Never say goodbye update Saturday 5 March 2022


Never say goodbye 5 March 2022: The Episode starts with Sujata and her husband having a talk. He asks did you have food. She says no, I came in hurry. He says I knew this, I got something for you. He shows her pen and asks do you still eat this. She says no, I use pen to write now, you taught me everything, such a girl who never went to school. They talk about the old days and laugh. He says I caught you eating pen and beaten you, but you got fat now. She says just few kilos more. He says you did not change much, and loosens her hair. She smiles. He says long hair plaits suit you, you look beautiful. He ties her hair plaits. She cries happily.

Atharv says I would have taken you if I could. Vividha says then take me, who stopped you. He walks to him and holds him against the wall. She makes him hold her and gets close to him. She looks in his eyes. He asks what are you doing, anyone will see. She says let them see, I don’t care, if you can come here to library to see me, can’t I come close to you to feel you. He smiles and says I don’t think you got this dangerous courage from your Papa, how did you get this courage. She asks do you have to romance me or my Papa, you were saying you can’t wait, even I can’t wait, you wanted to take me, take me I m ready. She gets close. He looks at her and gets speechless.

Na wo ankhiyan…………..plays…………. She touches him and kisses him on his cheek. He holds her and recalls their old moments. He holds her face and caresses her hair. Their sweet moments are shown. He gets her close to kiss. They have an eyelock. He stops seeing the lady coming. Vividha gets away to take a book. The lady sees Atharv reading a book. She goes. Atharv says before I get kicked out of this college, I should run away. Vividha stops him and says I said something. He says I did not hear. She says I love you. He says good, keep loving me. She asks nothing else, don’t you have to say anything.

She closes her eyes and gets close. He says thank you. She opens her eyes and sees him. He runs from the window. She says just thanks….. and smiles.Sujata’s husband shows her the plaits. He says you got many tears when I m away, don’t cry now, your tears burn me, don’t kill me by your tears. He says you gave me courage to stay away, you made me belief that I did not do wrong and I stayed my life, but now I see how I dragged you and my son in problems, I m very selfish. She cries and hugs him.A couple passes by. Sujata says I should leave. He says we married in this temple before Lord, why should we have fear.

She says no one should know about us. He agrees and takes her to temple. She signs no and takes him away. He sees sindoor kept near the spiritual tree. He takes the sindoor. She asks what are you doing. He says I can atleast repeat this infront of Lord and say you are my wife, which I could not say to world. He fills her maang. They smile.Vividha talks to her friends. They ask her why does she want to study, her husband is set. Vividha says I want to study to be independent, education opens mind and makes you find difference in right and wrong, even housewife needs basic education, housewife has biggest job to manage home and children, I think housewife should be educated.

Atharv comes on his bike and stops there. Jaana na dil se door…………..plays…………. He smiles seeing Vividha.Sujata gets away while her husband was hugging her. She hides seeing some men passing by. He looks at her. He asks can you make me meet Atharv in next 2-3 days. She says he won’t agree. He says I don’t have time, I came this time, maybe next time I can’t come, please. She sees some ladies coming, and leaves. He says I feel like I got broken when I see Sujata going away, if I could, I would have taken Sujata with me. Atharv smiles…. Vividha parks her cycle and asks him can’t he see and drive, if she got hurt then… Her friends flirt with Atharv.

Atharv says I respect your feelings, my bike has one seat left and your friend Vividha reserved it. He asks Vividha to come. She refuses and smiles.Uma watering the plants. Sujata comes home. Uma stops her and asks is everything fine. Sujata says yes. Uma asks how is he, your husband. Sujata gets shocked and asks how did you know. Uma says maang’s sindoor is fresh, but your fingers does not have the marks, so your husband will be filling sindoor as he has right on you, I did not see you in hair plaits till now, its no occasion today and you have tied plaits, he has come right, your smile is showing everything, I won’t ask everything, as it can’t be said. Sujata asks her to come and takes her.

