Never say goodbye update Friday 11 March 2022


Never say goodbye 11 March 2022: The Episode starts with Atharv getting close to Vividha. He asks what is her heart thinking. She says I forgot. He says you don’t remember anything. She says don’t you feel like keep watching the person and fill them in eyes, everything else looks useless, just wish to hide the person in heart. He asks her to then fill him in eyes and hide her in heart, he belongs to just her. He holds her close. They have an eyelock. Saanson ko saanson me…………plays………….

He removes her glasses. He says her eyes get him more closer. They close eyes to kiss. The alarm rings and their moment breaks. She worries and says its 2am, its exam tomorrow, teach me first, else I will fail. They get back to study. She feels sleepy and sits for a while. He teaches her and then turns to see her. He sees she slept, and removes her glasses. He kisses on her forehead. Guddi sees them and says good night Atharv. Atharv leaves from the balcony.Its morning, Sujata asks Atharv to wake up. He says I had to teach Vividha, did she go college.

She says she went and would be coming now, how can you sleep for so long. She makes him go and freshen up. She says now Atharv will take half an hour to get ready, but my husband would be waiting for me there, if I go, Atharv will ask many things.Dadi gets her friends at home and talk about Atharv. Dadi says Atharv will come and greet me now, you all will get jealous. Her friend asks her to do puja paath as per her age. Atharv comes out and Dadi smiles seeing him. She asks her friends to see Atharv, even they will like him. Her friends also stare at him. One of her friend whistle and other friend feels Atharv is very hot.

Atharv greets Dadi and says I have seen you and now all my day will pass well. Dadi introduces her friends to him. He says it means Ajmer’s all beauty came together, do you have any beauty club. They laugh. He says sorry, but Indumati ji is the best. Dadi smiles. Sujata asks Atharv will he go to factory at night. He asks how can I stop these beautiful ladies’ hearts and gives them flying kisses. Dadi and her friends catch his kisses. Vividha comes and smiles. Atharv asks her how was her exam. Guddi asks the same. Vividha says is exam goes well, marks will come good, I scored 95/100. Sujata says great, Vividha’s result came good, now go to factory Atharv.

Vividha says no, someone told me that I don’t use my mind and don’t wish to give exam being a coward, when I passed now, Atharv should know he lost the challenge. Atharv smiles recalling her words. She says one who lost challenge knows what to do, don’t know its easy to say or not, person thinks when his turn comes. Atharv asks her not to think of his thinking. Uma asks whats all this. Vividha says don’t worry Maa, you will know who is coward, I knew Atharv can’t do this, leave it, Dadi he is a coward.

Atharv opens his shirt buttons. Dadi, her friends, Guddi and Vividha smile. Sujata and Uma look on. Atharv removes his shirt. Dadi’s friend says Indu you are lucky to see him every day. Dadi says he takes bath infront of us every day. Uma asks Vividha whats all this. Vividha says he can’t go ahead, some people don’t try being afraid to lose. He says losers think so, the one who wins will not be afraid to lose. He removes his belt. Dadi and her friends get shy. Guddi and Uma turn face away. Atharv keeps his belt aside. Sujata asks Atharv what is he doing.

Dadi says let him do what he is doing. Vividha cups her face and smiles. Atharv opens his jeans button. Vividha says stop, its over, challenge is over. Everyone get relieved. Atharv says no, let challenge get completed, why are you acting as coward. Dadi’s friend asks Vividha to lock Atharv in a treasure trunk. Sujata calls Atharv shameless and asks him to wear shirt. He calls Vividha coward.Sujata makes him wear shirt and turns his face. Vividha laughs. Atharv’s father comes there and sees Sujata and Atharv. Sujata sees her husband and turns Atharv’s face to other side.

Uma also sees Sujata’s husband coming. Atharv talks to Vividha and they smile. Sujata worries.Sujata making Atharv wear his shirt Atharv and Vividha smile signing each other. Sujata and Uma see Atharv’s father walking in. Sujata asks Atharv to go and wear another shirt. Uma recalls Sujata’s words and understands he is Sujata’s husband. She makes the aarti plate fall intentionally and calls out Vividha. She acts to be unwell. Uma signs Sujata to go. Vividha says Atharv, take Maa inside, she got Asthma inside. Dadi sends her friends. Atharv makes Uma sit inside her house. Vividha gives her water. Sujata takes her husband quickly with her.

Uma’s hand is hurt. Vividha gives her asthma pump. Atharv sees Uma’s wound. He says I did not know you have asthma problem. Vividha says its not regularly, sometimes by stress or extra work. Uma says I m fine. Dadi asks why did you say you are unwell then. Atharv tells Dadi that anger gets wrinkles on Dadi, your face looks dull. Daid asks really, I mean Uma works a lot and does not rest, I ask her to take rest. She asks Uma to go and sleep for some time.

