Never say goodbye update Sunday 6 March 2022

Never say goodbye 6 March 2022: The Episode starts with Sujata telling Uma that husband should never be wife’s bound, we get habitual to bear the problems, but if its mistake of one who tortures, the one who bears tortures is also wrong, you have to be strong and have courage, courage of one woman can overpower 50 men, don’t bend to injustice, even if hurting person is your husband. Uma wipes her tears and denies this. She says Kailash is really nice, he loves me a lot, he respects me so much, he is annoyed and that’s why behaving that way. She says I m very lucky to get a husband like Kailash, he is really good.

She asks Sujata to go out and see, if Kailash is there or gone. Sujata goes out and sees Kailash leaving in his car. She tells Uma that Kailash went. Uma leaves from Sujata’s place and hurriedly goes home. Sujata says I hope that Uma is just lying to me, not herself.Its morning, Vividha wakes up. She sees Atharv sitting in her window. She rubs her eyes and sees him again. They smile seeing each other. She thinks his smile is more photogenic in dream and smiles seeing him, thinking he is her dream. Atharv goes to her. She says I wish this was not a dream and was reality. Atharv sits near her on her bed. She stares at him with love. He greets her good morning. She also greets him, still believing its her dream. He holds her hand and kisses her hand. She smiles.

He gets close and takes water jug. He pours water on her head, and she gets shocked, realizing he is realizing he is really here. She asks what did you do. He says so that you think this reality is a dream. She says I was not dreaming. He says that’s why you had Khoya khoya chand expression on your face. She says I don’t have any expression, see. He says it means my presence in your bedroom does not matter.She shuts the door and asks what are you doing here, where is Guddi. He says Guddi woke up and went downstairs. She asks what, I slept till late. He does shayari about love. She says your courage increased, if Papa saw then.

He says he has not seen at night, whats the difference if he sees me now. She asks all night? He says yes, I kept seeing you all night, you looked beautiful. She asks what nonsense. He holds her hand and says not a liar, a true one, even my ears would not believe if I did not hear snoring myself. She says I don’t snore, you are lying. He says you won’t believe, wait, I have HD quality video of your snoring. She sees the video and asks where is snoring. He asks her to listen. She hears the snoring and feels embarrassed.He says see this carefully, Vividha’s snoring. She says I don’t snore and hides her face. He moves away her hands off her face. He holds her and says promise me, you will snore and make me sleep and wake me up by your snoring. She asks did you like it.

He says I like everything related to it, your love and special snores. She calls him mad and asks what was he doing here at night. He says I came to see you. She says I will delete the video clip. He says this is proof for our grandchildren to show your snoring is since your young age. She says Atharv, no, give phone to me. They go towards balcony. She gets shocked seeing Kailash near temple.Vividha moves him away. He smiles and asks why is she dragging a small kid to her bedroom. She says if Papa saw us together, he would kill us. He says I can see you standing here all my life and holds her face. She smiles. Sujata combs her hair and recalls her husband’s words. She ties the hair plaits. She says I did not think I would get this feelings again, I thought to spend life with your memories, but I m seeing myself with your eyes or my eyes, I don’t understand.

Atharv and Vividha smile seeing each other. Kailash finishes prayers. Sujata comes there and says its good Atharv is not here, else he would have asked many questions. She recalls her husband’s wish to meet Atharv. She falls down and screams. Atharv and Vividha see Sujata and get worried. Kailash sees Sujata and leaves. Atharv jumps down Vividha’s balcony and rushes to Sujata.Vividha worries and rushes downstairs. Atharv takes Sujata and asks how did she fall down, is she fine. He lifts her. She says I have to go temple. He says you will go home and takes her upstairs. Guddi asks Vividha why is she running. Vividha says Sujata fell and got much hurt. She runs out and Kailash stops her. Family members look on. He asks Kailash where is she running, our house is on this side of line. Guddi signs Vividha to be silent.

Vividha signs no and says Papa….. He asks what. Dadi says Vividha is going to temple, can’t you see. He says they are my daughters, I have right to ask them. Dadi says you are jailer, but the girls are not prisoners. Dadi asks Vividha to go to temple. Guddi asks Vividha to come. Vividha turns and sees Atharv. She signs and asks about Sujata. He signs Sujata is fine, don’t worry. Vividha gets relieved. They smile seeing each other. Kailash sees Atharv there. He gets angry seeing Vividha smiling.Dadi scolding Kailash. She asks what will you do, they are my daughters. She recalls Atharv’s words and tells Kailash that she will beat him. Atharv smiles. Ankit comes and asks Dadi what is she doing. Kailash slaps him and says I m fed up of all of you. Kailash goes.

He says she is better, its some sprain. Dadi says good, now you both go. Vividha asks where. Dadi says temple and then anywhere you want. Vividha asks temple? Dadi says you are tubelight in love matters, Atharv did not come like this, I did big planning. Guddi says we both did this planning.Dadi says yes, Guddi also did a bit. Vividha asks shall we go like this. Dadi says fine, then don’t go. She asks Vividha is she silly, Lord Shiv gave you such a guy, you should thank him, your groom is fixed, if I knew Lord is giving such model husbands, I would have kept many fasts. Atharv smiles. Vividha says if we go to temple together, people will see us.

Dadi says I wish people see you both together all your lives, go and thank Lord, and show Lord that Atharv-Vividha united. Guddi gives aarti plate to Vividha and says request Shiv ji that I get someone like Atharv. Vividha says someone like Atharv, not possible. Atharv and Vividha leave on his bike.They reach temple and talk about fasts for good husband and good wife. He says its destiny, we get whats written in our fate. His father is closeby and turns to him hearing his words.Atharv and Vividha do the puja together. They pour milk on the shivling and do Abhishek.

Pandit blesses them and does Atharv’s tilak. Vividha thanks Shiv ji for uniting them. She says you always fulfill lover’s wish. Sujata’s husband is behind them. She says I will go and do Pariknama. She leaves. She calls out Atharv from far, and his father turns to see him. He sees the guy’s back and walks to him.He holds the guy’s shoulder. Some other guy turns to him. Atharv’s father thinks that’s his son Atharv and calls him Beta. The guy’s mum comes and Atharv’s father apologizes to the guy. Atharv walks towards his father. His father moves back and collides with him. Atharv holds him and something from his father’s hand falls in his pocket.

They both look at each other. Atharv’s father looks at him with emotions and like finding his son in him also. Atharv asks are you fine. His dad says yes, I m fine, thanks. Atharv goes out of the temple. Vividha teases him and laughs. He asks is your Pariknama over. She says yes, sit here, do as I say. She asks him to keep his hand and see Shivling through it, make a wish. He says I got everything, and my mum prays for me. She says I m saying, do this. She wishes Kailash agrees for her and Atharv’s relation. She makes Atharv do so and make a wish. Atharv’s father smiles seeing them, and says I recall myself and Sujata seeing them, everything changes and even then nothing changes. Vividha and Atharv pass by his side.

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