Vividha refuses. Atharv offers the vacated seat to her friends. The girls make plans. Vividha pinches his hand. He screams and says a bug has bitten me. Vividha says stop it, I m coming with you. She asks her friend to drop her cycle at home. He greets the girls. She makes his head turn straight and they leave.Uma asks Sujata what does she want to say. Sujata smiles and says I know him since childhood, he is two years elder to me, I met him in stable, he came to take milk, he is from rich family and studied here, staying in hostel, I used to be with Maa, I did not go school or college, he used to teach me at my home, he has beaten me with a scale as I had habit of eating chalk pen.

Uma smiles and asks did he change. Sujata says he is still same and praises her husband. Uma says great, you became good shayar. Sujata laughs and says he does not take my name, he talks greeting me with respect. Uma says Atharv also talks to Vividha well, so he got this habit to greet Vividha as Aap from his father. Sujata recalls her husband and Atharv’s words. She gets sad. Uma asks what happened. Sujata says he wants to meet Atharv.Sujata says I don’t have courage to tell Atharv, he hates his father and regards him the reason of all our troubles, after meeting Vividha, I have seen him happy for the first time.

Atharv tells Vividha that he is proud of him when she told about housewife. She asks when did you hear. He says I was after you and your friends, but someone is jealous. She says I m not. He apologizes and asks her what will she have. She says sweets, I love sweets and can eat sweets all day and night, I can close eyes and tell which sweets it is. He asks seriously. She says yes. He stops the bike and drops her, asking her to wait, he will get sweets.Sujata says I m scared, if Atharv knows his father is here and wants to know, what will happen.

Uma says it will be good, Kailash has problem that Atharv does not have father’s name, you have this chance, Kailash will agree and Atharv will forgive his father. Sujata says I promised I won’t tell anyone about him. Uma asks whats his name. Sujata says his and his family name is very big, if Kailash shows about him, he will come and ask for Atharv’s proposal. Kailash shouts Sujata and comes there. Uma hides. Kailash and Sujata argue. She says I did not permit you to come inside my house. He says I m seeing you are talking a lot since my daughter said she loves your son. She says I was always sharp tongued, but I was respecting you, don’t try to suppress us again. Kailash says you cheap people are already down, you forgot your status. She says enough, I can’t hear and bear anything now, you can get insulted while insulting me, you did everything, got my son beaten, tried to spoil his work, snatched our house, now its enough, nothing more now. Uma hears them. Sujata says I won’t bear any wrong word now.

Kailash scolds her and says I have hurt your forehead with bangle last time, I think the pain got less, this time… He raises hand and Sujata holds his hand. She signs him not to do this mistake. Uma gets shocked. Sujata says don’t even think to do this, if you think I m from that women who bear beating from men, don’t be mistaken, last time I stayed silent for my son, this time my son and bahu’s courage is with me, its good Atharv does not know you threw bangles on me and hurt me, else he would have not left you, now you decide, will you leave with respect or by humiliation. She walks to him. He gets shocked and moves back. Old moment is seen when Kailash scared Sujata at her home and humiliated her. She makes him out of the door and shuts door on his face. Kailash leaves.

Uma falls in Sujata’s feet and apologizes. Sujata asks what are you doing. Uma apologizes as Kailash raised hand on her. Sujata says you don’t need to apologize, husband and wife should share sorrow and happiness, not deeds, don’t punish yourself for other’s deed. Uma says I don’t understand your big talk, I just know Kailash is my husband.Vividha waits in the park. Atharv gets sweets for her. She smiles and asks won’t you have this. He says you have two, I will eat rest as I don’t want to waste it. She says my Papa’s sweets are famous, I grew up having sweets, I won’t waste sweets. He asks her to have it. She eats many sweets and he sees the box getting empty. She finishes all the sweets and says I told you I will eat all sweets, I m hungry and want to eat something else. He asks her to eat him and gives his finger. They laugh.

The men see them and identify as Kailash’s daughter and milk guy, Atharv has won challenge. They laugh. Atharv asks Vividha will she take rest now, I want a wife, not sweets inspector. She beats him and laughs. Sujata tells Uma that its mistake to bear wrong.

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