Atharv asks Uma what happened to her hand. Uma covers her hand. Vividha says Maa gets wound on same hand, she gets swelling, I ask her to see doctor and she does not listen. Uma says I m fine, I don’t need doctor. Atharv says there is still time to become your son in law, but I m your son, your family is dependent on you, you don’t need this, if anyone falls ill, house can run, if Maa gets unwell, then hope falls down, you take care of everyone, you forgot to take breathe while doing your duties, when I used to get wounded in childhood, I used to hide my pain from my Maa, but when my Maa got hurt, I used to cry, Maa is such person, when mums make place in our lives, we don’t know. Uma cries listening to him.

He says you can bear your pain, but Vividha, Guddi, Ankit can’t see you in pain, and even I can’t see you like this. Uma recalls how Ankit pushed her. She kisses Atharv’s forehead and holds his face. Vividha smiles with tearful eyes.Atharv says I can’t bear that you are in pain, a son is always indebted to his mum, and its my duty to repay for that debt, I can’t bear my Maa’s pain. He hugs Uma. She cries. Vividha looks on and cries happily. Sujata asks her husband why did he come home. He says I was worried, you did not attend my call. She says you knew Atharv would be here. He says yes.

She says if he saw you today, don’t know what would he do. He says I have to face his anger some day, till when will I hide my face. She says I just know Atharv is not ready for this. He asks but are you ready for this.Uma recalls how Kailash twisted her hand and have hurt her numerous times. Atharv says your tears are not of your wound, what is the reason for your tears. Uma says if you talk so emotional, will I not cry, you are Shravan Kumar. He asks really. Uma says Sujata is lucky to get you as son, Vividha is lucky to get a life partner like you, my luck will awaken when you come in this house as my son in law. Kailash looks on angrily. Atharv and Vividha smile.

Vividha says it means you have no problem with my and Atharv’s relation. Uma says I had no problem ever, but I was afraid of Kailash’s anger, but its true that Vividha won’t get a better guy than Atharv who respects and loves Vividha a lot, he is educated and good valued guy.Uma says I don’t know what Kailash will think or say, but I m sure to say that Atharv will keep Vividha very happy always. She hugs Atharv and Vividha. Everyone smile. Uma says I pray that you both unite and do not face any problems in life. Guddi asks Uma will she go to doctor now. Uma nods and smiles. Atharv says very nice, I will fix your appointment. Guddi says its miracle, you did not listen to us and heard Atharv, I think its his magic.

Dadi asks Uma why did she hug Atharv. Atharv turns to see. Dadi says I m saying its good Uma is going to doctor. Atharv says tomorrow’s appointment is fixed, now take rest Maa. He asks Dadi how is the idea. Dadi likes his idea. Vividha asks Atharv what did he call Uma, Maa? Atharv says I just said. Uma says you don’t wait to any relation and call me Maa. He says Maa, fine I will leave now. He greets all of them and goes. Dadi waves to him. Vividha hugs Uma. Atharv gets on his bike. He calls out Sujata. She does not respond. He parks the bike and goes home. Sujata asks her husband what will he do by meeting Atharv. Her husband says distance can heal wounds. She says its not easy.

He says maybe tough, but I have to try, give me one chance, I will try my best before I die. She stops him from saying so.Abdul uncle comes. Atharv asks where is Maa. Abdul uncle says maybe she went to take vegs. Atharv asks how, she worries for Uma, when Uma fainted, she did not come, its strange. Abdul uncle says don’t know, she will come. Vividha comes crying. Abdul uncle says Atharv would have done something so she is crying. She says no, he did not do anything. Abdul uncle says your love is saying this, I m sure Atharv did something. She says no, did I say anything to you, why are you scolding Atharv. Abdul uncle says I m supporting you and you are telling me. He leaves.

Vividha tells Atharv that Abdul uncle got annoyed. He says no, its his way to show love and joke, but why are you crying, calm down. They hug. She recalls his words and says thanks and sorry. He says thanks and sorry in one sentence, from where did sun rise today. She says thanks for convincing mum to meet doctor, you do a lot for me, and my family, I insulted you and made you remove shirt, sorry, you taught me all night and I passed, credit goes to you, really sorry.He says it was joke right, I challenged you to cut jackfruit, that’s bigger challenge than removing shirt. She says its wrong, who will respect you if I don’t respect you, you are my would be husband, I did this infront of everyone. She hugs him and cries. Jaana na dil se door…………..plays………………

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