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Never say goodbye 12 March 2022: The Episode starts with Vividha saying you helped me by teaching me all night, I made fun of you, if I don’t respect you, then who will respect you. They hug. She was touching his feet and he stops her, asking what are you doing. She says I was touching your feet. He says I m your would be husband, not a temple idol. She says no one else can do what you do for my family, I did not do any duty towards you. He says husband and wife’s duty is same, its not a single person’s duty, you won’t become inferior to me after marriage, I m not superior, I want we both to be equal, there is nothing that we both can’t do, its not like husband will do set of things and wife will do other set of things.

He says traditions change by every generation, we will always be together. She cries and says this does not happen in real life, everyone has different roles and duties. He says you can live relations or keep relations, we will live our life, we will walk together, you fight with me, you can tease me or make fun of me, its all fine, I want you to be happy. She smiles.Sujata’s husband says I m saying I m not sure of coming back again. Sujata says I will try. He asks her to promise. She says some fearful promises made my hope scared to come infront, I won’t promise, I will try that you and Atharv meet outside the limits of hatred.

He says I m satisfied that you don’t hate me, I felt maybe the pain created anger in you. She says I can just compromise with situation, I knew you could not do what you wanted.Atharv says we will not tie each other with hope, we will have love in between, we can have friendship and live life with each other with our love, we will have a relation of equality, where we can hear our own heart’s voice. She asks how are you like this, you said all this so easily, I never heard such things in my life, I don’t know any person who thinks like you, I can’t be equal to you, you are higher in everything, age, thinking, dreams, we can’t be equal. He holds her feet and asks can’t I touch your feet if you can touch mine.

He kisses her feet. He says you don’t know what you got in my life, I was dealing with my loneliness, you completed my life and taught me to live, you gave me roots to get connected and also wings to fly. She cries. He asks do you know marriage promises. She nods. He asks whats the first one, tell me. She tells the first promise, and meaning girl tells the guy if you go on Tirath, take me along, if you keep fasts, give me place to sit on right place, if you agree, then I can sit on right place. Atharv says we will make our own promise today, come. She asks which promise. He says promise of equality. She holds his hand.

Sujata says we could not keep promise to be together, but we kept promise to love each other, don’t feel guilty, I m happy that I could see you again. Her husband holds her hand. She says I m scared, my happiness is till you meet Atharv, you won’t meet me again, you will love Atharv more than me. He says past is gone, and future has no guarantee, we have just present, we are together and this is truth. She says if dreams are regarded reality, person breaks, I think you should go before anyone…. He says anyone sees me, I know, but can you hold my hand and walk till my car. She holds his hand and they smile.

He asks her to take care and holds her hand. Kailash comes home and sees Sujata holding someone’s hand. He thinks whose hand is Sujata holding. Her husband leaves. She cries and goes. Kailash says what is the story, who is that man.Atharv and Vividha holds hands. He says we will tie each other by love, but limits, we will not be superior or inferior, we will be equal and walk together always. She says always. Jaana na dil se door…………. Plays……….. They hug. Kailash gets down his car. Guddi comes outside house and sees Atharv and Vividha together. She worries that if Papa sees them, it will be big issue. She stops Kailash and tells him that I was calling you, Maa got asthma attack, come fast. She takes Kailash with her.

Atharv asks Vividha can I go for work now. She nods. He asks shall I go now. His bike does not start. She says strange.He says my bike got annoyed, as I give you more time than her. He talks to his bike and it starts. He says I forgot my phone, I will get it. she says don’t off this bike, else it will not start again, bike got sensitive, I will hold your Julia. She says its heavy, I will keep on stand. She says no, I will manage. He goes. She holds the bike and says how does he drive such heavy bike. She says I know you are annoyed as you got sold because of me, but remember I got you back, don’t fall. She screams. Atharv comes back and holds the bike. Jaana na dil se door……….plays………………. They see each other.

