Dream girl update Sunday 13 March 2022

Dream girl 13 March 2022: The Episode starts with Ayesha seeing Manav worried. She asks what tension does he have. He says I feel things are not fine between Laxmi and Samar, they are good actors and don’t do act well. She says they don’t know each other, they are not intense actors. He says he will take a look test of a cameo actress with Samar and Laxmi. She says she has an actress in mind and says she will act with them. He says will you do a cameo, being a big actress. He says I m so relieved. She hugs him and thinks she will be with Samar and Laxmi always now.

Laxmi talks to her dad. He says she will understand why parents take stress. Bua ji says when Raj knows about him, he will come to meet him. Samar is on the way and thinks he behaved wrong, Laxmi did not tell me, and stopped Karan from telling me. Laxmi says he would have come till now if he wanted. Karan comes and meets them. Karan asks her dad not to have this Papaya and what he wants to eat. He asks does she have this habit of talking such from you.

Karan says make papaya and aloo pakodas. Samar comes there and thinks why did he come here, and starts leaving. Karan helps her dad and asks him to have healthy boiled food. Karan says he will leave now. Laxmi says I will go and leave him. Samar thinks he will meet uncle. He stops seeing Laxmi and Karan. She thanks him. He asks did she feel bad of whatever happened in office. She gets sad. He makes her smile and they laugh. Samar looks on and gets angry. Samar thinks he did big mistake coming here, she is very happy with Karan here.

Its morning, Laxmi and Samar come for the scene. Karan explains them the scene. He says he has just 3 bond scripts, one for Laxmi, one for Samar and one for Manav. He asks them to keep it safe and explains the scene of hero gifting a pendant to heroine. Laxmi and Samar recall when he gifted her a pendant.Laxmi says she is ready. Karan says action and they rehearse the scene. Samar says wherever you go, this pendant will make you feel my presence and remind someone loves you a lot. She says no one waits for anyone these days.

He says everyone does not deserve that anyone waits for them. Karan says I felt you will hug. Samar says I think hug was not there, I m not getting that feel. Karan says I think we should try once. Samar says I can’t, sorry. Karan says I think you should hug Vidya, even Manav told this, its high point in movie. Samar and Laxmi taunt each other.Karan says action and sees the scene. Samar holds Laxmi and recalls the happy moments between them. Ayesha comes there and looks on shocked, as Samar hugs Laxmi. Laxmi’s hair gets stuck in Samar’s shirt and Karan stops staff from helping them.

Ayesha thinks Karan is bringing them close by this movie. Laxmi says she needs a break. Her earrings gets stuck to his shirt and Samar gives her. Samar gets his script. Ayesha takes Laxmi’s script and says she has left it just like this. She says its confidential script and smiles. She calls some news agency and gives the news from Navrang. (Mute) She changes voice and tells everything. She says this script is leaked in media, when Manav knows this, he will be very angry, but what can I do, I have to see who gets hurt, Samar or Laxmi. She says why do I care of my job is done and smiles.

Manav telling Karan about making the scene grand and he wants best set for it. He describes him that he wants to shoot between the sea, and it should be made by mirrors. Karan says it will get over budget. Manav says let it be, I want to make it best shot. Karan gets a call and gets shocked. He checks his laptop. Manav saks what happened. Karan says some script is leaked in media and shows him. Manav is shocked. He asks what the hell, I will sue them. Karan says its all on all sites. He says who told them, I gave you bond scripts. Karan says I have it to Samar and Laxmi, they said they will keep it safe. Manav says call them in my cabin. Ayesha comes and says who can do this.

Manav says someone has done this from our office, I will not leave that person. They all come to him. Manav asks the staff who has leaked about the movie. He scolds them and says everything is at stake, everything will be finished, my respect and Navrang are at stake. Ayesha says media can’t dream about the script, someone has leaked this info, we understand sometimes people say more than needed, tell us who told this in media.

Manav asks Karan to check in footage if there is any script missing and how can he handle this film. He scolds him and says we did not bring this in light till now, we have kept Samar hidden from world, and now script is lost, if anyone tells about script, I will not leave them. He asks Samar and Laxmi to be ready in evening with costume and makeup. He asks Karan who has the script with changes. Karan says Laxmi. Manav says I want that script, I will change all pointers and not leave the man who leaked this. Ayesha gets tensed seeing his anger and asks him to relax.

She says media does not know all the script, everyone is guessing, I think this can work well for the film’s publicity. Manav says no, the thing is how did it get leaked, I can’t bear this. She thinks she took risk and told unimportant things about movie, so this risk is of profit. Laxmi says I did not see Manav so angry before and does not find her script in her green room. She worries. She tells Karan that she lost the script and she has kept it near his monitor. He gets it checked and says its not there. She says maybe someone picked it. He says this never happened here, who will take it. She says Raj was there, maybe he has taken it.

He asks is she mad, why will Samar do this. She says he is angry on me. He says its his film, why will he ruin his movie. She says I m saying maybe someone else took from him. He says you both blame each other, this is not right. She says I will ask him. He says talk well, make sure we get the script. Samar answers media calls and says they will get official statements from Navrang. Laxmi comes to him. He asks what does she want.

She asks about her script. He says how would I know. She says you took it. He says I have my script, I don’t know about yours. She blames him. He argues and asks don’t I have any work, you lost the script, maybe anyone got it and leaked in media, how can she do this. She says he has stolen it, and tries to find. He holds her and says its not here. She says he is stopping here, it means he took it. He asks her to check, but she is doing big mistake.

She looks around. He asks her to admit that she lost the script. Manav kept it from years and he broke the trust. She argues and blames him that he is taking revenge. He says you are taking revenge from me, we do business seriously, find the script. He leaves. Nidhi gets Samar’s script and leaves. She gives it to Ayesha. Ayesha says you wrote good script before, you wanted to become writer, and asks her to do her work. Ayesha says if Manav knows, someone else will be caught, not me. Karan comes and says he did not get to know anything, everyone is waiting. Laxmi says its all happening because of my mistake, and gets her script back in her green room. She says this is my script, thank Lord, I blamed Raj, I should apologize to him.

Karan says everyone is waiting for Manav at rehearsals. Manav gets script’s papers on the floor and gets more papers torn ahead. He gets it in the dustbin and gets angry. He sees its Samar’s copy. Samar comes there and says I came to ask… Manav gets angry and teary eyed. Manav says it’s the film; script and scolds Samar for bring irresponsible, it was in dust bin. Samar says I just have it. Laxmi says he is right, I saw it with him. Manav asks did I ask you and scolds Samar a lot. Ayesha asks Samar not to worry, she will talk to Manav. Karan looks on and thinks Ayesha did this, why did I not see this before.

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