Never say goodbye update Monday 23 may 2022

Never say goodbye 23 may 2022:Ravish catches Vipul, he says he planned with Vividha the whole farm house thing, to know who is trying to harm Atharv and they both saw Vipul pushing Atharv into pool.Vipul says he didn’t do anything, he doesn’t have any plans, even kalindi says Vipul cant do, dadi bua says its bcoz of property Vipul did, kalindi says how can u say, dadi bua says kalindi and Vipul both are greedy, they can do this, and even jewellery might be stolen by u ppl, aditi says its true, brings jewellery, says jewellery in Vipuls almirah.

Police comes, Ravish asks him to arrest Vipul for murder attempt and theft of jewellery, Vipul tries to say he didn’t do it bhoomi and kalindi crying, Ravish says if only theft i would have left you but u tried to kill my brother. Vipul agrees he stole but didn’t do murder attempt, kalindi asks suman and dadaji to leave Vipul, police takes away Vipul.Doctor treats Atharv, Ravish says some times he remembers everything, when anyone tries to harm Sujatha he gets normal, doc says take him to place where he lived where his memories are.

Three think of Ajmer, Vivi says lets take him there where his dreams are, Ravish says Ajmer, Vivi says Atharv ka ghar lautne ka waqt aya (It’s time for Atharv to return home)Ahmed chacha, gungun uma dadi every one there, hurray tabela comes.Vividha calls uma says she is coming to Ajmer with Ravish, Sujatha amd Atharv.Uma says they are coming here, Ahmed chacha is happy, dadi is shocked.Vivi, Atharv and co leave to Ajmer.

At Kashyap house, Payal screaming, mandir bells ringing slightly, Vividha remembers her and Atharv moments gawddd this is so lovely.Atharv comes to house, he sees that and tandav background plays as he sees surroundings and get normal for some time.Atharv looking at his house and stable. He finds the place familiar. Vividha, Ravish and Sujata look for his reactions. Atharv sees the cow and caresses it. Sujata recalls Atharv taking care of the cow. Vividha too thinks of the old moments. Atharv acts like kid again and says, wow, there are many cows. Ravish looks at Vividha. Vividha cries. Atharv sees his bike.

He says its such a nice one, shall I drive this. Abdul uncle comes and gets emotional seeing Atharv. He cries and hugs Atharv.Uma comes and holds Vividha. Vividha hugs Uma and cries. Uma and Dadi happily cry seeing Vividha. Uma says we always thought of you. Atharv asks Sujata who is this old man. Ravish takes Uma and Dadi’s blessings. Uma and Dadi see Atharv. Atharv greets Dadi. Dadi asks did you identify me, E for Indu mati. Atharv says E for elephant, are you mad. Dadi and Uma cry.

Uma goes and hugs Sujata. Sujata says my life got like this house, this house gave me everything once and now its having any pity for us. Uma asks her to be strong. Atharv prays seeing temple. Ravish gets idol and places it. Atharv asks everyone to pray. Sujata prays to her Murari. Atharv asks is this place made for Murari. Sujata says this place is of Murari itself. Sujata sees the stable and kitchen area. She recalls the old days. She sees the room upstairs. She recalls doctor’s words. Vividha observes Atharv holding his pants.

Vividha asks Atharv what happened, why is he doing like this, is he fine. Atharv says yes, I m fine. Sujata cries seeing the things and recalls memories related to each and every thing. She lights diya at her mum’s pic. Kailash hides and looks on.Vividha and Sujata recall moments with Atharv and cry. Atharv asks Sujata whose house is this, its small but good. Vividha cries seeing Guddi’s pic. Uma says I feel like she will come running and laugh loud, I can’t believe she left us. Atharv shows Guddi’s pic and says she died. Sujata asks Atharv to come with her. She let’s go home now, come.

Atharv says this is also our house, as Vividha is ours. Sujata says we will go to our home. Dadi asks Ravish what do we have to do now. Ravish says we have to get Atharv’s memory back, we have to look same situation and everyone should look like before. Uma says but everything changed, Vividha is married, how can she behave like before.Ravish says its imp for Atharv to get fine, Vividha has to look like before. He asks Vividha to dress like before. Vividha recalls her old time.

Vividha changes clothes and comes. Ravish sees her and gets mesmerized. Na jiya jaye…….plays…………… He recalls Vividha and Atharv. He walks to her and says you have to look exactly same like before, Atharv should not recall present by anything, not even by this mangalsutra. Vividha holds mangalsutra and hides it in clothes.Sujata cleans the house. Atharv asks for water. Sujata gives him water and goes. Atharv sits eating food. Sujata takes care of cows gungun and Payal. She talks to the cow and says you were with me in all happiness and sorrow, see what happened to my Atharv. Atharv plays around the bed.

Vividha comes on her cycle calling out Sujata. She asks for milk. Atharv looks on. Vividha recreates the old moment. Ravish, Uma and Dadi hide and look on. Sujata asks Atharv to give milk to Vividha. Atharv asks what do you want. Vividha asks for 10 litres milk. Jaana na dil se door……plays…….. Vividha recalls the old moment. Atharv gets the milk cans and asks her to take it. Vividha says no, you can’t give this to me, you kept this for someone else, did you forget. He asks really, I don’t know, you take this. She acts like in that moment and scolds him for pushing her. She shouts on him like before. Atharv recalls the moment and looks at her like before. Everyone look on.

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