Atharv holding Vividha. He asks did you get hurt. She says no, its fine. He says I should have not left you alone, are you fine. She says yes. He says I m talking to Julia, and tells Vividha that she can do many things but not manage Julia. She says I can jump from cliff, study at night and pass, I can do anything. He says you are rockstar. Guddi comes and says you guys can go inside and romance, stop romancing in open, Papa would have seen you, I will get beaten up.Vividha says I want Papa to see me with Atharv, and find me happy. Guddi says he will not leave me.

Vividha says he did a lot for us, will he hurt us, he has fed us by his hands, when I got a scratch, he used to take me to hospital, its because he loves me a lot, I feel incomplete without him, our happiness is his life’s aim, every father protects children and want to see them happy, and you are saying this.She apologizes to Atharv and says I forgot you are feeling bad. He asks why, because I don’t have a father, I got love and protection from my mother, I m glad I don’t have a dad like yours. Vividha and Guddi look at him. Vividha asks what do you mean. He says I mean, how he talks. He acts like Kailash and imitates him. Kailash looks on angrily. Vividha asks are you not ashamed to make fun of my Papa, and takes stick.

He hides behind Guddi. Uma looks on and worries. Kailash goes to his room. Uma says children are joking, stop. Kailash says Vividha is deciding her marriage, you think she is kiddish, Vividha and Guddi have grown up and they got feathers. He takes out a belt from cupboard. Uma gets shocked.Vividha beats Atharv with the stick. Atharv says stop it, I m joking, what are you doing. She says if you do this, what will I do. He says I won’t joke and leaves on his bike. She says he got annoyed.Uma stops Kailash and asks him to calm down. Kailash says Vividha did not speak infront of me, she is now talking, she does not ask questions now, she is just a question for me now, I did mistake to give them freedom, I thought times are changing, and I should give them liberty, but I should have controlled them and crushed them under my feet, then this would have not happened, my respect would have not got ruined.

He says its good to rectify mistake. She says stop, Vividha did not hide anything, she wanted to tell you everything, whatever she is learning from Atharv, she wants to tell you, don’t raise hand on her, you have anger for her, you get that anger on me. She begs him and cries. She says she respects you a lot and regards you Lord, I don’t want her to see your devil avatar. He gets angry. She worries. He holds her and asks what did you say, devil? He closes the door to beat her. She cries.

He says when you said I should not show my devil avatar, I have to show it now. He steps on her hand and scolds on her hand, saying you mean Atharv is suitable for Vividha. He says I will not let Vividha bear punishment for Atharv’s mistake. Ankit hears them. Kailash says Atharv is wrong, its all because of him. He says I have to do something of Atharv. Uma asks what will you do. Kailash smiles and leaves. Ankti hides.Ankit says there is tension because of Atharv, Papa is worried and Maa is crying, I have to do something. He takes gun in his hand. Atharv is at his dairy farm site.

Vividha comes there in disguise of a village girl. Atharv sees her, and does not recognize her, as her face is covered with ghunghat.He asks what are you doing here, whom do you want to meet. She says I have to meet you. He coughs and looks at her. Uma applies ointment to her wound. She cries and prays for Guddi, Vividha, Atharv and Ankit, they should not go through any pain, they should have their own world, where Kailash can’t reach them, protect them Lord.Sujata calls her out and Uma sees her outside window on the ladder. Sujata asks is Kailash there at home. Uma says no. Sujata comes to her room via window.

Uma says your son used to do this, and now you. Sujata says we would have got late, so I asked about Kailash, come. Uma asks where. Sujata says Atharv took doctor appointment for you. Uma refuses. Sujata says you promised Atharv, will you break your promise, come. She holds her hand and Uma screams. Sujata sees her hand and say there is much swelling, you are saying its not aching.Vividha asks the man to hold the tiffin. She reveals her face to Atharv and smiles. The staff men smile seeing the love birds. Atharv smiles seeing her in this new getup and asks whats this new drama. She says I got food and pot for you. He recalls their words and dreams. They smile.

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