to exercise.Atharv opens eyes and lifts himself from the ground. He does somersaults. Ravish and everyone get surprised. Atharv says I did it. Vividha and Ravish clap for him. Atharv says I will show more. Sujata smiles. Atharv exercises more. The two officers get jealous of him.Ravish says very good, you can do anything. He asks Vividha did Atharv do this before. Vividha says yes and smiles.

the men saying Atharv did this well, we will make challenge tougher for him. Atharv says yes, I m ready to do anything. Vividha says I will not allow Atharv. Ravish says if Atharv gets hurt… Atharv says no, I will do this. Vividha says no, you will get hurt. Atharv insists. Ravish says fine, be careful. Someone fixes current wire to the metal rod and puts soil to hide it. The man says we will show him demo of the hurdle race. The man shows the demo. Atharv watches the demo. The man ends the demo. Someone starts the current supply. Atharv goes for the race. Ravish explains him.

Ravish wishes all the best to Atharv. Atharv and the man compete. Ravish cheers for Atharv. He says be careful, winning is not necessary. Everyone look on. Atharv asks Ravish is he fine. Ravish says yes, and follows Atharv. He gets shocked seeing the current wire and thinks of Vividha’s words. He shouts to Atharv to stop him. He runs and pushes the man and Atharv from touching that metal rod. Vividha shouts Atharv and runs to him. Atharv asks why did you catch me. Vividha asks what happened Ravish. Ravish gets water and pours there. They all get shocked seeing the current in the metal rod.

Ravish says this metal bar had current. The officer says someone did this, Atharv or that man would have gone by touching it. Ravish asks him to power off. The man thanks Ravish. Ravish hugs Atharv and says nothing will happen to you till I m there. Atharv thanks him. Suman stares at them.Dadi Bua asks Kalindi did she take jewelry from locker, as you have other keys. Kalindi says no, I did not take jewelry, I lost the keys, I will find it today. Atharv says if I got burnt by fire today then… Ravish says it was accident, don’t worry. Vividha says someone did this by planning.

He says it was a mistake, wiring work was going on there, why will anyone do this, we don’t need to get hyper. Dadi Bua says many bad happenings are going on, Atharv was attacked today, I will keep puja at home tomorrow. Ravish says we will head to our farm house tomorrow. Atharv gets glad.Sujata asks Atharv to have medicines. Suman looks on. Atharv says I m strong. Sujata says no, there is danger for you. Vividha says Ravish, if Atharv won race, he would have got electric shock, he is not save in this house, his life has risk. Atharv says no, there is no danger, I will go there and jump. Sujata says this time Ravish saved you, next time don’t know what will happen. Suman gets angry.

They all go to the farmhouse. Atharv likes the place. He is about to fall in pool. Ravish holds him and saves him. He says I will show you the house later. They all sit for puja. Atharv sees laddoos and tries to take. Suman stops him and asks him not to spoil puja. She asks him to have patience. Ravish says Atharv you are getting bored, go and play outside, don’t go towards pool. Atharv goes. Vipul and Suman see him leaving. Atharv sees the pool and plays with the waters. Pandit asks everyone to stand for aarti. Everyone pray in aarti. Atharv plays near pool and sees the ball going in waters. Vipul comes to Atharv and holds him.

Vipul pushes him in the pool. Atharv struggles. Vividha and Ravish come running. Vipul says Ravish, Atharv fell in water. Everyone come. Vividha tells everyone that Vipul pushed Atharv in the water. Sujata asks them to get Atharv out. Ravish sees Atharv and recalls Vividha’s words. He says no need to get him out. He asks Atharv to come out, I know you know swimming Atharv….. Sujata and Vividha worry.

Vividha asks him to come. Atharv swims and comes out of the pool. Ravish says I knew it, give me your hand. Atharv looks on. Everyone get relieved. Ravish stares at Vipul.

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